Mi Smart Speaker vs Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini | Who Wins?

• Updated October 3, 2020

 It’s been a Few hours since Mi Smart Speaker has Launched and Made it Market hot while competing among Top notch Smart speaker Devices like Amazon Alexa & Google Home Devices. What Features does the Mi smart speaker Provides at this Budget range. Let’s see Comparsion Among MI Smart speaker vs Echo Dot vs Google home mini.

mi smart speaker vs echo dot
Mi Smart Speaker

 So, Amazon Alexa devices has so many versions at different price points, Mostly and Widely used one is known as Echo Dot, which is at same range what Mi smart Speaker does right now, So do Google home Mini.

 Putting apart the Price comparisons let us talk about the Major features of Mi smart speaker. What actually it does special? Umm, Mi smart Speakers Uses Google Assistant’s API, so In case of Features of Artificial Intelligence it’s same as Google mini, it only differs in size, Range, Weight, Other features apart from the Main AI, As Amazon alexa comes with a Bigger size so do Mi smart Speaker but at probably 1/3rd of Alexa’s price. 

Mi Smart Speaker key Features

Speaker:  Mi Smart Speaker Arrives with a 12W Powerful speaker and Speaker size is Equivalent to Amazon’s Alexa Device, that comes on 3 times of Mi smart speakers expense.

DTS:  Provides DTS Sound with proper Tuning, In case DTS is not known to you, It stands for Digital Theater Systems, it Provides surrounded Audio to make the Sound more Realistic.

Buttons:  Instead of having Press type buttons as Echo Dot has, Mi smart speaker provides you a Touch sensitive button, 4 Buttons are present there for Muting, Forwarding and for Volume Up and Down.

Mics:  Along with It has 2 Far sensitive mics, that recognizes sound from a far range and Ideal for Medium to Small rooms.

Metal Body:  Mi smart Speaker is taking a lead as compared to the other smart speakers as it provides a metal Mesh Body, Solid and easy to Clean.

Ring Light:  On the Top head we get to see a Sound sensitive Ring light just like Echo Dot. The ring light works like a Responder as well as a Music equalizer.

Driver:  With Top notch quality speakers that exactly has 10531 holes & 63.5 mm Driver in it makes it more Better bang for buck Device.

Pros & Cons

Talking of Features, we’re getting in the Deep comparison Section. Let’s compare what are the special Features that makes one completely different from others and Reveals the reasons to buy them for different conditions.


   Firstly, Mi Smart Speaker has a Great Speaker that’s equivalent to Amazon’s Alexa device. Mostly in case of Sound, Echo Dot and Google Home mini isn’t good enough to beat it. 

  Secondly, This 2020 Innovation Mi smart Speaker can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker as mobiles can be directly connected to it via Bluetooth and Play songs. Neither Echo Dot nor Google Home Mini Provides a solution of this On demand Feature.

 So these two were the Extra Feature that Echo dot and Google home mini Don’t posses, Considering of Cons there are many.


  Firstly, It’s Size: The speaker comes with a Great sound Quality though it’s quite big in size that can make issues in case of Handling.

  Secondly, Portability: While it’s Bigger in size, It doesn’t comes with a Battery or energy backup system, This only can be Used while Plugged in, In-spite Amazon Echo dot has launched their portable version, which is obviously half in size than Mi smart Speaker.

  AI System:  We’ll know amazon’s echo dot comes with a Fluent Ecosystem of AI based softwares, Though Google assistant Provides a Large range of Quality, Amazon is more likely fluent with English, Hindi and Other Supported Languages, One more thing to consider that’s quite Important for me Personally, Calling “Alexa” is Quite easy as compared to “Hey Google”. Again, It’s totally personal but sometimes it’s very annoying to spell out Hey Google. 

Smart Gadget Connection

Any Smart Gadgets Like Smart TV, Lights, Fan or Custom Devices can be Used and Run just with a Voice Command, Though it takes a Time more than usual Smart Speakers, but it’s normal because it’s in Initial Phase and Likely more updates will make the AI more smooth. 

  For those who does have Mi Smart Bulbs, Or Mi TV, the Speaker is Compatible with all your Gadgets and Can Run them Smoothly Just with you one Voice Command. 


 After Comparing We’ve found Out, if you’re just looking for crisp And Good Quality Base Boosted Sound, It’s definitely Recommended that You go for this Mi Smart Speaker. 

 If you’re just Good with Voice Command AI and Looking for Customization and Want to Get evolved with The AI, Preferably you should go for Echo dot, Just because According to Geeks, Alexa has got a Fluent and customizable AI Ecosystem. So that’s all for the MI Smart speaker vs Echo Dot vs Google Mini.

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