Best Mirrorless Cameras Under 50000 in India

• Updated February 18, 2021

 Before the arrival of Mirrorless cameras, DSLR cameras were onto a peek of Professional photography with their compact  Features and Quality. One of the major reasons were DSLR had interchangeable lens flexibility which could be a priority in photography according to Photoshoot Enviourments. As technology is evolving we’re now introduced to another innovation in the Photography world as Mirrorless Cameras. In this article we will compare Best Mirrorless Cameras Under 50000 in India.

Mirrorless Vs DSLRs

 Both DSLR and Mirrorless cameras have their own pros and Cons, in some cases, DSLR takes over Mirrorless cameras, though that’s the minimum we’ll be discussing it all in the article of Best Mirrorless Cameras Under 50000 in India. 

 Lens: Firstly Talking DSLR lenses are really cheap compared to Mirrorless cameras. Where there are third-party companies providing cheap priced good quality lenses, is Midsection Mirrorless lenses are almost the same pricy as camera. Also, DSLR has a variety of lenses available in the market whereas Mirrorless has a Handful of limited lenses.

 Battery Life: On a single charge Mirrorless cameras tend to provide fewer shots compared to DSLRs because of their electronic Viewfinders & also because the battery size is minimum for compactness. 

 Weight & Compact: DSLR tends to be Heavy and not so small-sized as Mirrorless cameras. Mirrorless cameras can be held with one hand with ease and don’t weigh much which makes them versatile for use in tricky situations.

 These were the basic and most known Factors that help to decide the Mirrorless vs DSLR battle though there are some more factors like Classic vs Electronic Viewfinder, Sensor Opening, Mid-range Autofocus point count, etc.

We’ve seen which one might be better as per your needs & choices, let’s take a look at Best Mirrorless Cameras Under 50000. 

 Sony reigning in the mirrorless Camera category holds most of the New innovative Mirrorless camera section as well as with SONY Alpha ILCE 6000L.

 The steady metal-made Body feels ideal in both size and weight, as well as the Rubber grip provides a firm hold on the Camera. The Exmor TM APS HD CMOS 24.3MP sensor along with the BIONZ X Image Processor Produces Sharp, Clear, High-quality photos.

Alpha ILCE 6000L with 179 AF Points Coverage, can have a perfectly focused sharp-eyed image, 4D fast Hybrid Autofocus is present on the Camera for Higher level performance and Quality.


✅  179 AF points
✅  11 FPS Continuous Shooting
✅  BIONZ X image processing
✅  24.3 MP
✅  Exmor TM APS HD CMOS sensor
✅  Wi-Fi / NFC / Play Apps
✅  4D Focus with Fast Hybrid AF
✅  OLED Tru-Finder EVF Screen
✅  Weight: 344 g
✅  Rating: 4.4/5


❌  None found till now

 Panasonic LUMIX G7 does a great job as a Professional Video & Photo capturing Camera, capable of 4K Ultra HD video at 30 FPS. Easy manual controls on Aperture as well as ISO is there for intuitive experience to next level Photography.

 Connectivity & ports are one of the major plus factors of this camera where it provides a 3.5mm audio input jack, 2.5mm remote port, USB 2.0, and a Micro HDMI Type D port.

 Depth from Defocus (DFD) Technology is an exclusive and unique feature that can shoot in autofocus along with higher precision and greater speed.


✅  Depth from Defocus Tech
✅  4K QHD video recording
✅  8 FPS Continuous Shooting

✅  16 MP
✅  MOS Sensor
✅  3.5mm external mic port
✅  Micro HDMI Type D
✅  30 fps Photo Burst
✅  OLED Live View Finder 
✅  Weight: 645 g
✅  Rating: 4.3/5


❌  Less compact in Comparison

How Mirrorless Camera works?

 While in DSLR Cameras, Light has to pass through Mirrors to reach your Optical View Finder, and Clicking a shot requires the physical movement of a slit to expose the camera sensor to light.

 Whereas Mirrorless Cameras doesn’t contains Physical lenses to reflect light. It takes the light directly to the sensor providing an output to the Electronic View Finder or Display screen.

 Canon EOS M50 having an APS-C CMOS sensor with a 24.1MP DIGIC 8 Image processing unit & 143 autofocus points provides both speed and Accuracy while shooting continuously with autofocus.

 While shooting RAW, JPEG & combined 10 FPS burst modes can be achieved with it. The default ISO level varies from 100-25600 though it can reach up to a top mark of 51,200 which is really important to get a Noise & Grain-free Photo output.

 EOS M50 Can capture videos on 4k with total manual controlling still frame rates can be set individually while recording. We’ve found Canon EOS M50 is One of the best mirrorless cameras out there in this budget category section.


✅  143 autofocus points
✅  4K video
✅  DIGIC 8 Processor

✅  24.1 MP
✅  APS-C CMOS sensor
✅  WiFi, NFC & Bluetooth
✅  Full manual control
✅  ISO: 100-25600
✅  Weight: 388 g
✅  Rating: 4.6/5


❌  None Found Till now

 Fujifilm X-T100 with 24.2 MP APS-C size sensor, captures better quality Images and Produces defocus Bokeh effect. Electronic View Finder (EVF) in the X-t100 is Bright enough to be clearly visible in sunlight which really helps while shooting under the sun. The LCD Screen can be tilted in 3 directions for flexibility or ease in Capturing.

4k Movie & 4k Burst shooting capability makes this camera more convenient and can shoot 15 Frames continuous shots which is really helpful while capturing a fast-moving object.

 The SR Auto mode, Multi focus, detachable grip, Intelligent Flash are some unique features used in the Fujifilm X-T100.


✅  Three-way tilting LCD monitor
✅  SR+ auto mode
✅  APS-C size sensor 
✅  4K Video Quality
✅  430 frames per charge
✅  24.2MP
✅  Weight: 1 kg 370 g
✅  Rating: 4.2/5


❌  Weighs much heavy

 Canon EOS M200 comes with a 24.1 MP Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus sensor & Digic 8 image processing with 143 AF areas. One shot & Servo Eye Detection AF makes its AutoFocusing feature more strong towards having a Good Bokeh Effect in pictures.

 As the camera can be connected on the go with Wi-fi and the Mobile canon camera connect app, it can be literally much compact and usable in any condition. With a 180° tilt-up touchscreen Liquid Crystal Display you can enjoy selfies limitlessly.


✅  Dual Pixel CMOS AF
✅  143 Autofocus points
✅  4K Video Quality
✅  24.1MP
✅  Eye Detection focus
✅  Weight: 259.5g
✅  Rating: 3.7/5


❌  Many negative reviews


  We’re aware of How mirrorless cameras are taking over the Photography market over DSLR cameras, so We’ve compared the most featured Best Mirrorless Cameras Under 50000 in India. 

These cameras not only provide better performance compared to DSLRs, we’ve included their pros and Cons with total Comparison if they’re bang for your buck or not.

 In our Comparison we’ve found out Canon EOS M50 is one of the best Mirrorless cameras under the 50,000 budget section which is also capable of taking challenges to Higher level Sony Alpha cameras.

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