How to Get Bitcoins for Free

How to get Bitcoins for Free | What is Mining?

 Bitcoins are currently in Crazy Trend and they are becoming one of the major Cryptocurrencies. Everyone is willing to dig more into the Cryptocurrency knowledge base after such recent huge success of bitcoins. In this article, you will learn How to get Bitcoins for Free and the following.

1.   What is Cryptocurrency?

2.   How Bitcoin Works

3.   How to get Bitcoins for Free

4.   Using a Wallet App for Bitcoins

5.   Is it too late to own Bitcoin?

At the end of this article, you’ll be aware of these topics including your basic knowledge about How to get Bitcoins for free. Just not learn these methods as well as try implementing these to achieve your Goal.

How to get Bitcoins for Free

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is based on the simple concept of owning virtual Wealth. These cryptocurrencies are highly secured with decentralized networks based on Blockchain technology.

The term ‘Crypto’ refers to various encryption algorithms and cryptographic techniques used to keep this virtual currency safe. Some of the Algorithms are hashing functions and public-private key pairs.

As these technologies are getting advanced day by day, Crypto is considered a great investment for the long term.

Bitcoin was the first blockchain Based Cryptocurrency. Still, after so many years, it’s able to manage the value and popularity. While in 2011 the price of a Bitcoin was $1, It has become $59,549.

There are also other types of currencies like Ethernium, XRP, and many more that works on a similar principle.

How Bitcoin Works

Experts point to Bitcoin as Black currency as it’s untraceable while having transactions. Since 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the concept of Bitcoin, Worldwide Investors, Tech geeks have been eager to know how this works.

Learning the fundamentals of Bitcoin’s working principle is not that complex as it seems. To know about how to get Bitcoins for Free, first it’s essential that you have complete basic knowledge about Bitcoin and It’s working process.

How Bitcoin Mining is done

Bitcoin mining is the process of entering new bitcoin into Circulation. The whole system of mining follows an Algorithm of Hashing and Blockchain.

how bitcoin mining works

In the initial days, Bitcoins were mined with Minor CPUs. Equivalent to the ones we use today. Nowadays, to make it work you need an Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), or a High Powered GPU to Increase hashing rate.

There’s a Complete tutorial on our Website about Bitcoin mining Process and that explains each thing to an Advanced Level. Check out How Bitcoin Works (opens in a new tab).

How to get Bitcoins for Free

There are so many ways to get Bitcoins for free, Some of them are really easy to go through. Let’s take a look at the methods.

Shop Online and Earn Bitcoin

Many shopping platforms provide Bitcoins instead of traditional cashback. Lolli (opens in a new tab) is a simple shopping website and when you purchase from their Top stores you will be rewarded, not in cash but Bitcoins.

bitcoin based earning

Trade Bitcoins

Since way back, Bitcoin price is on a hike with an Incline graph spike. Its price is continuously increasing and currently, one Bitcoin is equivalent to $59,549. While way back in 2011, one Bitcoin was priced just one or two hundred.

There are obviously some risks if you aren’t aware of trading skills, to involve in day trading one needs to be careful about trading security.

Any professional Bitcoin Trading App (opens in a new tab) could be used to ease out your research and Buy Bitcoin. That’s how to get Bitcoins for Free by trading.

Start Mining Bitcoin

Ever thought of mining bitcoin from your own? Maybe the process is too complex to understand, We will describe the Bitcoin mining process for you. The bitcoin miners have already earned thousands of Bitcoin since 2011 and still on it.

To Start with mining, First, you need to have a Bitcoin Wallet, You can create a Crypto wallet by going through the tutorial beneath this step. Now follow the major steps to get started in Mining.

1.    Sign up & Link your Wallet Address.

2.    Install the Bit Mining Client on your PC.

3.    Connect  Client with Mining Computer. in case you don’t have one, Else follow along.

Bitcoin mining runs on an Algorithm, which is built up through a large number of miner’s communities.

For those not having an external setup for mining, You can use your PC to mine Bitcoins. Remember it surely decreases the long-term usability of your GPU as well as the components to some minor margin. Mining with Laptop is not recommended at all.

NiceHash (opens in a new tab) is a Beginner friendly platform to start Bitcoin Mining from a Computer. Cudominer (opens in a new tab) is another great alternative to that if you’re willing to work out bitcoin mining from a PC.

Participate in Surveys

If you’re able to answer specific questions and solve queries for other companies with research implementation, completing surveys then it can be the simplest way to free Bitcoin. It’s also known as ‘Bitcoin faucet‘.

Some companies like TimeBucks (opens in a new tab) provide solvable Surveys in exchange for offering bitcoin rewards. You can filter your survey type and reward type according to yourself.

These free bitcoin campaigns take place on the platform once a week and you can earn as much as you’re capable of, & withdraw a minimum of $10 worth of bitcoin. It also offers a referral program with which you can generate more worth of Bitcoins.

Become an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and simplest ways to get free bitcoin by simply referring to your friends and family.

Not only referral you can get others to understand how bitcoin can help them generating revenue and Get them joined to a platform.

You can check this to – Learn more about Affiliate Marketing (opens in a new tab). With help of Affiliate, you can earn up to $3000-$50,000 a month.

Use a Bitcoin Wallet App

Binance (opens in a new tab) is a Trustworthy & Popular app among Crypto users for Long term investment as well as daily Trading in Cryptocurrencies.

best app for bitcoin wallet

It has become one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. With over 400 coins of support, You can kickstart your Crypto investment career with Binance.

The Binance app, as well as the Website platform, is safe to use, They have a large community of Crypto investors Even having their own coin on the listing.

Get a 30% CashBack on your First Investment in Binance (opens in a new tab)

Get Binance (opens in a new tab)

Is it too late to own Bitcoin?

It’s never too late until bitcoin will be saturated till its predefined limit, That year isn’t arriving in the next few decades. Bitcoin still holds the potential to hold the major part of Cryptocurrency.

As an example we can see, while the World’s economy was hitting downwards in 2020, Instead Bitcoin pulled its way up and continuously hold positive growth.

Around 19 Million Bitcoins have been mined till now, Only three million more are left as the range is capped to 21 Million. Those 3 million are yet to be introduced to the Circulation.

Bitcoins value will still persist increasing to its peak. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, thinks that Bitcoin will reach Six Figures of value soon, we could imagine that to be real as it has grown almost 60,000 times since the last ten years.


Now you’re aware of How to get Bitcoins for Free, You should Implement those ways to have yourself some Bitcoin. If you’re having Bitcoin even in fraction, No worries, they’re worth thousands of Dollars.

So we’ve discussed what is crypto, How bitcoin works, How to get Bitcoins for Free, Platforms to manage Bitcoins, & if it’s too late to Buy bitcoins.

I hope this article was helpful to you. See you soon.

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