WHO Claims to have Succesful Corona Vaccine In 2020

• Updated June 19, 2020

Year 2020, probably the worst starting and ending of 2 decades where the earth’s losing so many lives from it’s surface because of pandemic COVID-19.

As infection cases are rising rapidly Doctors from all over the earth are trying so hard to find any cure, vaccine, or medicine or anything they are capable of. Now World health Organisation claims they Corona vaccine will arrive at us before the 2020 ends.

Some Vaccine used by countries we are aware of-

  • Moderna’s RNA Vaccine–  which is amongst the top frontrunners in the race is set to move into the second phase of the clinical trials in the month of July. The company, which makes use of a novel mRNA sequence fights the infected proteins and carries instructions to the body to deploy necessary antibodies to fight against the infection. Moderna Inc. has successfully finished stage 1 of the clinical trial, where it has reported promising positive results on at least 8 candidates who developed protective antibodies against coronavirus.
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Now a big question comes to us that can we rely on this RNA Vaccine or should we progress to look for some more resources to cut this Virus off from the surface of the Mankind.

Moderna’s mRNA vaccine (mRNA-1273) has also shown promising results on immunity. While the development was expedited by the FDA, preliminary data suggest that the vaccine largely benefited the candidates who participated in phase 1 of the clinical trials.

The reports from Cansino Biologics  Inc from China, which has been tabled is based on a Lancet study which drew observations from an early trial conducted on humans in several laboratories, based on 108 participants aged between 18-60 years.

China’s Cansion Biologics is leading the race with their Cansion Vaccine, it also became also became the first of its kind to proceed to the stage 2 of the study and for its preliminary results to get peer reviewed.

  • ICMR- Bharat Biotech International Limited Vaccine

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and Bharat Biotech International Limited (BBIL) have announced a recent collaboration wherein the isolated coronavirus strain has been characterised in the Institute of Virology, Pune.


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  • Pfizer-BNTECH vaccine
  • Thailand’s mRNA vaccine
  • Tobacco vaccine

The attempts of developing a vaccine against the raging pandemic outbreak that is spreading like wildfire in almost every country has kick-started a new global race across the entire world. China somehow with his Vaccine’s leading the race for now, Cansion Biogenics, Modrena’s mRNA, and now Curevac which isn’t a china based company shares information of having the vaccine very soon,

Pharmaceutical companies and health institutes in countries like the United States, China, and Germany are leading the current research and development with the vaccine, with the US and China even announcing tentative dates by which the vaccine will be ready.

Both Trump and WHO declared of having the Vaccine by the end of this year.

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