Top 5 Skills to Learn to Make Thousand Dollars

Top 5 Skills to Learn to Make Thousand Dollars a week

As you know I always say there is no permanent way of earning money without putting in an effort. You need to work hard to sharpen yourself, only then you’ll be able to cut off the obstacles on your way to achieving a great result.

The Top 5 Skills to Learn to Make Thousand Dollars a week, I’ll be sharing are not much hard to master at all. All you need is some time and dedication towards a specific skill, do not jump into mastering every skill at the same time or it might mess the timeline and roadmap. On average 3 months of Learning will be enough to reach the level where you’ll be good to earn thousand dollars a week.

top 5 skills to learn

Previously I’ve composed an article explaining stepwise that How you can Earn Money from home (opens in a new tab), it includes topics like Freelancing, Affiliates, Dropshipping, etc. Quite a few of those concepts may be applicable in this tutorial. So if you’re not aware of Freelancing and such terms, consider visiting the article.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the demanding skills that has grown tremendously over the last few years. Looking at the current scenario, it’s an evergreen skillset that you must own in order to manage your online presence and earn a fluent amount with Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing has quite a few major branches among which are noticeable skills that can be learned individually as separate skills. Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimization are some of the forks of Digital Marketing that you should learn as a skill.

Email Marketing

We’ll know Email has the largest active user base and around 306 Billion emails are sent every day. There is a lot of potentials that emails can pull of when combined with Digital Marketing.

Email marketing is one of the most important skills among the ‘Top 5 skills to learn’ list. Now if you’re looking to Learn Email marketing as a complete beginner, I’ve got a course that includes a complete roadmap of email marketing, where to start, how to implement, which free software and what platforms to use, and other useful topics.

email marketing skill

The Beginners email Marketing course covers all of the necessary topics that you need to land yourself a freelancing work & the best part is that it costs less than the price of a Burger.

Get the Course (opens in a new tab)

Affiliate Marketing

As passive earning is the easiest to execute, Affiliate Marketing takes almost zero management efforts. The prerequisites of affiliate marketing are the knowledge & specifications of any product as well as the ability to explain it to users with informative content. You can compose a blog elaborating a product or create a video with the same, insert your affiliate link and you’ll earn a commission when someone purchases your product from the link.

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Search Engine optimizing is a high-paying skill in 2021-22, Compared with the amount of effort, it’s easy to implement. It is a skill that includes the process of improving a website to increase its visibility when people search for products or services related to the business in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Web Development

For the last few decades, the web is the major platform that most businesses are relying on. To be honest, web development is currently on fire and it’s going to stay like this for a few upcoming decades. You can easily get a freelancing job with one or two months of HTML, CSS, JavaScript knowledge, and a little bit of practical experience.


frontend development skill

Frontend Development is the creation of elements and features of a website, in other words, the designing of a website. It makes sure the visual aspects of a website are functional and interactable by a user.


backend development skill

Backend is the portion of a website that users cannot access, it stores the data, fetches the data to users, and all the processes behind a website. In order to learn Backend Development, you may need to master front-end development first. There are many free courses online that can you can take to learn Backend development.


In the Web Development category, learning WordPress can be considered as a distinct skill as it is somehow leaned towards a Content management system. Mostly using WordPress is not considered as a development skill, the no-code hype has taken WordPress really far and made it an almost essential skill for online Bloggers/ content writers. To start off you can follow some Free WordPress Guides (opens in a new tab) while choosing a specific plugin or probably any function to your WordPress website.


While Blogging isn’t completely related to Web Development, it’s a medium of sharing your knowledge through Websites. Rather than creating videos you can try writing content on your website and publishing them and People may google and find your article on the search results.

It’s a skill that depends based on your Content writing abilities, if you’re well aware of Search Engine optimization and able to create a website, you’re good to go with Blogging. Don’t know how to start Blogging? This free post might help you Set up Your Blog (opens in a new tab) website.

Video Editing

A lot of content creators are engaging in the creation of High-quality professional edits, and the majority of them might not have time and resources to edit their raw footage. Thus being a Video editor, you can fulfill their needs of video editing and get paid in exchange.

Besides working for clients, if you’re willing to share your knowledge through platforms like YouTube, Video editing skills can come really handy in that case.


As mentioned before, if you want to share your knowledge to online platforms in form of Video and you do not own a good camera or on-camera speaking skills, You can try creating animated videos. The 3D industry is growing really fast as reality-based games are getting popular day by day, Animation skill is really one of the upcoming high-demand skills.

Graphics Designing

Graphics is an art/ design/ visual content that holds the ability to deliver and communicate messages. Designers use typography, pictures, illustrations to meet the need of Graphics design. Proper implementation can increase the user experience in a positive way.

Digital Marketing companies, blogs, newspapers, and content creators are on the constant lookout for talented Graphic designers. To start with the Graphics design skills, you may try Adobe Illustrator to design Illustrations, Photoshop for composing a full-fledged image, and Canva for multipurpose template-based graphics designing.


Fact: If you have well Designing sense, you can start Graphics designing, there’s a lot of scope of getting hired as a freelancer.


No matter how much you’re earning, if you don’t have the ability to optimize your earnings, there’s a chance you’re missing the most out of it. Investing skillset builds up your personal finances knowledge and the basic understanding of expenses and saving concepts.

The Investing skill not only improves your finances, but you help others in it and get paid. Usually, there are a lot of Investing categories like Stock market, Real Estates, Bonds, securities, CryptoCurrencies, etc. As a beginner, while you’re learning to Invest, you can invest in a handful of stocks in the Large-cap section. Read more about How to Start Investing in the Stock Market. (opens in a new tab)

Become a Successful Investor as a Beginner (opens in a new tab)

While traditional Banks offer around 3.5-6% return on your Fundings, Stock Market can deliver a return of 30-40% if you’re a professional stock analyzer. Yes, that might take a much longer time to reach the level, to earn from short timespan investing, you may look into trading. Thus Investing is one of the crucial skills among the list of ‘Top 5 skills to Learn’.


Summing everything up, In this article about “Top 5 Skills to learn”, I’ve covered the top 5 in-demand skills nowadays. Though it can’t be determined as there are numerous skills that can be learned in order to gain skills and earn money. The skills included in the list are only the ones I’ve personally skilled myself in, and seen my close ones gaining and earning a stable income.

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One thing I know for sure, Don’t learn and implement a skill just for money or that pays a lot of money, choose the thing or the skill you love and try to be the best at that then aim for money.

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