Esports as a Career in Future

Esports as a career in future

Esports is a rapidly growing industry and It will immerge to a whole new level in near future. As new technologies like AR (opens in a new tab), VR are being integrated into the Gaming Industry, It will keep evolving to newer aspects. Let’s discuss eSports as a career in the future and what are the possibilities.

esports as a career

According to EsportsInsider (opens in a new tab), Esports’ job opportunities was grown by 185% only in the first half of 2019. If we consider the lockdown periods of the previous two years the growth rate might have crossed imagination bounds.

Playing games on mobile, pc and laptops has become a common hobby for children and adults. In today’s world games and gaming is not only limited to hobby and entertainment but it has also developed into a great career option for people who loves creativity and have a passion for gaming. Many people and teenagers Have started their carrier in the field of gaming, which is a highly competitive sector and new.

Student can build their career not just by playing games in this field they can also become a Game Developer and Game Designer. Game designer and developer develops games using their imagination, thinking, and creativity. Apart from this students can also find a career in animation development, animations that are used in games.

During the pandemic, gamers have used social and online media platforms as socialization tools to increase their followers which in turn helps in generating revenue. By making their respective gaming communities gamers can interact and socially connect which makes them happy as they meet new, like-minded people and peer bonding also occurs.

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Social media, YouYube, twitch. tv has seen a growing trend in the gaming community and the increasing base of gamers. The live streams and short videos of games are gaining more attention. Due to the number of evolving gaming communities, events and competitions like world electronic sports games and electronic sports games add up to the scope of being a successful gamer in the industry.

Also, skill-based gaming offers gainful entertainment which is quite famous an all age groups. In the first 3 quarters of 2020, there was 7.3billion mobile game installs in India accounting for 17% of the global total of downloads. Tech giant Microsoft estimates that there are currently more than 2 billion games around the world. The online gaming industry in India is projected to grow at 22% annually to reach 12,000 crores by 2023.

Infographic credit: HitmarkerJobs

Some studies show that the professional eSports gamers, whose job is to compete and perform at maximum gaming level against their opponents, describe esports as “serious leisure” and are driven by intrinsic motivation like improving their gaming skills and making esports part of their identity

Most parents are found to have limited knowledge and understanding of gaming as a career. Sometimes parents are surprised to hear that pro gamers and YouTubers are actual career paths as many parents don’t see gaming as a legitimate career path. But on the other hand, some parents know about careers in the gaming field and support their children to go ahead as they want.

A well-chosen field in gaming can be great as a career and cognitive development. The growth of the gaming field has been of particular interest to the student community. Gaming has emerged as an alternate professional choice, especially for students with keen interest and necessary designing and programming skills.


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