Coding Vs Video Editing Best Freelancing Job

Coding vs Video Editing | Best Freelancing Job

 Freelancing is much of working on your own. Though You don’t really need a Boss for this Profession, You need to work on your own, That makes this work much harder than Having a Boss and a Team. Programming any App, Developing websites, Editing Videos for Youtube or other Professional Purposes, These are some Fairly known Freelancing Jobs. Let’s find out Coding vs Video Editing, Which one is Good for Freelancing.

For this Comparison to Succeed, we have to Discuss some Basic but Major Points Like Consumption of Time, Initial Investments, Market Demands, Consistency, Limitations etc.

coding vs video editing

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Time Consumption

Time Consumed by each Work is quite important that Surely needs to be considered while Freelancing. On first Impression it might seem like Coding has much more Hard work and Commitment and it’s more time Consuming, while the reality is Video editing still is Something that too takes much effort to make Perfect video for Clients.

So, As we’ll know, There are Several Fields of Video editing, Some Goes with Montages, some with VFX, Many of the editors choose Motion Designing, Mostly VFX and CGI takes much time compared to other Video editing works.

If you’re a Python Developer you can get most out of your limited time Because of Simplicity of typing and Syntax. If you’re someone who’s in Assembly or Machine Level Language Definitely Video Editing as a Freelancer is more worth than That, other than As a Python Developer Time consumption is as much as a Video Editor.


Both field has their own Limitations, in Video editing Field most Video editing software are Expensive and Beginners can’t afford them. On the other hand Program IDE and Compilers are Totally free and Even we’ve online code IDE too.

Video Editing and Rendering Puts a Lot of Pressure on the Computer. You Must have to own a High end PC to Render Fast. That can be a little problems for Middle class families.

While Taliking of Limitations, If you’ve resources of Video editing softwares there are varities of softwares That You can Modify and edit the video like the Client actually need, even if you’re not a pro. For Programming You must have to be a pro while working as a Coder and Creating Real Life Projects. As of You have to Learn Other Languages separately for other tasks. Though it’s not a Big Deal, it has some Limitations.

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Initial Investment:

As a Video Editor, there are a few drawbacks when you’re starting out just as a freelancer. You need a High-end System with at Atleast 16 GIGs of RAM, High Power at least 4-6Gigs of VRAM. And Mostly Video editing Softwares are Very Expensive that a Normal person wouldn’t be able to afford easily. If You want to Buy High-End Laptops Take a Look at the Budget Powerful Laptops. (opens in a new tab)

On the other side, Coding Knowledge is enough to start Coding and Make yourself some money from freelancing with a Low Budget. Competition on Coding vs Video Editing is Getting more intense as Coding is Breathing on Editing’s Shoulder. Here are some best schoolwork and Coding Laptops (opens in a new tab)


Being Consistent as a Freelancer is one of the major facts that Builds a base for You. As a Programmer, one can code for at least 5 hours long without any result, except you’re a Web Developer You can’t really take a look at your Progression In real Time. That Might make you feel like “Need a Coffee Break”. That’s where Video Editing Cracks the Thing.

While Editing one gets to see real-time Progress that Motivates one to do the next task. All these things are surely for the only Freelancer as you’re working on your own without any teams.

Market Demand:

Coding vs Video editing is incomplete if we’re not discussing Current Market Demands. Being on-demand Video editing market is Quite saturated, Coding on the Other side is quite flexible, Freelance Programmers easily can Crack a Freelance Job and Start earning with that Kickstart.


So, wondering who am I to tell all these Things? I’ve been in the freelance industry for the past 6 Years. I started with Video Editing and Animations at first, Coding is now my new Passion, I had to shift to coding for my studies. After all, For me, I found Video Editing as the Most flexible and High paying Freelance job at that time. So Conclusion for Coding vs Video Editing can be decided by you from the Given Points. Let us know in the Comment section.

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