How to Do Affiliate Marketing in 2021

How to do Affiliate marketing in 2021 | Best affiliate Programs to start with

 Affiliate marketing is one of the best options to earn money while you sleep. It’s also really easy to work on as well as making money. In this article, we’ll learn How to do Affiliate marketing in 2021.

If you run a blog (opens in a new tab) or YouTube channel or chances are that you’re an influencer, you can generate a really great passive source of income with successful Affiliate marketing.

Table of Contents

1.  What is Affiliate Marketing 2.  Earning potential 3.  How to start Affiliate Marketing 4.  Best Affiliate Programs 5.  Generate more Affiliate sales

Affiliate can take years to learn & implement properly if you don’t have your audience base ready by this time. You have to hold on patiently and create content without being fallen by the greed of the overnight rich thoughts.

We have divided the article ‘ How to do Affiliate marketing in 2021’ into several parts. Click on any area to jump to that specific section of content.

Let us move ahead and Learn Affiliate marketing step by step.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

How to do Affiliate marketing

More likely this question is equivalent to How Affiliate marketing works. Affiliate Marketing is the process of making a sale of someone else’s product and earning a commission for the sale.

As you’re creating content and helping a company raise their sales, you can earn even when you’re sleeping & that’s the best part.

You can work with as many companies as you want, As many products as you promote you get paid that much. Let’s enrolland learn How to do Affiliate marketing in 2021.

Affiliate vs Referral:

You’ve probably heard the term Referral previously and might have confused both, about how Affiliate marketing is Different from the Referral system.

In referrals there a bond exists between referrer and user, in Affiliate marketing there’s no relation between both referred person and Affiliate.

How much can you Earn as an Affiliate?

To say it simply, it has no limit. You can earn as much as you can. Analyzing how a usual affiliate earns a month, it varies from $2000-$10,000 a month. Some of the established affiliates generate even six-seven figures of income.

So how an affiliate is supposed to pull out such a huge amount of earnings and How much can you make as a beginner?

how much can you earn from affiliate beginner

Well, there are specific niches that provide a percentage or a fixed commission in a particular sale. As an example, for physical goods, there are shipping products cost, production cost, management cost included in the final output, making the product more likely to sell at a lower commission.

Whereas talking of Digital or online products, it cuts off other expenses and in some scenarios have unlimited stocks. That’s why Digital products are more likely to sell at a higher profit margin.

Thus you can analyze your earnings via the product you’re promoting.

To understand the relevancy and by learning How to do Affiliate marketing and gain more sales by creating leads, You’ll be able to make at least $500-$800 in the first month.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

Now we’ve got your attention and you’re interested in doing affiliate marketing. So how you actually implement these after being an Affiliate.

First of all, having a platform where you can post content on regular basis is necessary. Affiliate marketing can be without having these too, though they don’t pull success in the long run.

   1. Create a Website:

Having a Blog or a website is the first step as an affiliate.

Probably after reading about creating a website, some of you got confused, let me tell you that creating websites is very easy with WordPress.

There are tons of alternatives and CMS as well as custom-coded websites are available. Though you can quickly create a website using WordPress.

We won’t be wasting our time over how to create a blog, for that you can check this article – ‘How to start a Blog website’. (opens in a new tab)

Writing content or a review of any product and putting Affiliate links in the article is the traditional way to do affiliate marketing via a Blog website.

Though there are some websites out there doing product comparisons like eCommerce sites with embedded affiliate links and earning commissions via them.

   2. Via YouTube Channel:

As an alternative to the website, YouTube can also be used to deliver informative content to users (potential customers). Recently YouTube is being considered as a great platform for affiliate marketing which can go by blogging in the future.

how to do affiliate marketing from youtube

With Videos, it’s quite easier to gain a niche-based audience on YouTube. Many factors decide a video platform as one of the best content creating base like easier to create videos, Free to create videos, face value, influencing interaction are some of the major keys.

An in-depth review of a product along with its pros and cons, can help to boost your affiliate sales even via YouTube. Still having a website is really necessary.

To master How to do Affiliate marketing in 2021, you really need to understand how you can integrate your youtube videos in your blogs to gain more leads as well as trust factors.

   3. Use Social Media:

A lot of Influencers don’t have the time and resources to be able to own and manage a website. They simply use Social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc. to promote Other company’s products as an affiliate.

So how exactly you can use social media to earn money as an affiliate?

As mentioned previously, you need to be a social media influencer who does have an audience following his advice. Being an expert in the field and Having more than 5,000 followers on Instagram can provide you the kickstart of doing affiliate marketing via Instagram.

More followers & more trust value you have, more people will tend to believe in your advice and more likely will purchase your product. Need to remember never ever go for biased product reviews as an influencer.

Best Affiliate Programs for you?

While starting as a beginner, you might find it much complicated that which affiliate network to work with.

Several Affiliate networks are there working as a community or marketplace. One needs to enroll for their major network after which they can apply for niche-based minor categories including a product of choice that an affiliate can promote.

best beginner affiliate programs

We’ve listed a few websites that can be beneficial for a beginner as well as an experienced affiliate marketer to choose products and promote. These are the best Affiliate programs you can enroll in as a beginner-

  1. ShareaSale (opens in a new tab)  2. ClickBank (opens in a new tab)  3. Impact (opens in a new tab)  4. CJ (opens in a new tab)  5. Amazon Associates (opens in a new tab)  6. Rakuten Affiliate Network (opens in a new tab)

Keeping in mind the important factor that you need to promote Products only related to your working area or niche. Suppose, you’re a Web developer you should not promote food-related companies, while you can promote Hosting companies, registrars, etc.

   1. High Payouts vs Low Payouts:

For your kind info, there are some niches that matters in your earning. As an example, amazon associates pay 3%-15% on regular basis depending on product category, whereas Web Hosting-related companies pay up to $50-$140 on a single sale.

Thus niche matters in Affiliate sales. Still keep in mind that you should not choose your affiliate field on base of income.

Instead, choose the field you’re specialized in, you can generate more sales that way, making overall more profit than changing your niche.

   2. Create Informative Content:

Creating great quality content with total information about the product that a potential buyer might be looking for, can be really beneficial for you to generate a sale.

An affiliate needs to properly analyze the product with the pros and cons, then writing down roughly. Remember, to get a long-run affiliate career, you need not be biased.

After the creation of content don’t forget to embed the affiliate links you generated from the mentioned affiliate programs.

Thus you can have clicks on your blogs or YouTube description (if your content is informative enough to convince positively) and you’ll earn a commission from those affiliate links.

Generate more Affiliate Sale

An increase in sales directly reflects in your income amount. To generate a huge amount of money you need to generate more leads as well as sales. It’s not going to happen overnight.

To drive traffic to the High conversion ratio content you just created, you need to simply take care of some steps.

how to promote affiliate programs

    1. Paid Traffic:

Paid traffic can be a really easy way to achieve a mass amount of people landing on your page though if keyword research and audience selection is not done properly, you won’t be able to generate a single penny out of the paid traffic.

If a random person is visiting your page without even knowledge and will of looking into the content and the review of the product, the chances of the product being sold is almost zero. That’s why paid traffic is not much beneficial for affiliate marketing.

   2. Email Marketing:

It’s a smart strategy to start building an email list right away from the day you land on the blogging or Marketing field.

Email lists help to engage with your audience anytime on the go.

You can design an attractive Email containing an Affiliate link and promote it via your email list.

   3. Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is the traditional free way to receive free traffic by the authenticity of your content. Optimizing content according to Search engine algorithms so that the Search Engines find your content helpful, is called SEO.

SEO is done on a basis of Keyword research. Though there are more than 200 factors with which google finds which content to promote or not.

To make your Affiliate blog go popular you’ve to do keyword research as well as make your content unique and informative.

That way you can get Ranking on google search page thus making more profit via Affiliate marketing.

   4. Create Webinar or Run Ads:

By creating live webinars you might get people to join you and listen to the walkthrough of yours. If you’re well enough to let them know how the product might benefit them, you’ll be able to generate live Affiliate sales on the Go.

On a live session, you always need to be prepared to face niche based questions, so be ready with your homework and Don’t forget you’ll always have to provide some value to the listener only thus you can gain their thoughts in the product.

While you’re running ads, you need to be specific about the area of potential customers you’re targeting. Facebook Ads, Google Adwords are the best Platforms to start advertising with.


In the Article ‘How to do Affiliate marketing in 2021’ we discussed about What is Affiliate marketing, What are the process and How you can earn through it. What are the scopes and how much you can earn.

I hope the article has helped you and you’ll implement the information you gathered from the ‘How to do Affiliate marketing in 2021’ Blog.

Best of luck to you. See you soon.

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