What Is Nfc Phone Nfc Advantages

What is NFC Phone? 5 Real life Advantages of NFC Technology

 If you like learning more about Technologies, in recent years you might have heard of Near Field Communication or NFC. Most of the expensive phones come with an in-built NFC system. So, What is NFC Phone?

what is nfc phone

NFC transmits or receives data via radio waves based on Wireless communication. Rather than principles of Bluetooth, wifi, and others, NFC uses an electromagnetic induction system to interact.

Let’s know what is NFC Phone and its Advantages and Uses in real life.

What is NFC used for?

An NFC phone has a lot of functionability we’ll be discussing shortly. With the help of simple mobile settings, you can automate tasks using NFC.

To make NFC features happen, the Minimum distance between two devices should be less than 4 cm. Let’s see what are the major tasks we can execute via NFC.

Wireless Payments:

While the world is going wireless so is physical payments, Rather than cash, people now love to pay through their online wallets on the go for a seamless experience.

In recent years Samsung has introduced us to the wireless Card payment system with NFC Technology.

Even Nokia has implemented its own version of NFC Pay thus most of the mobile companies support virtual credit card wave pay systems via Phone’s NFC.

Transferring Data:

On some mid-range to higher-end Android phones, we get to see Android Beam Sharing options.

Android Beam lets you share files between other devices at an incredible speed without the hassle of pairing to the other. Both devices have to be in close proximity for Beam to work properly.

Task Execution:

If you’re having an NFC Enabled speaker along with an NFC phone, and suppose you want to connect the phone with the speaker.

All you need to do is tap on a specific area on the speaker and your speaker is ready to play via your mobile.

Apart from this example, NFC Tags are an awesome piece of Tech used with the help of NFC, Get to know how You can automate your daily tasks with NFC Tags.

Swapping Info:

Do you know what is the modernized form of sharing Business cards with each other? Just simply hold both phones to close proximity and Each other’s numbers get saved to their phones.

Yes, It’s that awesome with the help of NFC.

Use as Key:

Your phone can also be used as a key to your room at any Hotel, No fear of leaving your hotel room without the Room keys.

Not at all hotels, this might be applicable but yet this proximity technology is getting evolved in most of the major stayaways.

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Check if your Phone has NFC

Having NFC on your phone is really exciting as it offers you seamless automation tasks with ease. Unfortunately, most of the phones don’t come with NFC. To check if your phone has it or not, Go through this Tool (opens in a new tab).

How to use NFC

As the name explains most of it, your phone can interact or exchange data between devices, just not actual data, yet so many important functions can be accessed via NFC.

To fulfill the process two devices have to be really close to each other as mentioned in the name ‘Near Field Communication’.

I hope you have found out if your phone has the NFC feature in it or not with the previous step. Let’s see how to use the feature.

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Heard of NFC Tags?

Ever heard of NFC Stickers? Well, they are really useful tag stickers that you can stick to anywhere with a certain task executing capability. When you take your Phone close to the specific Sticker, Your Phone executes the pre-defined task.

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These NFC Stickers can be bought from Amazon at a really cheap cost, 10 Tags at just $3 or less. We personally use it for music, fan, Smart room light purposes, etc.

With the Tags, you can literally program any task you would like to execute when in close proximity. Bring your phone to a Specific sticker & wallah! There you go..

Get NFC Tags (opens in a new tab)

What is NFC Phone | Conclusion

Now you’re aware of what is NFC Phone and how NFC can go seamlessly useful to develop futuristic technologies.

Is NFC safe to use?

Both Physically and Logically NFC can be considered as a safe medium to use. While other mediums might have Man in the middle attacking possibility, NFC requires very close proximity to work. Thus it reduces the risk of getting logged by a third perosn.

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