Best Lightweight Gaming Mouse under 5000 in India

• Updated January 20, 2021

  So many renounced Gaming Mouse still opens door of troubles for gamers with low sensitivity Games for their heaviness of the mouses. While it struggles in long movement Accuracy with Heavy weight, some mouses are coming up and reigning the FPS Gaming Industry with light weighted mouses along with pinpoint accuracy that helps user in competitive Games. We’ve made a proper listing with comparison of Best Lightweight Gaming Mouse under 5000 in India.

Lightweight vs Heavy Mouses

 Heavy mouses are good for purposes like Video editing, official work where Slight change in accuracy doesn’t matters much. Though FPS gaming needs continuous performance at same level along with same accuracy and needs light mouse for its best Outcome.

1. Glorious Model D

glorious model d Best Lightweight Gaming Mouse under 5000 in India

 Glorious Model D is specially ergonomic for Right handed FPS Gamers, Model D is built with PixArt 3360 sensor, one of the best gaming sensors. Model D just weighs 68 g and also comes with RGB Features. Cables from the mouse are almost feels like none hence provides you a wireless mouse type feeling. In comparison to Glorious Model O, Model D provides Value for money in Budget Category.


✅  Weight: 68g
✅  PMW 3360 Sensor
✅  128x68x42 mm
✅  Ergonomic Design
✅  RGB available
✅  Honeycomb Shell
✅  Rating: 4.6/5


  Switches Wobble 

Price: 5,499.00
Sale: ₹ 4,879.00

2.​ Razer Viper Ultralight

razor viper ultimate Best Lightweight Gaming Mouse under 5000 in India

 Razer Viper Ultralight doesn’t comes with Honeycomb design like most of the Light weight mouses, Viper Ultralight being Traditional sized, ambidextrous mouse provides value for money in this section with Razers own Focus+ sensor that tracks movements with pinpoint accuracy. Viper ultralight sounds like a light mouse though it’s the heaviest mouse in our List.


✅  Weight: 120g
✅  Razer Focus+ Sensor
✅  127x66x38 mm
✅  Upto 16000 DPI
✅  Chroma RGB

✅  Rating: 4.6/5


❌  Weight is more than 100g

Price:  ₹ 5,269.00


endgame xm1 Best Lightweight Gaming Mouse under 5000 in India

 ENDGAME GEAR XM1, another Great Gaming mouse with Pixart 3389 sensor, Adopted by one of the best Competitive pros, Endgame is growing their field with better quality products. With super flexible Light weighted cable along with Light weighted Mouse shell creates a minimum difference in usability of Gamers. Gear XM1 probably not be available in India in 2020 or anytime soon, Still the amazon link is provided for more info.


✅  Weight: 70g
✅  PMW 3389 Sensor
✅  122x66x38 mm
✅  50 to 16,000 CPI
✅  Rating: 4.7/5


❌  Mouse shell is very thin

Sale: ₹ 5,899.00

4. Steelseries Rival

steelseries rival 310 Best Lightweight Gaming Mouse under 5000 in India

 Steelseries Rival is one of the best option to for if you’re a Professional FPS gamer. Rival series comes with a bunch of variations starting from 2000 upto mid-lakhs. Rival 310 comes with custom Truemove 3 16,000 CPI sensor with 1 to 1 tracking. Two-zone, multi-color Prism RGB illumination is also present on the mouse for a Gaming abstract look. Steelseries has made the mouse more ergonomic towards right handed users so that would be much more comfortable while playing games. Weighing only 99 Grams, the mouse includes itself in light Gaming mouse category thus being a Bang for buck Product in Mid budget section. You can get the mouse for about 4000 on sales available on Amazon.


✅  Weight: 99.79g
✅  1 to 1 Sensor
✅  Custom TrueMove3 

✅  127x70x42 mm
✅  12,000 CPI
✅  Ergonomic Design

✅  Rating: 4.5/5


❌  No Cons found 

Price: ₹ 5,990.00

5. CoolerMaster MM711

cooler master mm711 Best Lightweight Gaming Mouse under 5000 in India

 CoolerMaster MM711 evolved from the last MM710 have made some minor changes to make its way upto the top Gaming Mouses in this Range with Latest Pixart 3369 sensor and light Body of 62 grams providing honeycomb shell design. Giving a tough competition to Finalmouse series, CoolerMaster is continiously evolving with new sensor and technology to provide best quality Mouse to its users. While an RGB feature is extra from the last MM710, this one is slightly heavier though provides same performance with RGB features.


✅  Weight: 62g
✅  PMW 3389 Sensor
✅  116x64x38 mm
✅  Ergonomic Design
✅  16000 DPI
✅  RGB available
✅  Honeycomb Shell
✅  Rating: 4.6/5


❌  None found Till now

Price: ₹ 4,499.00 

 Discussed mouses over are some of the best FPS Mouses in the Mid Budget section, There are some more mouses like FINALMOUSE, though they’re Limited edition Mouses. So these mouses are light and comes with accurately tracking sensor, most of the them Pixart sensors. Honeycomb shell is one of the most used factors that decreases weight of mouse making itself much lighter. Glorious, CoolerMaster are some brands that have gone with Honeycomb shells. To say in short this was a Detailed quick info about the Best Lightweight Gaming Mouse under 5000 in India.

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