How Fiverr Can Help Your Ecommerce Stand Out in 2021

How Fiverr can help your eCommerce stand out in 2021

  From the last decade, we’ve achieved so much of success starting from availability of Internet publically to Owning Online Businesses. 

As the number of people joining business all over the world in on pace, You need to take stand if you’re willing to make a move in Your Dream Online Business.

There’s how you can use Fiverr to scale up the Business.

But, Wait. What is Fiverr? How that can Help me in my Business?

About Fiverr

How Fiverr can help your eCommerce stand out

If you aren’t well aware of the term ” Freelancing “, Let me introduce it to you. Freelancing means working as an Independent.

So Fiverr is a marketplace where Freelancers Gather and Posts Gigs, ( We’ll Discuss later about Gigs ) Whoever needs the specific task, Becomes buyer and orders the Gig from a Seller ( eventually Freelancer )

Fiverr has achieved a huge amount of success as they have reached almost Billions of Customers per Year.

Basics of Fiverr

Talking of the process, Whenever a Freelancer posts a job ( which is free of cost ), They can set a Price starting from $5, With a title of what he’s offering in there. A title must have to be added as well as categories, Tags are necessary. The whole task is called Gig.

A Gig is something that is relevant to portfolio, Buyer goes through the Gig, & order if the offer is profitable to buyer.

Every time a order is placed, Small amount of processing fee is charged by Fiverr.

The picture above are of Fiverr Gigs, They have a title of the task freelancer is Providing. A thumbnail or cover art ( Video in some cases ) & at the Bottom of a Gig Starting Prices show up as much a freelancer is willing to get paid.

In total a Freelancer can have 7 Gigs on his Profile. He has to continue with the Gigs and achieve Star ratings from customers. More you’re closer to 5 stars the more trusted & experienced you’re.

Let’s talk about the opportunities on Fiverr. What can be done over there?

On Fiverr, pretty much every skillset has their own place to perform. Every branch has their specific niche Related subdomains.

Being an well integrated Platform Fiverr is continuously adding more featured categories, domains and fields to work on.

How Fiverr can Help your eCommerce

E-Commerce consists of several portions & Phases. While it includes a lot of tasks, managing all alone without skill-sets at specialized level may lead you to emptiness of success. Even you somehow gather a team of friends, chances are they aren’t equally aware of each task they were supposed to be contributing to make your E-Commerce store a successor.

Solution? Yes, you can hire Freelancers who’re on Fiverr to execute Specific tasks they’re good at. E-Commerce Business store contains a lot which we’ll be discussing shortly are:

  • Website Development: (opens in a new tab) An website is where your Business will be based on. Several options are there including two majors, WordPress, Shopify.

  • Analyzer: (opens in a new tab) An analyzer is who trackes records of sales, Cancelled sales, history of customers & provides data to increase growth of Business from previous records.

  • Digital Marketer: (opens in a new tab) After creation of website and products list, Store needs to be promoted as well as advertised to targeted audience in order to get traffic & Generate sales, where Digital marketer comes in action.

  • Graphics Designer: (opens in a new tab) Logos, Popups, Ads, Contents designs matters the most to enrichen the experience of the customer. This part determines the conversion ratio and considered as one of the most crucial things to take care of.

  • Finance Specialist: (opens in a new tab) You need someone to take care of your sales, revenues, profits to provide your Business a higher profit margin.

  • Support assistant: (opens in a new tab) Handling customers questions and queries is the most time consuming work where a Support staff might come handy.

  • Social Media Manager: (opens in a new tab) Growth of a Brand also depends of it’s vast field of access, nowadays social media helps a lot to gain traffic. Proper strategies of social media can deliver your E-Commerce to the peak of Success.

Steps towards setting up

To make things easier for you from your first idea to first Sale, we’re diving each of your steps to your e-Commerce journey in few domains. As we’ve discussed why Freelancers are the most valuable assets of your e-Commerce journey, we’ll first know how to sign up for Fiverr and Hire a Freelancer after which we’ll know how the process of E-Commerce setup is going to be.

Facebook, Google, Apple IDs can be used for Signing up directly though Email is another alternative to them. After signing up you’ve to provide some information about you and what you’re looking for, If you’re a Freelancer or you’re looking for a freelancer.

As discussed previously, for a sustained, Stable & successful E-Commerce Business you need freelancers for specific fields at your store. Starting with Web Development as Building the store is primary necessary task.

  • Website Setup: WordPress with woocommerce and Shopify are two great alternatives for Custom coded eCommerce website. If you’re going with WordPress woocommerce much more customization is possible, whereas shopify doesn’t let users do much customization. WordPress needs Domain & Hosting to setup their website. Fast and reliable Hosting is necessary which are really costly, though there are some Webhosts with Fast speed and Safe encrypted File Manager and with 99.98% Uptime. some of the best Hostings are Bluehost (opens in a new tab), Hostgator (opens in a new tab). You might Find these Guide (opens in a new tab) handy for Hosting.

On Fiverr Freelancers are providing these tasks just starting at around $10 whereas Freelancers on other platforms are charging a constant rate of around 40-50$ per hour.

  • Marketing Products: Once your website is done setting up & products are added, it’s time to get customers via marketing your products and running advertisements. Both Digital marketer & Designer are important for this to work out.

Fiverr has a new feature called Fiverr Teams where existing Freelancers can make a group and work together, simply means a Digital marketer, Graphics designer & Motion animator can group up & promote the product with perfect strategy and Great designing.

Further brand reaching

Now you’re done setting up you E-Commerce store, You’re marketing your Products and you’ve made your First sale.

How do you get back someone as a customer who left your website after visiting couple of times or Left something in their cart, without completing their orders. Grabbing these type of customers back to your site is where the potential of store need to focus on. In another language you need to Increase your conversion ratio.

Email Marketing or Newsletter subscription feature is a great tool to hit a upper limit of about 30% conversion ratio on your store.

MailChimp, Hubspot, Active campaign are some of the best platforms to start with still pricing of these campaigns are really high and Beginners won’t be able to afford them in most cases. Here comes Fiverr E-Mail marketers (opens in a new tab) who provide you full technical support along with hassle free email marketing, Newsletter campaigning & Brand Promotion via E-Mails starting at as low as $20.

Email marketing is really necessary if you want to grab customers on regular basis, Fiverr opens a door of opportunity for you. Email marketing is a perfect idol of How Fiverr can help your eCommerce stand out.

Why Fiverr vs others

Fiverr, Being such well renounced platform holds its position at top when it comes to competing among all the freelancing Platforms.

Customer support, wide range of freelancers with wide subdomain or working field, Rating system, Minimum price range, Portfolio system and all the features takes care of how Customers are satisfied with its interface and system.

Comparing prices among other sites, we can analyze & understand the difference.

(opens in a new tab)

As an example we’re looking for Freelancer in Promo Advertisement Animation video field. Fiverr is having Gigs at just $5 for the whole video whereas these websites are Charging $40-$1000, and for other platforms rates are high as $30-$40 per hour on an Average.

Affordability becomes one of the major reasons to go with Fiverr, as it comes with loads of customization and options to choose from.

Choosing Freelancer on Fiverr

Perfect Implementation of plans are necessary, if you want your e-commerce to succeed you need to make sure you don’t hire someone who isn’t good at his portion of tasks. To make sure you can certainly look for some characteristics on a sellers profile:

  • Sellers Rating: Ratings are the marks of a seller being experienced at work, as more rating are there, he’s gone through more numbers of orders. Maximum 5 Stars can be acquired on an Order. Average on those 5 stars per buyer shows up on Sellers profile.

  • Portfolio: Within the preview section, Portfolio of previous works are embedded. Before enrolling with a seller you need to check his previous works to make sure he’s the one for your needed tasks.

  • Seller Level: Identifying Experienced sellers are easy with seller levels. These levels are No Level, Level 1, Level 2, Top Rated Seller, Fiverr’s choice seller, Pro verified Seller, on an Ascending order.

Fiverr (opens in a new tab)


Building E-Commerce bussiness is not easy, we’ve discussed How Fiverr can help your eCommerce stand out & can get simplified. With help of Fiverr within just pocket friendly budget You’ll get rid of headaches rather than managing all task you weren’t supposed to be doing. I hope You’ll love our article, See you next time. Have a Good Day.

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