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• Updated May 10, 2021

 If you are looking to buy a 5G phone for gaming or other purposes we have made a solution for this. We will guide you in the next few moments on how to select your wanted smartphone with the proper characteristics of your need. Check out the Smartphone buying Guide stepwise.

smartphone buying guide

Paper art purchasing dear smartphone without knowing anything. They are purchasing their mobiles probably by taking the tips from their friends, relatives, family members, and many people. Some people tell that this mobile is good and someone “battery is good” someone “display is great” like on. It will blow of your mind.

 But what about the things that you have to notice and also have to take care of before purchasing any mobile. No problem, we are here to help you out. In this article, we’ll be explaining some of the golden rules which help you if you are going to purchase a new mobile phone.


 The first and the most important features, that you have to make a checklist is of expected features in order. You have to remember your camera, display, battery, etc as per your expectations & specifications. Then write it down. If you write you will get more clarity to purchase your new Smartphone.

Network Connectivity:

 In 2020-21 there are so many 5G Gaming phones to be launched. If you are confused that what should be purchased then we highly recommend you to buy a 5G smartphone. Though we have no information about the band for 5G. But don’t worry about the band because it can be updated with software.

There is a huge chance of 5G launching in India before 2023. Still, if you don’t feel comfortable using your phone for 2 to 3 years then you can go for a 4G phone instead.

Display Type:

 In today’s world, everyone should have an AMOLED display to feel a better experience with their smartphones. Even if there are options between 120Hz IPS LCD Display and a 60 Hz Amoled display, you should go for the Amoled display.

In the majority of cases, Amoled gives you a better viewing performance, colorful and well-saturated output, and battery-efficient lifespan.

If you’re not aware of OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) Displays in-depth, Check this article about Amoled vs Pmoled Display Comparison & Difference.

Talking of Display Resolution, Nowadays FHD+ displays available for Rs 10,000, if you are going to buy a phone over Rs 10,000 then you should choose an FHD+ plus display over others.


 The good thing is that in 2021 if you’re buying any phone, generally the processor on them is actually so good in comparison to a few years back.

If you click on any app like Facebook, Twitter, etc that will take one and less second time to load up. So it’s a very good gain for us. But again, as you are going to buy a new smartphone even in the budget range, try to avoid Snapdragon 6x lineup processors and MediaTech helio a year old chipset.

You can now select Snapdragon 7x, 8x lineup SOC chipset. And for the media tech, you can choose the G series, P series, and SoC Dimensity U series. If you like to have a Samsung mobile then the Exynos lineup should be over 9611.

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Weight :

The weight of a Smartphone totally depends on the user’s need or using situations. It’s a very important factor for a phone. There are so many phones over 200 grams. But you should go for under 200g phone if you’re not used to carrying heavy bricks.

 Because in most of the cases you carry your mobile in the pocket and being heavy it might feel uncomfortable. And if you buy a lightweight phone it really feels good in the hand while holding and also in the pocket. So, always try to avoid heavyweight Smartphones.

Fast Charging & Battery:

 Nowadays this is a new trend of 30W, 50W, 65W,100W, and even 120W in fast charging. This is good but it should be balanced. Basically, you should take a phone with at least a 4500 mAh battery.

It will generally give you healthy battery backup. But if you are buying a phone based on Gaming purposes, then you should increase it to a minimum of 5000 mAh battery.

Speaking about fast charging, over 30 W chargers can be a good choice in an optimal budget. Because 18W, 24W is a little bit slow for charging huge batteries.

So, the 4500mAh battery and 30W fast charger is a sweet combination for mid-range budget users. You can also go with over 30w charging for better performance.


 We like to do multitasking & surfing on our Smartphone. As per our point of view, one should generally go with 6Gigs of RAM in 2021. But 4GB RAM has no problem but after a year or two, your mobile will a setback to your Smartphone experiences.

 Speaking about storage you must pick up a phone with 128 GB of Storage. With the latest High-Resolution cameras, picture size exceeds over 30-40Mb, that’s why storage does not last for a long time. This is why 128GB is ideal storage for a Smartphone.


 If you are going to buy a new smartphone that you want to use for mobile photography, then the sensor is the first thing you should look at that’s because is pretty much the backbone of the camera of a mobile.

 Advanced sensors with optimized cores will consider more light to enter and listen to the digital noise. Even in low light conditions, images will have good capturing quality.

To recompense, good camera phones are offering image-processing software to provide natural colors and sharp photos. 

 The camera is one of the major factors to consider in a SmartPhone Buying Guide and quality must not be negotiated either compromised while purchasing a Smartphone.

UI & OS:

There are so many UI or Operating systems like, ColorOS, FuntouchOS, MiUI, etc in different mobile phones.  Mobile brands are improving their operating system by regular software updates and debugging.

So you can choose any OS or User Interface based on your own comfort level and usefulness. This might not be a major factor in SmartPhone Buying Guide, though it’s worth mentioning.

Conclusion | Smartphone Buying guide

In this SmartPhone Buying Guide Article, we’ve discussed the following topics and compared minor examples that choosing which options might benefit you as a smartphone user.

Table of Contents:

 1.   Expectations
 2.   4G/5G Capability
 3.   Display Type
 4.   Camera
 5.   Processor
 6.   Weight
 7.   Charging & Battery
 8.   RAM & ROM
 9.   UI or OS

Keep in mind that if you’re good to go with the majority of factors only then decide to buy a Smartphone with the described configurations. Smartphone should fulfil your criteria and needs, whether it’s for only entertainment, studying or Gaming purpose.

I hope you’ll like our SmartPhone Buying Guide, if you do, share this with your friends. If you have any thoughts, comment down below. see you in the next article. 

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