Top 5 Future Proof Tech Skills Part 2

Top 5 Future proof Tech skills | Part 2

In this article, we’ll be discussing the ‘Top 5 Future proof Tech skills’ & this is Part two of the sequence. These skills are for those who are willing to grab a job as well as grip a strong portfolio in the tech Industry.

Top 5 Future proof Tech skills

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In recent years, the world has seen enormous change in the Tech, as well as the corporate world. A lot of Bootstrap businesses have been ventured into the timespan of lockdown and they are preparing to start off gaining potential by acquiring tech enthusiasts.

Data Science

Data science keeps on developing as quite possibly the most exciting, promising and in-demand career paths for skilled professionals. Not only for working professionals, even under graduate level students are preferring to make their hands dirty in Data science for better career opportunities.

Data Science uncovers patterns and delivers experiences that businesses can use to make better decisions and create more innovative products and offer the best possible services. Under the hood, it works on Machine Learning models to learn from the a big chunk amount of collected data.

Being an efficient Data scientist, you’ll be able to recognize significant inquiries, gather information from a large number of various information sources, arrange the data accordingly, make an interpretation of results into arrangements, and impart their discoveries in a way that emphatically influences business choices.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) (opens in a new tab) which centers around the utilization of information and algorithms to mirror the way that people learn, slowly working on its exactness.

machine learning

It’s a crucial component of the growing field of Data science as discussed in previous portion. Through the use of statistical methods, algorithms are trained to make orders or forecasts, uncovering key bits of knowledge inside information mining projects.

Machine Learning (ML) is one of the most exciting technologies that one would have ever come across. While learning you’ll be able to implement astonishing projects on different domains and for discrete purposes.

No doubt, Machine Learning is one the Top 5 Future proof Tech skills you can learn.

Web Development

Web Development is one of the skills that we’ve mentioned at IndGeek couple of times. Being an evergreen skill, Web Development has the most available job vacancies. Basically it’s the process of developing web pages, applications or anything that works over the internet.

Two major classification are present in Web Development, 1. Frontend Development, 2. Backend Development. Someone having practice of both fields will be recognized as a Full stack web developer.

In the previous article we have explained both Frontend and Backend web development in depth including the work and languages to get started. For further information on this topic, head over to the article.

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DevOps is a methodology meant to improve work throughout the software development span, it can be defined as one of many techniques IT staffs use to execute IT projects that meet business needs.

In other words, DevOps means that an IT team writes software that flawlessly meets client requirements mark, deploys without instantly, and runs optimally on the first run. It’s a better approach for working, a cultural shift, that has critical ramifications for groups and the associations they work for.

Developer Mindset

Insted of focusing on a specific language and application, focusing on learning and adopting new skills in much shorter timespan increases productivity to the next level. The goal should always be to have a learning mindset that can adjust with different working environments.

Think like a problem solver, start with baby footsteps like bruteforce while trying to solve any complex problem. Once you have a firm grip, try other processes to optimize and overperform previous achievements.

The positive Development mindset (opens in a new tab) will reflect in your daily routine, you’ll start to grow more towards achieving your goals.


This was the ‘Top 5 Future proof Tech skills | Part 2’, we expect that the briefing on each skill was stuffed with enough information to help you out.

In the last part of the ‘Futureproof tech skills’ article, we have covered Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Blockchain, Cloud computing, Cyber security.

The rest of the major tech-based skills were yet on the waiting list to be published in the next article, which is being covered in this publication. Still, there are a lot of skills left to be discussed, we’ll keep them for another session, hope we see you there.

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