Shopify vs Alidropship, Which one is better?

‚ÄĘ Updated August 22, 2020

Shopify vs Alidropship, which one is Better?

¬†Alidropship & Shopify both are on their top accordingly to their working platforms. Definitely they can’t be replaced with one another. We’ll be taking a Look on Shopify vs Alidropship, which one is more beneficial when you have tight budget and Limited time.¬†

In another words we will be Comparing Those two according to their pricing, Efficiency, working Platforms & we’ll also see what Alidropship and Shopify are capable of.

Shopify vs Alidropship
Pricing of Individuals:

 Alidropship: $89 for one time

 Shopify: $29$/month 

¬† Though Alidropship seems to be expensive on it’s first look, But while Calcualting, Shopify costs 29X12= 348$/Year. On long term Shopify is more money consuming.¬†

 Alidropship is most cost efficient not only over Shopify, but over all the dropship Plugins. 

Differances Between Alidropship & Shopify:

 Shopify is the One that has already done so many things for you. You just have to buy a Domain name. All the things are previously set o a rhythm. 

On the other hand Alidropship Means, one has to set-up a new website from scratch. 

¬†If you are familiar with wordpress and Hostings, it’s a lead for you. If you aren’t then you might be in a trouble if you go for Aliexpress.¬†

¬†But if you have bucks in your pocket Alidropship creates a ready made custom store website for you just for 299$. Though that’s not calculated in Usual costings, It’s optional if you don’t have any prior knowledge of WordPress.

Hostings Provided:

¬†With Shopify you’ll get default shopify hosting along with the cart Value & The speed is quite good.¬†

But with Alidropship, If you are starting out, You can buy your own hosting or they provide hosting plans starting from 48$. Buying Own hosting is Recommended though. That makes the Shopify vs Alidropship competetion more tough.

Payment Gateway:

 Shopify Provides credit card Payment system with no Extra hazard for the seller. You just get order start accepting cards on the go.

 With Aliexpress You can accept any type of payment using various kind of plugins and systems. Though it can accept various Paths, Owner have to set all the things up from his own.

Site Security:

 Shopify Includes a SSL certificate in the Cart instead of Selling the Partly, Aliexpress on the other hand deems us by neither providing SSL for free nor in the Hosting Plans.

 While Shopitfine Handles all the technical Tasks for you, using Alidropship, user have to Do all the Tasks and management from his own or Labor.

Conclusion: Why Alidropship wins?

The winner of the Shopify vs Alidropship Controversy is Obviously Alidropship no questions asked. Still Shopify is Popular among western Countries because of it’s technical support. Let’s see what Makes Alidropship Special In the Shopify vs Alidropship Fight.

Pros of Alidropship:
  • ¬†Alidropship is an One time Investment.¬†
  • You can Customize all the things as how you want.¬†
  • You own the business totally from Yourself.
  • You can export Products to your site In Bulk.
  • Has Special Features to Customize and Make a Happy dropshipping.
  • No extra Plugins Needed.
  • Free Themes, Most of the Themes Supported.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Custom Payment Gateways.
Cons of Alidropship:
  • Having Website knowledge is Necessary,
  • Must Manage WordPress, Hosting, products, Plugins, SEO and all other things form server side.
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