Top 5 Future Proof Tech Skills That You Can Learn

Top 5 Future proof Tech skills that you can learn

If you’re someone who relies on technology and wants to secure a job in this field, we’ve got you covered. In this article, you’ll get to know the Top 5 Future proof Tech skills that you can learn to grab a job as well as build a strong portfolio.

Top 5 Future proof Tech skills that you can learn

While it may seem that the technology industry is evolving very fast and hunting down many job positions with automated systems, the reality is something that might surprise you.

As the number of positions is being replaced by machines and automated software, the demand for managing all the tasks and development of the systems is increasing at the same pace.

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Listed are some of the most in-demand skills that you should learn to futureproof, and of course in order to keep your career secure.

Artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence future

Artificial intelligence or AI is the ability of a computer to make decisions on behalf of a human, in short, intelligence demonstrated by machines. AI has become the biggest buzzword nowadays and there’s a solid reason behind that too.

Almost every time you search on Google, Amazon, and Netflix, you have been served by an AI model, and the search results are based on your previous activities. While you must be wondering how that takes place, AI runs on various complex algorithms and machine learning models to determine the best and most profitable search results for you.

With data being created at an expeditious rate, more and more organizations will lean towards AI to manage, filter, and process their data as well as to offer correct information dynamically to the user.

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Mastering artificial intelligence can open a broad gateway to your future self. Artificial Intelligence has subfields such as Machine learning, Deep learning which backs it to help computers accurately make decisions. Artificial Intelligence is one of the crucial & Future proof tech skills on our list.

Data Analytics

data analytics future

Data analytics implies the process of storing, managing, and using data to gain valuable information as well as required insights. This skill needs you to be familiar with Data management tools like Structured Query Language or exploratory data analysis tools and use them to manipulate data.

Basically, Data analytics is the ability of forecasting and represent statistically analyzed figures that can be understood by others who do not possess this skill set.


blockchain technology future

Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger that stores data via Peer to peer networking, every time a new transaction occurs on the chain, a record of that transaction is added to every participant’s ledger.

The working principle of blockchain makes it difficult or almost impossible to change, or cheat the system.

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Currently, Blockchain technology is being used to execute tasks like Crypto transaction management, NFT (opens in a new tab) ownership tracking, Smart contracts, etc. The Blockchain is grown to be useful for Identity management, crowdfunding, and digital voting in a secure & efficient procedure.

Cloud Computing

cloud computing future

Cloud computing refers to storing, and managing data as well as managing networking, web servers, database management systems, automation, and other crucial tasks over the Internet or Cloud.

These clouds allow users to store files, data, and applications on remote servers instead of physical drives. In order to access those cloud data, users need to connect with the internet and bridge with cloud remote access storage.

As the cloud is almost an essential portion of an online business, it’s one of the future proof tech skills you need to learn. There is a high demand for qualified professionals in the cloud computing industry as most big or small companies are moving towards it. With cloud computing skills you can acquire posts like cloud engineer, cloud architect, full-stack developer, etc.

Personally, I’ll be enrolling in a Cloud computing course from Coursera (opens in a new tab) in order to upskill myself and make aware of such crucial technology.

Cyber Security

cyber security future

Progressively the world is moving towards technology-based systems with time. Thus the systems & networks need to be protected from the wretch use of cyber exploits.

Becoming aware of cybersecurity concerns and having the skillsets to ethically protect an organization, network, or computer system has its own market value.

Learning Cyber security needs knowledge of Computer Networking, Operating systems, Computer Forensics, Shell scripting, General-purpose scripting, Basic server interactable knowledge to start off.

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Cyber Security is assumed to be an evergreen field and includes job roles like Systems engineer, Network engineer, Security analyst, etc. The growth of the cyber security field is equivalent to the Tech industry’s overall gradual growth.


Obviously, there are a lot of important ‘Future proof Tech skills’ that need to be discussed. For this article, keeping it short and easily readable, we’ve sorted the top 5 that we found to be the easiest to start off with.

This article covers the skills that are majorly being beneficial for jobs in Technical fields. For obvious reasons, these skills may lack in the freelancing field. We will soon compose another article explaining the Technical skills that you can learn to earn money through freelancing.

In the next part of the article, we will cover topics like DevOps, Data Science, Web Development, Machine Learning, Bot Development, etc. Stay tuned to IndGeek for more posts like this, see you later, till then Signing off.

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