Multi Level Inheritance C Hackerrank Solution

Multi Level Inheritance C++ HackerRank solution

Inheritance is one of the crucial steps to learning Object-oriented programming. The Multi Level Inheritance in c++ is one of four Inheritances, thus by solving the problem you’ll learn how inheritance can be used in code reusability. This tutorial will help you with Multi Level Inheritance C++ HackerRank solution.

multi level inheritance c++ hackerrank solution

Problem statement

This challenge is an extension of a previous challenge named Inheritance-Introduction. We highly recommend solving the Inheritance Introduction before solving this problem…

You can check out the complete problem on Multi Level Inheritance (opens in a new tab) at HackerRank.

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We’ve created a base class named A which is later derived by a class named B. Later in the next step C is derived from class B creating a Multi Level inheritance. An object of the C class is created and print functions are executed respectively.

#include <iostream>
#include <algorithm>
using namespace std;
class A{
    void prnt(){
    cout << "I am a triangle";}
class B:public A{
    void prntB(){
        cout << "I am an isosceles triangle\n";
class C: public B{
    void prntC(){
        cout<< "I am an equilateral triangle\n";
int main() {
    C obj;
    return 0;

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