Top 10 must have College Gadgets under 2000 in India

• Updated December 16, 2020

 If you just starting out your college days as a fresher and you’re literally confused what to buy to ease out other unnecessary tasks, then go through the points given below, We’ve sorted Top 10 must have College Gadgets under 2000 in India. Indeed, mentioned gadgets or similars can make your academic life much easier than before.

  So, it you’re heading to your college anytime soon, we hope all this gadget will ease your daily tasks to the next level while saving precious time of yours. In the sorted list we’ve chosen plenty of back to school gadgets that you can use even if you aren’t a student. 

1. Smartwatch


 Smartwatches were always been a trend after it rolled out in recent Years & has received a huge amount of Love from fitness gurus to Tech Geeks. Talking of teenagers, Watches with LED Display and other smart features are just spark of a fanbase era to them. Usually it can have your attention in seconds with its super cool features that none could even imagine a few years back.


✅  Fitness Tracking 
✅  Receive Callsmessages 
✅  Read Emails
✅  Track Location
Use Android Apps
Pay via NFC

2.​ PowerBank

Top 10 must have College Gadgets under 2000 in India

 PowerBanks are always considered as Lifesavers in critical situations when somebody runs out of battery in urgency. Powerbanks are capable of charging all kind of general Devices with USB ports starting from your iPad, Mobile to your Smart speakers and headphones. 10,000 to 20,000mAh range of powerbanks are really good as a Compact and Portable charging station. 


✅  Charges your iPad, Mobiles
✅  Refill your Headphones Battery
✅  Charge any General Device

3. Wireless Headphones

wireless headphone

 Wireless Headphone is one of the Most necessary Gadget that every student should Have with them. Headphones look cool on your neck, even more when they’re wireless and have an exciting exterior finish on their Body.

 Headphones are a must have because of it’s multi functioning capability like receiving calls, Playing song, Recording Audio & for creating a Geeky impression.


✅  Wireless connectivity
✅  Charging via USB

✅  Receive calls
✅  Record audio with a click
✅  Better clarity than Earbuds


4. Compact Backpack

compact backpack Top 10 must have College Gadgets under 2000 in India

 Compact Backpacks can carry your essentials as well as help you Being a Tech station, Like charging your phone, working as a Headphone adapter. Smart backpacks are really convenient while you’re extracting all the benefits out of them. Classified pockets inside the Bag helps one to define every accessory at their own place.

 Smart bags are easy to carry, holds things in it’s own compartments, Seems like Bang for Buck at its price range.


✅  Portable & Compact
Charging Points
✅  These are Waterproof
✅  Different Accessories section
✅  Anti theft & Anti scratchable

5. Foldable Keyboard

readable laptop Top 10 must have College Gadgets under 2000 in India

 Sometimes, Writing long formal letters, Official documentaries while you don’t have a laptop or PC in Hand Foldable keyboards might come handy in such scenarios. The all device compatible foldable keyboard keystrokes are just fine for long typing works all well as you can conveniently roll the Keyboard and keep it in your bag or Pocket. Folding keyboard is one of the Top 10 must have College Gadgets under 2000 in India.


✅  Fits in Pocket
✅  Type faster than mobile screen
✅  Shock Proof, Rubber body

6. External Hard Drive

wd portable hard disk

Storage is one of the worst problems among students when they run out of space while sharing some important files or documents. Most of the time, you might get annoyed with your phone or SD Card’s default storage. Though instead what you can do is having an External Hard Drive as Backup source of storage.

 External hard disks can be connected even with phone via OTG cable and USB cable. They come with around 1TB, 2TB and respective variants of this series in normal.


✅  Instant data Backup
✅  USB connection
✅  Secured Data
✅  Portable and Solid
✅  Works with Mobile too

7.​ Reading Tablet

reading tablet Top 10 must have College Gadgets under 2000 in India

 Having a quicky peeky device to manage all your books just in one place works just fine instead of carrying all you heaving books and managing environment of studying. Reading Tablets are the solution to this, where you can store thousands of books without having any trouble in carrying and storage problems. 

 Reading tablets like kindle has Pmoled display with low power consumption that last extremely long and doesn’t dims it’s light even in the Brightest light. 


✅  Read anywhere anytime
✅  No need to carry multiple books
✅  Easy to adjust Brightness
✅  Lightweight and compact sized

8. Laptop

Huawei Matebook X Pro for gaming

 Talking of laptops, they are portable computers with inbuilt batteries and a lot of compromises. Having a Laptop is mostly necessary being a student these days, especially submitting assignments through Computers, doing practical works in college, coding live in class, these tasks can be executed with the help of Laptop while you’re in class. 

 Official works like creating documents in different formats, chilling a bit playing games are some extras students might like to have. 


✅  Portable workstation
✅  Gaming Anywhere
✅  Official work any time

9. Camera digital photo cameracameraphotodigital cameravideophoto machinephoto maker 231519335455yltaa Top 10 must have College Gadgets under 2000 in India

 There happen a lot of picture perfect moments in your student life, you might would love to keep the memories to yourself for the rest of your life. A Great camera can help in this matter, Enjoy your life to the fullest and capture it with some DSLR or Mirrorless for the best output reflection of your life. 

 Cameras still can be used professionally by doing professional part time photography or by shooting videos for YouTube channel & by creating contents. 


✅  Capture High Quality Photos 
✅  Start side Business while studying
✅  Creates Impression among others

10. Goggle Wears

amazon echo frame

 Sunglasses are cool, though if you’re a geek person, Smart glasses are probably gonna be your choice. Likely Amazon launched their Echo frames and Google launched their Google glasses, so many other companies are getting into the field of designing a new type of Smart goggles. 

 Echo dot can be used as a virtual AI as Amazon Alexa & Google lens does work differently though the purpose is helping the person virtually, and ease his access to other works. 


✅  Control smart Devices
✅  AI Echo availability
✅  Lightweight & easy to wear

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