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• Updated July 16, 2020

Does your PC appear to be Slower than usual? How lengthy has it been since you probably did a disk cleanup? How to Clean up PC?

The finest process is that you just run a disk cleanup at the least as soon as a month. This will delete momentary Temp data, empty the Recycle Bin, and take away a wide range of system records data and different gadgets that you just now not want. By decreasing the variety of pointless records data in your onerous disk to unencumber disk area, your pc can run sooner. You will particularly discover a special when searing for Temporary Files.

Here are straightforward step-by-step directions to run a disk cleanup:

1. By Disk Cleanup

Step 1: Go to “This PC” or “My Computer”

Right click on the Drive you want to clean, Then Go downwards click properties.

go to properties

Step 2: Then General, click on “Disk Cleanup”

click on disk cleanup

Step 3: Hold on a moment and let the process calculate the space occupied by system junk files.

   This might take some moment according to your Disk Space and Computer Performance

calculating cleanup files

Step 4: When the outcomes field pops up, choose every checkbox. we suggest that every one are chosen. Click OK.

select files to be cleaned up

Step 5: Click on the confirmation popup to cleanup junk files on your PC

junk file cleaning

Step 6: Sit back and relax, Your Junk cleaning process is being performed automatically now by your PC

cleaning pc process

2. By Temporary file Cleanup

Step 1: Go to start menu then search for “RUN”, Launch it.

   Write “%temp%” in RUN menu and click ‘OK’ to open up the temporary files folder.

write temp in run menu

Step 1: Select All the Folder and Files, Press Delete.

   All these files and folder are Temporary folders, these aren’t necessary, Deleting them will free up space on your PC, 

deleting temp files

These are the major steps to cleanup PC, some minor ways to cleanup your PC are left to be discussed. Hope you like this Information. You can read more on Microsoft’s Official page. Peace out.

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