4 Things You Must Know before Buying Hosting

4 Things You must Know Before buying Hosting

Choosing Among Different Hosting Providers is Confusing and You can be Distracted by their Advertisements. I’ve previously used so Many Hosting Providers in India and Outside India, That’s why I would like to share my experiences with You, Here I’ll discuss about Fastest and Most reliable hosting according to their needs or Features. Let’s see what you must Know Before buying Hosting Plan.

Get to know Your Priorities, For what work You are Willing to buy Web Hosting. If it’s Video Streaming, If it’s Coding, or Blogging, or Tutorial Coaching Purpose, or Simple Showcase, or Donations, There are Several Types of websites. Make sure which one you’re on to.

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Needs of Buying a Hosting:

Let’s suppose you’re a Blogger or a Content Creator. It’s for sure that you need to compose contents in written forms to for ease of access to the Viewers or the readers. That’s a Simple example of Bloggers who need a fast and Reliable Hosting.

Let’s us take a look at the Best Hosting According to The Needs.


If speed is the Priority in your website, As a Usual Article writer speed matters the most and Plays a Important Role in Google SERP rankings and SEO.

Research and Surveys has proved that When a website consumes more than 5 seconds to respond or show any output to the viewers screen, 90% of the viewers quit the website that very moment. That’s why You need a Fast Hosting that takes at minimum 2-3 seconds to fully load.

You can Check how much time it takes to Load your website on an average Device from Gtmetrix (opens in a new tab).

For a Fast loading website most of the starters go for cloud Hosting. But For starters and for Blogging Purposes Cloud Hosting is just a waste of money for sure.

BlueHost (opens in a new tab) is a Great Platform for them who are starting out and Having problems with their Load time in Their website.


As an Example we’re taking Mediafire and Dropbox type of Website which Stores users data and Looks like they have Infinite storage amount on First impression.

Seemingly it’s infinite but In fact they have a Hosting with Large number of server space into them.

In this scenerio Ans is quite complicated. Dropbox and Media fire, Mega, Onedrive, Google Drive, These Companies Use their Own servers. But for Individuals It’s not possible to Own any server rooms.

As we have to access a Big amount of data in storage websites, Bandwidth Limit Must has to be Unmetered and Storage Limit must be Unlimited. On a note, they are not Unlimited but the Top usage limit can’t be reached easily for which Unlimited term is Used. Cloud Hosting is Must for this Kind of websites along with Unmetered Bandwidth Feature access. Minimum of 6 GB of RAM is required.

Make sure you don’t go for any cloud Hosting That has all other features and Has a Flaw of having a Low Server RAM.

(opens in a new tab)HostGator (opens in a new tab) Has all the Features in their Cloud Hosting Plans in which Storage websites can Be Hosted.

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User Friendly

If You have previously tried default Cpanel That most Hosting Companies Provides, Then You should Try out Hostinger (opens in a new tab) on first Place. It has all the tools in itself and The name on the Panel that’s been used by hostinger is HPanel.

They Have Shared, Premium and Cloud hosting In the starter Pack. It’s quite cheap and Affordable for Them who’re just trying or starting out in The web Industry.

With 24*7 Email Chat Support You’ll be Free from Other Hazards. Personally I own 5 Websites and They Usually gift SSL Certificates for Free. Though it’s paid at the end most of the customers end up getting SSL certificates for free.

Data Transferring

Mostly YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch these websites has occupied the most of the audience these days in Video streaming Platform.

Though If you’re starting in the Video streaming Platform Like Course website or Live streaming Platform or Video uploading Platform You need to have a Really fast Package transferring host with Low Ping and Package transfer rate so that Viewers don’t face any Buffering While Streaming Videos.

As YouTube Is part of Google they use their Own servers, As a normal Individual Dacast (opens in a new tab) is a Startup friendly stream Hosting Platform.

They have API Access key for Streamers and Also Has Video Monetization Options too along with Video Recording while Streaming Features, Analytics, Customization. All the premium Features makes Dacast a Great Video Hosting Platform for those who’re starting out and Whoever is already in This Filed.

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