Top 5 Tech Skills That You Can Learn to Earn Money

Top 5 Tech skills that you can learn to Earn Money

In this article, you’ll learn The Top 5 Tech skills that you can learn to Earn Money. Wondering how that’s even possible?

Hold tight, you’re about to explore the tech skills that are not only going to have you earn a decent amount but has the potential to establish you as a tech enthusiast in your future career.

Top 5 Tech skills that you can learn

No doubt, It is possible to start earning money without a computer science degree in the Technology field only with your tech skills no matter how novice you are. The only thing that matters is your dedication towards learning and Implementing that after acquiring.

Web Development

web development skill to earn money

The web is getting away no time soon, it has always been the base of the Internet system. Web development is for sure one of the Top 5 Tech skills that you can learn to start earning a decent amount and secure a stable career as a software developer in the future. You can either master both Frontend & Backend as a Full-stack Developer or continue separately.

Front End

Frontend or Client-side web development is the practice of producing a website or a web application so that users can see and interact with them. One of the major challenges in the Front end is to maintain a Graphical user interface worth attracting visitors.

The Skills You Need:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Basic Designing
  • Responsive concepts

Back End

Backend or server-side Web development means the piece of technology that handles all the task execution behind user interaction on a platform. Basically, it focuses on databases, scripting, website architecture.

As an example, if a Login page is created by the Front end, performing the Login action after submission of credentials, validating with database, and returning response is something that Backend development includes.

The Skills You Need:

  • NodeJS / PHP
  • DataBase
  • Server

App Development

As the world is shifting towards compact machinery, mankind has adopted Phones in a much faster rhythm than Computers. Nowadays mobiles are used for the majority of internet surfing. Thus building mobile applications for Android as well as iPhones can be a good idea.

Programming Languages to Get started:

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • React Native

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Bot Building

earn money by building bots

Software programmed bots that can execute certain tasks and ease your workflow. There is a lot of scope in bot designing in fields like Discord Bot development, API-based Bot, Automation Bot development, etc.

Automations tasks can be executed with help of software-based bots. With the dramatic increase in the cyber world and Internet life, Bots are being used heavily to ease daily chores.

Programming Languages to Get started:

  • Python
  • JavaScript

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UX Designer

ux design skill learning

UX stands for User Experience, it is a decent skill to acquire that has a lot of potential to land you a decent freelancing job. While the term UI which is often used interchangeably used with UX might confuse you in differentiating between both. UI is just a subset of UX as well as an important aspect of User Experience design.

User Experience Design relies on designing optimization capabilities, both Mobile applications, Websites look for appreciable UX design which can lead to better user intractability, and charm users at the same time.

Skills to Get started:

  • Illustrator
  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • Adobe XD
  • Designsing Concepts

Digital Marketing

digital marketing skill to make money

Digital Marketing is of the crucial skills today to grow in the Online World among other competitors brawling in a common niche. Fundamentally Digital Marketing is the process of advertising using digital technologies over the internet.

As a Digital marketer, you can help people and organizations reach their targeted audience in an efficient way.

In this era, everyone struggling with publishing, content creation over the internet, must have some basic Digital Marketing knowledge. Thus it becomes truly considerable among the Top 5 Tech skills that you can learn, as there are a lot of opportunities to grab in this Industry. You can do freelance as a marketer, or you can land yourself a job as well.

Skills to Get started:


This was a tutorial on ‘The Top 5 Tech skills that you can learn to Earn Money’, where I discussed briefly each skill and guided which skills are needed to get started in that industry.

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