How to make money as a college student

‚ÄĘ Updated July 19, 2020

Earning money and spending them in your way, needs a little work to have hands-on to that money. You don’t have to compromise in your study, just a little spare time in a whole day, and you are good to go with your work and chasing your dreams with your little footsteps towards making money as a college student.

Money earned in college time can be very useful in paying college fees or Rents. While there are thousands of ways to make money as college students, we’ll be focusing on some most used and most popular ways of earning money, and most of them are easy to handle, you can continue study while making money.

In this article you’ll learn about-

  • Why starting to make money in college life is Necessary.
  • Ways to Earn Money Online.
  • Conclusion

 Managing offline ways to earn money is quite difficult for college students, like Tuition, part-time jobs, etc. These are also time-consuming and Hardworking and distracts you apart from studies. So we have sorted Online ways to earn money as a college student. So let’s see those ways:

1. YouTube Channel

You can start your YouTube channel on a regular basis according to your interest, If you are a physics student, then Teach physics on YouTube, If you play games then live stream them on YouTube.

earn money from youtube video

It has over 30 million energetic customers on daily basis. More than 50 million customers are repeatedly creating content material on YouTube.

And yeah,¬†it’s¬†one other¬†greatest¬†strategy to¬†earn money¬†on-line¬†as¬†a school¬†scholar.

You could make movies on something from gaming to schooling.

Some of the perfect YouTube niches are:

  • Gaming
  • Product¬†opinions
  • Tutorials
  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Food recipes
  • Vlogging,¬†and many others.

Of course, it requires a variety of effort to develop your YouTube channel however you are able to do it super-fast with high quality content material and correct advertising and marketing.

Once you could have sufficient viewership on YouTube you may monetize your channel by selling affiliate merchandise and displaying ads.

¬† YouTube is at first position for make money as college student just because of it’s popularity.

2. Blogging

It’s never a easy task to do, it can take many days to develop your base, One shouldn’t lose dedication while Blogging. And yes you can earn a Good amount of money in college if you are in this field.

If you are aware of any Niche or Topic, you can Write and publish Articles on that topic via the internet. The content has to be unique.

   A weblog is a web-based portal or web site the place publishers repeatedly publish data associated to numerous subjects. e.g. well-being Article.

After you begin getting site visitors, you possibly can show ads or promote affiliate merchandise in order to generate profits on-line.

As a blogger, you may make cash by:

  • Sponsored Links
  • Promotional Post
  • Advertisements.
  • Products and getting a fee as an affiliate.
  • Selling your services.
  • Share and Promote startup companies and types in alternate for cash.

   To get began with running a blog, you should make a bit of funding.

In order to create a Article, you should buy website hosting and a Good Top level domain name. 

You can Start Blogging today, Learn How to start a Blog Website.

3. Content Writing

If you are good at writing, no matter what a topic is, you can write and elaborate making it more professional, then you can try Writing for Other companies.

  Many Blog owners who are busy with their personal works, look for good writers online. You can get hired and get paid in exchange for writing their content.

Some of the Website where you can get hired are:

4. Affiliate Marketing

When you are good at Marketing and Convincing someone to buy something, you can use that skill to make money using Affiliate marketing. You can learn Affiliate Marketing Here.

The main strategy is when someone Purchases any product from your referral Link, You get a commission for that purchase.

You can Signup for any affiliate program to get started, Some Affiliate websites are:

5. Online Surveys

If you have a little bit of Technical knowledge you can Earn easy money using online surveys.

   Dedicating 20 minutes daily you can Earn up-to 50-200$ a month just by answering some questions.

Of course, you’ll be able to earn a lot of cash from it however I feel 50-200$ for 10 to 20 minutes is kind of wonderful when you find yourself fully broke.

The sole downside is the dearth of availability of genuine survey sites. There are some fake websites that don’t even pay and get their work done by you making you fool. Try to find Genuine Sites.

For each 5 survey web sites on the web, just one is real. Even lower than that.

Well no want to fret, I’ve carried out in-depth analysis on the identical and located a few of the finest survey websites that pay actual cash and this is one of the ways to make money as college student.

6. Sell Online Courses

   Assuming You are good at any Knowledgeable Topic, You can Spread your knowledge among others and in exchange get paid.

If you will have good information on any ability (Let’s say App Making, Motion Design, Vfx, Graphic Design, and many others.), then you’ll be able to create your on-line programs & earn passive revenue for all times.

Let’s say you will have created a web-based course & you will have put it on sale for simply $5 & acquired 50 college students enrolled, then your whole incomes shall be 5 x 50 = $250 with only one course.

Your subsequent query is perhaps how I’d get 50 college students. Well, you’ll be able to add your online programs on both Udemy or Any other Similar Platforms.

Both are in style platforms & get thousands and thousands of holidaymakers each month. If your content material is nice, you’ll positively gonna get college students enrolled.

7. Social Account Management

   Having a good knowledge of Digital Marketing, and Great conversational Native Lingual fluency can make you a good Social account manager.

Many celebrities can’t handle their Social media accounts because of being so busy all the time. You can be their account manager and make money as a college student and Account manager.

All you have to do Create Content, Improve Reaching, connect to audience, Go through Insights.

By doing account managing you can earn about 500-2000$ a month if you’re with a good brand.¬†

8. Sell your PhotoGraphs

reinhart julian WxM465oM4j4 unsplash How to make money as a college student

¬† ¬†Maybe you favor taking photos on an interest base? That’s advantageous, and there are methods to promote your inventory images as effectively.

To make money as college student Via Selling Photography is a trending Topic in 2020.

You can Just click awesome images with your mobile, and Sell them on some Photography websites like Unsplash, Shutterstock.

100-500$ can be easily earned with this method to earn enough amount of money.

   Photos can also be posted on Instagram Photography page, You can earn money from that Instagram Photography Page. Learn how to earn from Instagram.

9. Freelancing

¬† ¬†Heard of the Term “Freelancing”? Yeah, You got it right, You can work for somebody according to your comfort.

Graphics Design, Web development, VFX any skills you are having, you can offer someone to work for them, and you can get paid for that work.

If you don’t have those you can hire another freelancer for that work with less money and have a great profit just for doing nothing but working as a medium.¬†Learn how to Freelance and Earn money online.

   Some Good marketplaces for freelancing are:

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr

10. Bug Finder

Ever tried Beta or Alpha Versions of google play Apps? These are prototype versions that have some minor or major Problems bugs and these are launched to specific people just to get the bug information out of them.

You can test Developers Apps or Website and Find out Bugs, Problems, Crash reports. Informing Developers about problems about their creations can lead you to have Much more money in your pocket.

¬† ¬†On an average You’ll get 10-20$ per Apps or Website testing.

11. Sell video Game Account

Most of the Students are usually addicted to Games, if you are so you can sell your online game account to someone who’s interested to start playing that game with a higher level.

   Steam, Epic Games, Blizzard these are some game platforms. You can sell unused games for 3-4 times more money.

One can easily earn 200-500$ for selling a game account.

12. Write Ebooks

write eBooks and make money

Every person in their whole lifetime must a specialized in something, Surely you are too. 

   Many people still in this decade like to read books to spend their time on a regular basis.

   You can Write your own Book online and sell them on some Platforms to earn money. If you are good at Physics, chemistry, or something different like Marketing you can Write books on your logic and Perspective. 

Some platforms like Amazon Kindle, Google books, Audible, Edocs can be used to sell books.

13. Amazon MTurk

Like many activity marketplaces, a purchaser, or Requester submits the duties they want performed and the speed they are going to be paying for every accomplished activity. These duties are known as HITs, Human Intelligence Tasks. These HITs are then listed on the mTurk website and you’ll choose them up as a Mechanical Turk Worker.

Here you can perform types of work you like according to your payout like:

  • Translating
  • Write text from Pictures
  • Fill captcha
  • Enter data

14. Become Developer

Coding is a flexible skills that can be learnt with any of your college courses, and in this century it’s a must have skill for any engineering student.

 Developing any android Apps can bring money to your wallet. App development is quite a good paying job Leading you to have at-least 1000$ per App.

 Or Websites can be developed as an Developer. Part time full stack developer earn about 10,000$ for making a Full website.

 These Developing jobs are time consuming for sure, but they pay more than any other part time online job.

15. Do InternShip

Having an Internship on first year of college is a great achievement.  

It’s simply working for a company as on a specific role, let’s say as content writer, or Social post management, or any other minor roles.¬†

These Internships Helps you to earn money as well as can bring you a job according to your performance on their company. 

You can look for internships via Internshala.

16. Start Graphics Designing

In 2020 and onwards, Illustration and presenting any data in a format of picture is a great way to bring Customers to your business.

More and more companies are hiring Illustrator and Graphics designers. You can Start Designing Graphics and Do photo editing to Get a online part time job and earn money online as a college student.

17. Be a Voice-over Artist

earn from voice overing

Your voice can be sold online, every voice has their own value. If you have thick voice too, Yes your voice is also can be sold online.

Some dubbing companies, or Ad campaigns, Advertisers hire some voice artists according to their role requirements.

   You can Look for your voice over job on Voice123.

18. Online DropShipping

You may not be familiar with “Dropshipping” word.

Dropshipping is selling any product without owning it physically or virtually. In this you just work as a medium to a buyer from the seller. Dropshipping is one of the best ways to earn more passively online while studying.

  Learn more about Dropshipping 

19. Flipping Domains

A domain is what a Address of a website is.

It’s a name and Sign of a website, However, if a domain name is according to it’s niche, domain becomes more popular.

   You can pre-buy some good domain names and sell them later with higher prices to Related businesses. 

It costs around 5$ for a domain name, and it can be sold around 200-4000$ per domain name, Yes it’s a Great option for having great amount of money.

20. Digital Marketing

¬† ¬†Marketing is just a strategy to reach out more and more audience in a specific gap of time. It can be helpful in those situations if you are selling a product or you’re applying one of those strategies online elaborated above.

   You can get more sales more orders by doing simple Digital Marketing.


Points Covered:

  • YouTube
  • Blogging
  • Writing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Surveys
  • Teach online Courses
  • Social Media Account Managing
  • Sell photographs
  • Freelancing
  • Bug fixing
  • Sell Video game Account
  • Write eBook
  • Amazon mTurk
  • Become Developer
  • Do Internship
  • Graphics Design
  • Voice over
  • Dropshipping
  • Flipping
  • Digital marketing

Hope you have liked this content. If you have dedication this article will definitely help you to earn money in you college life. Have a Great day. Peace Out. 

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