How to get Price Drop Alert from Amazon

• Updated October 15, 2020

  Buying products on Amazon on other sites without researching can make you face a Loss. Might not gonna be Huge loss but Looking at the history and Using some Addons to Get price drop alert can make you some More Money as Pocket money. Let’s know how to get price drop alert from Amazon

 There are multiple ways to get price drop alert for a specific product’s price drop. Even you can set a Price limit where you’ll be notified when the price is lower than your Given Limit. For the Feature to work on your Chrome You need to Add an Extension on Chrome Named Buyhatke. 


 Coming onto the Features the Extension is excellent in it’s Prime. Some of the features that makes is so Useful are:

  • You can see Price History of a Product on Specific Dates.
  • You can set a Minimum Price where you’ll receive an email when the product price is lower than your provided price.
  • Price Drop Chances are also shown in that Extension, It’ll show in how many days price is Probably gonna drop and How much is Probability of Price drop
  • A ready made coupon List for Specific Product and Category is Present in The Plugin. You can go through the Coupons and Save your Money.
  • One of the Major Advantages of using the plugin You’ll Find all the Sales that are live now on Websites like Amazon and Flipkart.
  • Products from the All Sale Page can be Chosen directly for Future price drop notification Purpose.


 The Extension has a Smooth Responsive Side and Top bar that Easily Responses with Tab size and Minimizes while Inactive.

amazon price tracker

Extra Features:

 At the Top head it Crates a Flash bar for Quick access where much more features are Embedded Like Price comparison from other websites. 

 It’ll show exact same Product on other Websites that are in Less Price. You can Also go with Deep price comparison or Directly go to the Best Price option. 

Referral System:

  Buyhatke Extension also provides a Great Referral System and creates a way to earn money for yourself. Register as a Contributor Affiliate and Share it to Your Contacts You’ll start earning once someone Joins from You link and Starts using Buyhatke. That’s How to get Price Drop Alert from Amazon & Make Profit.

buyhatke Referral System

How to Get the Extension:

Follow the Provided steps to Install the Extension and Start saving Money with it.
Step 1: Click on the Link Here and You will be taken to this page. Add Extension (Click to Add)

adding buyhatke to chrome How to get Price Drop Alert from Amazon

Step 2: After Adding it to Chrome it will Ask for an allowance to Make it work on Your Chrome Browser, Simply allow it to get started.

 No worries You can Check reviews on that Web app, So many people have already used it, and they’ve liked it. I hope this Article was Informative to you. That is all How to get a Price Drop Alert from Amazon. See you next time, Peace out.

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