How to search on the Internet by an Image

‚ÄĘ Updated July 11, 2020

How to search on Internet by any Image

It has happened to everyone that we find a Random photo somewhere, now you might be looking for more information every place you know of. Suddenly you find That you have access on the world’s biggest Library “The Internet“.

¬† ¬†Now to look for that Photo on the whole Internet you have to follow some steps. Let’s see.

There are Unlimited sources to find Information By image. We will be discussing about Top 5 free Sources available on the Internet.

google lens image search

Google Lens is the Latest Image Search Engine Provided From Google, Though It is only available on Mobile platform only. It has some Great features like extracting Texts from any images, Find and look for images from any Object that’s present in that particular Photo, This type cool features Makes this latest launched Image search Engine to stand out among all the other Engines.

Download The Google Lens App- Here

google image search on internet

Just a simple Drag and drop system, Isn’t it cool and easy?¬†

Yes Google has provided us Google Image Search system from a long Time.

Just type on Browser to open the window, Then Drag the photo in the search option, Or Click on the camera button, As easy as that. 

Screenshot 1367 min How to search on the Internet by an Image

¬† ¬†Tineye is at our second position making it’s place secure after raking on google image on third place. It has a cool feature that is to find and lookup for a photo without even having or owning the photo. Just copy link of a photo from the internet and paste in on the search tab, and BOOM! you have more photos and contents related to that photo.¬†

   If you have Photos on your files or on your device you can upload it too and look for similar matchs, It is quite accurate, Success rate is 89/100 on an average of 3 test performed by us.

   Access Tineye Here РTineye

how to seach using labnol image search

Labnol is quite interesting Search Engine because it allows its users to upload image via Device storage, Google drive, Dropbox, iCloud. It has fast response time with an accuracy of 78/100 on an average on 3 performed tests. 

¬† ¬†Labnol is at 4th place because it can’t render photos from direct web link, Though you can upload photos from your devices and online drives and look for similar photos on the web.

   Access Labnol Here РLabnol

how to search by image on web

These two websites have quite similar action, interference, Ratio of finding and lookup scores.

Duplichecker provides you facility of seaching on internet by an image by any Keyword, Image url, Devices folder, Online Drives.

   Though it provides you more Ways to upload images, it has an accuracy score of 70/100 as based on 3 experiments.

Access Duplichecker here – Duplichecker

Access Smallseotools here- Smallseotools

I hope It will Help you, Thank you for Reading our Article.

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