How to protect Android from hackers?

• Updated July 6, 2021

If you are an Android user, you might feel uncomfortable that getting Exploited or Hacked is one of the major drawbacks, as the security patch is not as secure as Apple’s.

Now, android is one of the most favorite operating systems in the world. There are more android users globally, which is why hackers always try to hack android systems. Besides, many questions are being raised about the security of Android Phones.

protect android from hackers

If you want to Protect Android from Hackers, then there are several ways you can take. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Basic Phone security Tips

Some basic phone security can block a simple hacking effort. In addition, advanced methods are also available to ensure that your phone is as protected as possible.

Never give your phone to unknown

If you are in a public place then try to keep your phone with you at all times. This is the first basic rule you have to follow.

Avoid These passwords

This is one of the best ways to protect your phone from hackers. So you should keep your screen lock password strong. Don’t use the default passcode that comes with your phone like “12345” or “0000”.

  • These passcodes are really easy to BruteForce, & can be decoded just in seconds with a BruteForce Attack. Go for Passwords with a Word or alphabet count more than ‘8’.
  • Always try to Exclude Dictionary Words or words related to regular uses. Even if you’re using Include multiple words, Likely more than Two in the count. Thus even a Dictionary attack & Bruteforce can take weeks to decode.
  • As found in studies, Simply typed Letter sequences like “QWERTY” or “ABCDE” are the most commonly used passwords in the whole Password directory. Most Password Cracker Tools already have those common Sequences included, which gets through your lock in the minimum iteration.

Turn off Wi-fi and Bluetooth unnecessarily

Always try to avoid using unprotected networks. If you don’t need Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networks, it should be turned off. It is often heard that Android phone user’s data has been stolen through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Uninstall unwanted apps

To protect your cell phone from viruses, you have to regularly check your phone. If many apps on your phone are rarely or never used. Then delete those apps immediately. Many of these apps run automatically in the background of your phone and smuggle your personal information.

Stop installing other apps. Go to your setting and switch off the option ” install other apps”. This setting can stop any app from installing in the background.

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Download secure apps

The apps which you download from a browser or any other third-party app can harm your smartphone. So, always try to avoid these apps and install apps directly from the play store. The apps that you download from the play store are more secure than the other sources.

Remember your will to download Vulnerable apps from suspicious websites can compromise your effort to Protect Android from Hackers. The Apps can be totally Malware injected, capable of Exploiting your device to extract all valuable Information.

Make sure you are protected

Nowadays there are so many mobiles that come with a pre-installed virus scanner app. If you have no virus scanner app then download it from the play store. Be aware that this antivirus can protect against malware-virus attacks on your phone, the also prevents hackers from stealing any information from your phone.

get antivirus to protect android from hackers

To really make sure that Your Antivirus can Protect Android From Hackers and solve vulnerabilities, You need to choose the best Antivirus out there. To tell the truth, there are many out there, We have personally used Kaspersky, Avast, and Many others.

Not only for Androids but for Desktop clients, The one I really liked and I’ve ever come through is Avast Antivirus. It Protects you from all the Malicious Activities on your devices, sends warnings when suspicious files are found, deletes the Virus, Overall it does a great job.

If you want to have total security on your Android, you might like to buy Avast and use it for a couple of months, you’ll find out how it keeps your data safe & protect android from hackers.

Advanced Ways to protect your phone

If you have very sensitive data on your mobile phone and you are still worried about security about your phone, there are further steps you can take to prevent your data.

Avoid public Wi-Fi

If you want to protect your cell phone’s data then you have to stay away from public wi-fi. Because even Wi-Fi providers can’t say if public Wi-Fi is secure. Also, make sure that your cell phone is automatically connected to an unknown Wi-Fi. Hackers often try to target impotent data such as bank details through public Wi-Fi.

Once you connect with their Wi-Fi signal, they now can gain total access to your device via localhost, which would have been a pain via Direct Internet. Try to Avoid free internet in most scenarios.

Use security application

Not only do you have to use the screen lock on your phone, but you also have to keep the installed apps locked. Keep banking apps, mobile wallets, and online shopping apps, especially from your phone, with a strong password. It is highly recommended that you have to notice the rating of the particular application before downloading.

Turn off autofill features

Turn off auto-complete features to prevent saved critical personal data from being accessed. And also try not to save the important password in your browser.

Clear browsing history

It is very important to delete your virtual footprint like browsing history, cookies, and cache. It can help in minimizing the amount of information that can be harvested by prying eyes.

Permission manager

Every app on the phone asks permission to use some information. Take a look at the permissions given to the apps in the phone setting. If an app wants unnecessary permissions, turn off those permissions. There are many apps on the phone that store your personal data with the permission of your phone.


Getting hacked can be worse than what you might have imagined, Your credit card info, bank details, phone calls, personal documents, everything can be at high risk. These were the Most common facts in order to Protect Android From Hackers, You have to follow these all we as implement with proper precautions.

I hope you liked the article and it was informative enough to fulfill your needs about How to Protect Android From Hackers as well as keeping a Good Practice.

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