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How to make a Kali tool using JavaScript?

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I want to create a tool for Kali Linux as my interest got me into cyber security. Before I learn python I want to create something that can be used in Linux environment. Can anyone help me through this?

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Soumya Mondal
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You need basic Linux Shell scripting to get started, Learn Bash shell, and a scripting language like Python/ Javascript to give you a headstart in the creation of the Kali Linux tool. If you want to deploy your tool to cross-platform, try learning the minimum basics of PHP to initialize a server and the Ngrok tool to do port forwarding. 

If you want to receive input from target users, then you need to learn basic HTML & CSS to create forms or JS to create webhook, onLoad, onClick functions. Other than that, you can implement social engineering to reach your target with help of any third-party platform.