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• Updated April 3, 2021

 Virtual Reality Headsets have become popular in late years, coming into 2021, we have been provided some of the best budget-friendly VR Headset even under a medium budget section. We have made a list of the Best VR Headset under 3000 in India. Let’s check that out.

Choosing a VR:

  Virtual reality Headsets can be divided into several categories from which we’ll be excluding lower-end VRs which fail to deliver close to real Reality experience. Choosing a VR depends on usage purpose, it might be for Gaming, Watching videos, analyzing 360 infographics etc.


VRs with Inbuilt Headphone are able to provide surround sound thus creating an environment of Realistic Gaming.

Content Experience:

360 Videos as well photos can be enjoyed over a Virtual reality Headset seamlessly. With Immersive sound one can have a 3D Visionary experience.

Key Features:
In built Headphones
100-120 Degree FOV

 Procus PRO Virtual Reality Headset is at the top of the list of Best VR Headset under 3000 in India, for its build quality and Features in the Budget range.

 The VR Headset build quality is quite good as it contains Large Quality Lenses, Inbuilt Volume Control & Action Button, Inbuilt Headphones Like HTC Vive, and other Flagship VR. Procus Pro headset’s Inbuilt Headphones deliver an Immersive sound and 3D visionary experience.

 Lenses used in the VR are Fatigue less and can be used for a long time period with comfort. As well as soft cushioning makes sure nothing disrupt your VR experience.

 A way cheaper alternative Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset is also there under ₹2,000.


✅  Flagship Designing
✅  Inbuilt volume adjuster
✅  Distance controller
✅  Inbuilt Headphones
✅  100-120 Degree FOV
✅  Weight: 415 g
✅  Rating: 3.4/5


❌  Comparatively heavy weight

Price : ₹ 3,199.00

Key Features:
Fully Adjustable lenses
In-Built Touch button

  Irusu Monster VR Headset comes with solid build quality made of ABS plastic. The front panel of the Monster VR delivers an Augmented reality experience.

 Unlike Mi Play VR it supports even bigger sized phones up to 6.69 Inches along with independent lens adjustment (Fine-tuning), which makes it more likely a bang for the buck VR. Free remote provided in the box can also be used as a joystick for playing games.

 A Touch button is there at the lower plane of the Monster VR to select options within VR, Trigger actions, shoot & Aiming. It can also be used for play-pause, next-previous Actions.


✅  Fully Adjustable lenses
✅  Detachable Panel

✅  In-Built Touch button 
✅  42MM HD Lenses
✅  Remote Controller
✅  Weight: 328 g
✅  Rating: 3.2/5


❌  Negative reviews about Lens

Price : ₹ 2,299.00

Are VRs safe?

 Wondering if Virtual reality headsets Damage your eyes? Simply answering you can control that of your own. 

If you play with the settings of Brightness, focus point, contrast, frequency and duration time of watching continuously, You’ll be able to handle if that causes harm to you. VR users need to find out their proper adjustment in focusing distance to make sure their eyes don’t feel tortion. Brightness should be optimal, more bright light could reach harm to the eyes.

 To know more about VRs check FAQs about VR.

Key Features:
Oculus Chipset
101° FOV

 Samsung Gear VR comes from a higher-end premium Virtual Reality Headset category, which varies around a budget range of 3000-5000.

 Gear VR from Samsung had created one of the most popular hypes a few years back with the Virtual reality concept. It runs on 2 AA batteries and weighs around 318 Grams. We also get to see Gear VR controllers separately.

 Thick soft cushioning makes your eyes more comfortable while using the Gear VR for prolonged periods of time. The Gear VR runs on an Oculus chip that makes it run smoothly. Output quality depends on the phone’s resolution though must mentioning it only runs with several Samsung phones.

As the VR comes from a higher-end premium class, The Price fluctuates from all the way up to 7000 and arrives till 3500 on sale. 


✅  Runs on Oculus chip
✅  Premium VR controller
✅  Flagship Level VR
✅  Plug-and-play port
✅  Wide 101° FOV
✅  Weight: 318 g
✅  Rating: 3.9/5


❌  2 AA batteries required
❌  Only for Samsung devices

Price : 4488.00
Offers : 3799.00

Key Features:
Fully Adjustable lenses
Super face foam

 Irusu PlayVR Premium is another Awesome Virtual reality headset from Irusu which costs a little less than Monster VR. PlayVR doesn’t include any free remote controller.

 Unlike the MosterVR is supports only up to 6.5 inches of screen size and weighs 320 grams. Same Advanced inbuilt touch button, HD 42MM lenses has been used with a wider Field of View.

 Pupil distancing as well as individual Focus lens distancing can be done in the PlayVR. A stylish front bezel has been added along with a Super face foam protector and human-centric design head strap that helps to achieve a comfortable fit.

 Irusu claims that The transparent front panel of PlayVR can be used for AR viewing though we’ve been struggling testing that out.


✅  Fully Adjustable lenses
✅  Super face foam protector

✅  In-Built Touch button 
✅  42MM HD Lenses
✅  Remote Controller
✅  Weight: 320 g
✅  Rating: 3.2/5


Negative reviews about Lenses

Price : ₹ 2,099.00

Breathable Fabric
Price: ₹ 1,299

 Mi VR Play 2 does a great job with its whole new VR headset technology at affordable pricing. Being one of the lightweight VR, it maintains a slick unique body, made of soft, breathable fabric.

As the headset stays close to the face, it’s made with a form-fitting cushion that feels comfortable even after hours of usage.

 With the front load design, you can lock and unlock your phones in a moment. Though it has 268 heat dissipation holes to keep your phone running at the usual temperature, Screen size capability is only limited to 5.7 Inches.

 Though MI VR Play 2 is a Bang for buck VR headset, it has a limitation of Screen size, still if your phone size is lesser than 5.7 inches, Mi VR Play 2 can be the best starter VR for you.


✅  Form-fitting comfort
✅  Soft microporous cushion
✅  268 heat dissipation holes
✅  93° FOV
✅  Support size 4.7 – 5.7 inches
✅  Weight: 183g

✅  Rating: 3.6/5


❌  Too heavy (Weight: 1 kg 290 g)

Price : ₹ 1,299.00


How many types of VR are there?

A VR can serve Several purposes though there are some major types of them like- PC VR, Console VR & Standalone VR.

Are Virtual Reality and 360° video the same?

A 360° video can never be truly considered as virtual reality as it can be viewed with help of VR headset though you won’t be able to interact with the simulated environment.

Differences between VR & AR?

Firstly VR stands for Virtual reality & AR for Augmented reality. What VR does is that it replaces the whole visionary while AR adds some close to real Objects in your vision.


As you have gone through Best VR Headset under 3000 in India list and their comparison along with in-depth specifications it is probably clear to you which one might be for your needs. 

 To take it shortly Samsung Gear VR and Mi Play VR are two of the most used and premium build quality Virtual reality headset in our Best VR Headset under 3000 in India List.

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