Rfid Meaning 3 Best Uses of Rfid

RFID Meaning | 3 best uses RFID Technology

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) refers to a wireless system That is based on two major components: Tags and Readers. The Reader transmits Radio signals as well as receives them back. The Tags uses those radio signals, or in simple words, it reflects back the Transmitted signal to complete a Communication system.

rfid meaning explained

In this Article, we Explained RFID Meaning and Its uses. So, We have seen NFC (opens in a new tab) Technology in recent years which is used in Latest Mid-range Mobile Phones, RFID works almost in that same proximity Range with Radio signals. Let’s explore more about this.

How RFID Works

As discussed before, RFID Consists of two components, Tags and Readers. Talking of those two, let us briefly discuss Both.

  • Tags: A Tag can be attached to a remote object and consists of an antenna and an integrated circuit chip that houses the data used to identify the specific items.
  • Scanner or Reader: A Scanner sends RF signals and Receives back the transmitted signal, When an RFID is found within the Wave’s Travelling range, the previously Transmitted wave returns back as Amplitude Modulated Signal.

Thus, the Reader communicates through a RFID Tag & the Process of communication does bring a lot of practical and real life uses that might benefit us replacing old assets, making it’s own room in a lot of Technology systems.

Practical Uses of RFIDs

Now you know the basics of how RFIDs communicate and work with Radio signals, These are now being used in a huge amount of products to execute tasks like Identification, Tracking, Information extraction, Theft Protection, etc.

Day by day need for Electronics is increasing, Surprisingly Most of us are using RFID technologies in Daily life without being aware of their usefulness. Let us now take a look at the 3 Most practical uses of RFIDs.

RFID in Asset Tracking

Radiofrequency identification can fill a lot of loopholes in a physical business model, RFID has features like Unique Identification, Loss prevention, Scan to Find & many more uncovered Engineering factors.

Prevent Shoplifting

Nowadays, in Shopping centers, you might have noticed a kind of plastic sticker or a cap being attached to items, which contains an RFID Chip to track & prevent shoplifting.

In another word, It keeps 100 percent coverage of an Inventory on total Automation, If any product is being taken out of any shop without proper deactivation ( at the Billing Center ) of an RFID Chip, Receivers will recognize the move & Turn on the Alarm.

Apart from Shops and Inventories, the Loss and Theft protection properties of RFID are being used in many places like Museums, Libraries, Galleries to Track precious Assets.

Replacing Barcodes:

We all have seen that previously Barcodes and QR Codes were used to Track the Usage of Assets. These Chips are now being used as a replacement for Barcode to ease out the scanning process at any warehouse transportation Logistics or in Shops while checking out a specific product.

With the RFID we can ensure security and accuracy of the information that the company has about the goods in a constant and instant way.

Hover ID Card

Rather than using a single piece of paper as an ID Card at Institutions or School, majority of users like to use Digital ID Cards that keeps track of all their Data at the security Doors, where they have to swipe with the Card.

With RFID Technology we have got Wireless ID Cards having Hover Over to Unlock feature, that lets someone in by just hovering their ID Card on the Receiver. All these processes take place Wirelessly without any manual effort.

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Automated Payments

Recently we have gone through How NFC Can be used one of the way to pay wirelessly and fast for less hassles. RFIDs are being used the same way in Electronic Tolls Collection sectors, where Cars do not need to stop at any point to submit Tolls manually.

If any car has enrolled with the Program, the system automatically does the manual work on auto along with automated proof capturing. This ETC Conceptual system has just made its entry and the process of enrolling users in the program is to be made in the near future.

Conclusion | RFID Meaning

Both RFID and NFC are rising technologies that can benefit us in numerous ways if used properly. In this article, we explained RFID Meaning and It’s 3 major practical uses in Daily Life.

To understand RFID’s working principle in Electronics Format (opens in a new tab), Comment below & we would try to create another tutorial with Both NFC and RFID Meaning and their Working principle with Proper Explanatory Illustrations.

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