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What is CodeZone?

CodeZone by IndGeek is an initiative to aimed at enabling individuals to acquire practical technical knowledge and engage in hands-on project work to enhance their proficiency in their respective fields. Upon the successful completion of the projects, participants are awarded certificates, attesting to their accomplishment and recognition of their expertise. This program represents a unique opportunity for individuals to broaden their knowledge and skills while earning a distinguished certification.

What you get Receive Certificate upon Project Completion

Complete the featured course project to receive a certificate.

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  • Enrollment in CodeZone
    Enrollment in CodeZone
  • Warming up Basics
  • Work on Live Projects
  • Tech Stack Guides
  • Access to webinar

Stacks you can Learn

With projects alongside

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MERN Stack

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Steps to Apply

1. Timeline

Assignment Deadline: 30 days
Assignment approval: 3 days
Receive Certificate: 5 days

2. Choose Stack

We are currently offering Projects on these Stacks. Choose one of the following, The profile you select will be printed on your selection certificate.

  • MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS

3. Project Enrollment

Fill up this project form to select your ‘Project stack’ and ‘Project name’. Once filled you will have 30 days to complete your project. The project submission process is the following.
You will receive a response receipt of the form upon submission in your email, keep it saved.

4. Project Submission

Once you’ve submitted the form with your ‘Project stack’ and ‘Project title’, you have to complete your project within 30 working days.

  1. Upon completion, make your code public on a GitHub repository.
  2. Email us with the receipt code you received on enrollment, along with the proper full name, and GitHub repository link.
  3. We will review the code within 3 working days and upon approval, you’ll receive your Certificate in another 5 days.

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