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‚ÄĘ Updated September 25, 2020

So, Getting Free products from Several Places is not that Easy, Right? What if you could Manage to Save your pocket money by Getting Free Products, That would be seriously Awesome. Let’s get to know how to get free products from Amazon.

 Getting Products as in Biased or In Unbiased Condition from any company for Showcasing or Reviewing Purpose in Called as Review Units.

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What is Review Unit?

¬†Some of Companies Might have just started out in Heavy Market Where Competition is High. When that Specific Company has Great quality Budget Products though The Products aren’t selling out, or Aren’t selling as expected, they might face a huge loss.

¬†As a startup Those companies or sellers dosen’t hold much Budget to promote their products on an International Level. What they do is they look for Influencers, or Reviewers who can Convince & Influence the Products to their Potential Viewers and Audience, Thus The company Promotes itself in a Low budget And the Influencer or The Reviewer makes his/her profit by Promoting their Products.

How you can Get Review Units?

¬†Is it Possible, You as an Ordinary person get any Random Product as a Review Unit? Simple answer is Yes, But For that You must Satisfy some criteria, Let’s check what are the prerequisites to get free products from Amazon. If you’re active enough on any of these Given Platforms, You’ll surely receive Review Units. Starting From –


¬†Influencing on Instagram isn’t that bad, You’ll get couple of hundred Emails regularly if You have more than Million Followers for Review Units, But If You have Followers around Only 1000-2000, It’s possible that You’ll surely receive Products for Review. After You start reviewing Products and Grow a Bit, More Companies who’re just starting out and Looking for Influencers, will approach to You for Their promotion.

To Get into this Field via Instagram, Make sure You have a Bio Related to the Subject you’re willing to Have for Review Unit, Likely in My case I choose to have Bio more Technical.

¬† ¬†Suppose If You have Fashion Related Background Try to Upload Your pictures only realted to Fashion Sense, Keep it Neat and Clean, Make your bio more Professional & Mostly Add Your Professional Email in the Bio. It’s a must so that the company might contact you via Emailing.

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¬† Being a Youtuber myself I’ve received Couple of Products Before to Review on my Gaming Channel, Those Videos can be Checked out Here – The Channel.¬† Though I’m not a Hardcore Believer of Biased Review Units, Couple of Companies has previously asked me to Make a Good Impression to Viewers about their Products.¬†

¬†Most Considerably to Discuss While You’re in This Thing, You receive Products on a Daily and Weekly basis, Try to be Honest so then only you can Go far. Being Dishonest for Money and Making fool of Audiences just for some Greed of Bucks won’t make you Rich in Long term.¬†

   So How did I receive My first Review Unit and What Was the Product? I had 1100 Subscribers on my Gaming Channel, & Surely I had My professional Mail out there in my About section.

A Reputed company (Name Shouldn’t be Disclosed as per Bond) with Gaming Mouse worth 2000 Approached and Appraised to Review it on My channel, Later I found Out they were Fake and Was probably Gonna Take Money and Fly, So I skipped my First Ever Chance to Review any Product on My channel.

 Later What I did was approaching well-known Mini Brands. I reached out to Maono and Reddragon ( not Redgear ). And Shockingly Maono Company & Reddragon Both Agreed to my Terms and Conditions as I was Gonna review it on Several Spaces of the Internet Including this Blog.

Eventually, I ended up receiving only the Reddragon Mouse, not the Maono Mic as They were asking me to Pay first and They’ll pay back my Return, I didn’t have money at that moment so I lost that Chance.


¬† ¬†Popular on Facebook, or own a page whose post recently got viral and Have got a Decent Fan Base? If it’s or Maybe you’re owner of a decent Audience claiming Group or Page You can Get Proposal of Reviewing Products of Several Startups.

¬†Of course no doubt they’ll be according to your Page, Group and Profiles Niche. Once you Get any kind of Proposal for Paid Promotions of Their Products. You’ll receive money as well as the Products for Promotion. That’s a Huge Achievement, And if you’re not just starting out, then it might be an Usual thing to You, Most of the Facebook page owners receive these kind Of deals on a Regular Basis.

¬†Be careful to promote things only Related to Your page, You have a Gaming Page and You are Sponsoring Face-wash, That’s worst situation for both you and Your Page/ Group/ Audience.


¬† ¬†If You’re a Hardworking person, You’ll surely receive free Products to Review on your Channel or Instagram Account or Facebook page. Be Honest, Be Consistent, Don’t ever lose hope. Peace Out.

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