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• Updated September 9, 2020

 Having a money Tree is Awesome, isn’t it? Now Kind of that is Possible if You are talented enough to Grow that tree. So In this Article You’ll get to know how to Make money from selling courses on Udemy. Let’s know How to Make money from selling courses on Udemy.

 Money tree Here refers to be your course. If you’re well trained and Have believe in yourself that You have enough knowledge to share among people to Spread the Skills for good, Then One good news is You can Make money from that. Though You can still help people by making free courses, Apart from that you can earn Your expanses from just making Courses. No need to run errand.

There’s also no need to Invest Money anywhere, Completely free! It means no Hazards of buying Domain, Hosting, or Plugins, Themes and Write regularly Like us. Simple and Safe, All you need is A Computer, Or Mobile nowadays is enough to Complete all the editing works and even shoot Crystal Videos.

1. Platforms to Choose

  Several Platforms are Present on the whole Internet. Choosing among them is Lead you to a Serious Headache. Those Platforms can be chosen on it’s Commision Rate, Pre-Payment system, Traffic Conversion, And Which Platform promotes Your course from their own.

So why Udemy? for what reason Teachable and Skillshare or the Other Teaching Platforms aren’t that great for starting out for free.

After making a Course, going though the Udemy interface is quite easy and Beginner friendly, and Mostly It’s free to Post a Course. while in other platforms you have to Pay a Minimum amount. Though Udemy has Premium Feature but that’s not necessary at all.

2. Course Promotion

 Udemy is Kind enough to Promote your courses for totally free. Teachable and Skillshare doesn’t promote your courses from themself. You have to Promote Your courses from your own or You must have a Traffic base.

 Only term is if you change price frequently They’ll stop promoting, Still I’ve got 11293 students in First week.

How to Make money from selling courses on Udemy

3. How to Create a Great Course

 So, This is really useful to create a course that’s more Attracting as well as information at the same time. Courses can be made just from a Phone. Though if you want to create a course that inspires students, you really need to follow the steps:

COMPUTER/ LAPTOP: I use a Custom Built PC. Though mobile has some Great Video editors Like Kinemaster.  But In PC, there are present After effects, Premiere Pro, Wondershare Filmora, etc. 

AUDIO SOURCE: Default Mobile Microphone is that great to create Audio with Some Audio creating Tools, i.g. Lexis Audio Editor. Audacity is a great tool for PC if you’re starting out as a beginner and for Editing audio. 

Blue Yeti Mic is a great Mic if you want Deep Clear sound. keep in mind, Audio Quality is more important than video quality.

SCREEN RECORDING SOFTWARE: OBS is a Widely used screen recorder cum stream encoder that’s been used by all over the world. It’s totally free and does let you capture your screen. Which eventually Makes money from selling courses on Udemy.

4. Plenty of tips for Starting out in Udemy

 Just starting Out Udemy as an Instructor? We’ve got you some tips that will surely help you if used consistently with hard work.

  • TIP 1: Make your course completely free when publishing it for the very first time. Seems to be weird, but practically the strategy is used by all the instructors. Thus You’ll get some free reviews in starting days, which will eventually lead you to get more potential in the future when the course will be Paid.
  • TIP 2: If you’re shy to talk to the camera, it’s more suggested to Use screen share as the video’s main source.
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