What is LiFi? How does it Work? Practical uses of LiFi Technology

β€’ Updated October 7, 2021

Have you ever imagined that what lights are capable of apart from producing illumination? In this article you’ll know What is LiFi and How does it work along with some practical uses of LiFi.

what is lifi and some practical uses of lifi

How LiFi works?

In order to understand the working principles, you need to go through the Complete Elaboration. Did you know that humans are using visible light to communicate with each other for a long time? As an example, you can think of Morse code, which can help to communicate with a simple Light Blinking system.

But LiFi (Light Fidelity) is much more than that, it can transfer data with simple light sources. The data is transmitted by the LED bulbs and received by photoreceptors, it is so quick that human eyes can’t afford to receive and process it.

How Lifi is Different from WiFi?

The question arises if LiFi is so efficient, why don’t we replace WiFi with LiFi & who gets to wear the Wireless Networks Crown?

Unlike WiFi, where Radio Frequency signals are omitted from the Excess point, LiFi instead of spreading out, concentrates in a specific area. Talking of signal interference, if you turn on your cordless phone or microwave near a LiFi signal, likewise, you won’t disrupt an important transmission at all.

LiFi can produce 1000 times more spectrum than Radio, which makes it a really fast communicable medium compared to Cellular networks & WiFi Technologies.

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Practical uses of LiFi

Let’s enlighten on the positive applications of LiFi Technology and how capable it is in Practical scenarios. Light Fidelity does not create interference in sensitive electronics, making it better for use in environments like hospitals, underwater, and even in aircraft.

notetip What is LiFi? How does it Work? Practical uses of LiFi Technology

Quick Fact: If you’re having funny questions like, ‘If we want to use Internet in the Dark with LiFi?’. Well, LiFi LED’s can be dimmed beyond human sight so that no human eyes can detect the light flickering.

Besides the current discoveries related to LiFi, we have added some possible facts that could possibly be implemented through the LiFi technology, and which has the power to bring a major change in the communication system.


βœ… Evenly effective Underwater
βœ… Eliminates close network interference
βœ… Can communicate with Traffic lights
βœ… Cheaper and more sustainable
βœ… Unimpeded by radio interference
βœ… Customized Learning curve system
βœ… Connecting Interhome Gadgets


❌  LiFi Range is limited


Summing everything up, LiFi is an evolving technology that can replace many developed portions of future communication systems. We have discussed the basic concepts behind the Li-Fi system as well as some uses of Lifi.

I would like to let you know that LiFi is still in development for the last few years. It doesn’t replace your internet connection or WiFi system, as it uses Light Illumination instead of Radiofrequency, it has its own cons throughout the communication.

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