Top 7 Best Music Streaming Apps on Play Store

‚ÄĘ Updated May 5, 2021

In the last few years, there is a huge change in how we consume music on the go in India. Music has always been an integral part of India but now this is so easy and peaceful to enjoy music anywhere and anytime. To make your life enjoyable and easier we have made the 7 best music streaming services available in India. 

Top 7 Best Music Streaming Apps on Play Store

¬†Smartphone users use many random music streaming apps in India to listen to music on their smartphones, tablets, and even on computers. So there are many best music streaming apps in India, let’s see.

Spotify - Music for everyone :

spotify app alternative

 This music streaming platform launched in India in early 2019 and within a week it reached 1 million downloads in Play Store. If you are interested in listening to high-quality music streaming with massive albums then Spotify is the best service that you should try.

Just like other music streaming apps, Spotify is also available for free but there is also a paid option that gives users some features like free music streaming offline listening, and multi-device accessing. Subscription starts with Rs199 per month onwards. Podcasts are also available on Spotify.

Amazon prime music:

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Amazon prime music started its journey in India a few years ago. It is owned by Amazon. In earlier days it was only available for prime members, but recently there is a change where even non-prime members can enjoy listening to songs.

Starting at race 129/ month onwards, Amazon prime music has an extra property that prime members can access in addition to Amazon prime video and prime delivery service for its E-Commerce arm. Amazon has a voice assistant facility, Alexa also comes integrated with the app for better search results while searching the particular song and uses experience.

Gaana - Bas bajna chahiye Gaana:

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 Gaana provides the oldest music streaming in India. It was launched in April 2010. This finest music streaming app gets over 100 million + monthly users. If you are into regional music then Gaana is the best app for you, because the music streaming app gives you 21 languages with a song collection of 40 million +. Also, Gaana is founded by the times internet.

In this app, you can create your own public playlist that can be used by other music lovers. This is so an amazing feature for

This app has a free version and Gaana Plus plans that start from Rs.99 per month onwards. The paid subscription contains HD music streaming, ad-free music streaming, offline unlimited song download.

Therefore it is selected for 3rd best music app out of the Top 7 Best Music Streaming Apps in India. Podcasts and radio streaming are also available on this app.

Jio Saavn - Music for every mood

JioSaavn alternative

Jio Saavn started its journey with the name of Saavn in the year 2007. This music app is now joined with jio music and renamed jio Saavn. In the early time it was launched anybody can access Jio Saavn for free. Jio Saavn also provides free caller tune for jio network users.

At earlier times the premium version of jio was free e for jio network users. But now the facility is not available. Here is 45+ million songs collection in Hindi, English, Bengali, and other Indian languages.

This music platform has premium and premium plans. The premium plan starts from Rs 99/ month onward. Is it free for 90 days? The premium version includes free music and offline playback and all availability of all music to set their JIO tune for JIO network users. Podcasts and radio streaming are available on this music player. This is why Jio Saavn is the 4 best music player app out of the Top 7 Best Music Streaming Apps in India.


resso app alternative

Resso is a latest Indian music streaming app. The player comes with dynamic lyrics. Any trending songs and meme songs are available on this platform. You can get a magnificent view while playing a song on the app. It also comes with the best UI design.

There is also a freemium version but if you want to download a high-quality MP3 song, then, there is a premium version of Rs. 99 per month onwards. There is also 30 days trial. With trending songs this platform also supports old songs collection.

Radio streaming is available on Resso. Therefore this app is our 5th choice out of the Top 7 Best Music Streaming Apps in India.

Hungama Music

hungama music app alternative

Hungama music service currently has more than 20 million users. But if you want to listen to old Hindi music then this is the best app that you should have.

It has the best music collection of English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Rajasthani, and Odiya. It also supports many TV shows, movies, short films, etc.

Hungama Music is a freemium music streaming app in India and this app is available for Android, iOS, smart TV, Fire TV, Android TV. You can listen to it on eco speaker through Alexa integration.

Ad-free music and HD musics are available for free but for premium subscribers only. The premium price from Rs 99 for one month and 499 for one year.

Wynk Music

wynk music app alternative

Wynk is owned by Airtel. This streaming platform is available for Android, IOS, and the web. Its collection has more than 30 million songs in 14 languages. For Airtel gold plus members, it is free.

You can subscribe to Airtel Wynk plus free of cost but it contains Chromecasts. UI design is not so clear and sharp as that of Spotify, but pretty damn good.

So, it is the 7th music app out of the Top 7 Best Music Streaming Apps on Play Store and this one is probably the most used app so far.


 Keep it to your mind that, though most of us use these services for free of cost, they also provide a subscription method where one has to pay some fees to access some extra features like free Music streaming, offline listening with high quality, and access in multiple devices.

¬†Hope you like this article ‘Top 7 Best Music Streaming Apps’, and it’s been helpful to you finding the perfect music streaming app for your need. See you soon.

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