Best Gaming Mechanical keyboards under 2000 in India

• Updated November 16, 2020

 Mechanical Keyboards has always been the winner while competing with membrane and Embedded keyboards. Keyboards with mechanical switches are very much durable, Clicky, Responsive than most Membrane keyboards. Gamers and Typists all around the world prefer using Mechanical keyboards because of their Premium Switch and Typing experience. Here we’ve sorted Best Gaming Mechanical keyboards under 2000 in India.

 There are some companies with expensive gaming Keyboards that feels like mechanical though are Membrane with Mechanical Feel. If You’re looking for only mechanical Keyboards be aware of such Keyboards.

 Somehow many companies Produce Switches for these keyboards. Cherry MX is the most used among them though some chinese companies use mostly outemu Switches. Red, Brown, Blue, Silver, Black are some switch Examples. They differ in quality like clicky sounding, Responsiveness. One of the positive sides that these keyboards completely provides anti ghosting.

1. Ant eSports MK1000

ant esports keyboard

 Ant eSports MK1000 is one of the best Cheap priced TKS ( Ten Key Less ) Keyboard. It doesn’t have the Numpad, somehow it’s what makes it compact and Portable. The wired USB Mechanical Keyboard weighs around 820 gm. Every Outemu Blue switches deliver accurate, responsiveness via Keystrokes with a Lifespan of 50 Million times.

 Every row having a Specific Light, Programmed presets are defined to last longer than Usual, and can be controlled with FN key. Keycaps are made of high quality ABS plastics making the Keyboard water resistant along with Solid body. 


✅  Small, Compact, Portable
✅  Durable Finishing
✅  RGB Presents along with Blue Outemu Keys


❌  Not fully RGB
❌  All the Keys Wobble a bit

Price: 2,349.00
Sale:  ₹ 1983.00

2.​ Cosmic Byte CB-GK-02

cb gk 12 keyboard

 Cosmic Byte being a well known gaming Accessories company for Medium range Gamers, Has various wide range of Gaming Keyboards in the CB GK series.  Likely CB GK 02 is one of the most used keyboard among Gamers in India.

 The full sized keyboard with 104 keys, each having a Lifespan of 50 million Strokes Works just Fine being Blue & brown Outemu switch. CB GK 02 is mostly capable of leading the list of  Best Gaming Mechanical keyboards under 2000 in India.


✅  Full size 104 Key 
✅  Metal Brushed Front Plate
✅  Full RGB Feature


❌  Bends with Little Pressure
❌  Not much compact

Price: 2399.00
Sale: ₹ 1799.00

3. Mechanical Warrior

tag gamerz keyboard

 Tag Gamerz being a new brand in Gaming accessories Industry, Produces Quality material, and has gone far enough to Provide budget category High quality Accessories. The Mechanical Warrior from Tag Gamerz seems to be the Clone of Razor’s cheapest RGB gaming Keyboard. Consumes more space with the Handrest, Making the keyboard less portable. 

 Same blue Outemu Keys with RGB backlighting is available in the Keyboard. Anti ghosting has been enabled for best performance, though the response time is quite good for gaming as well as fast typing or programming. 


✅  Handrest Provided 
6 Zone Color Backlight



❌  Less portable


4. Foxin FMK-1002

foxin fxk

 Foxin FMK 1002 with a Ten Key less Keyboard model making its way clear to the Top Keyboard manufacturers. FMK 1002 with 3 modes of RGB light brightness and 3 modes of Light speed adjustment, Has specific Colors to Each Row. 

 Soft, Comfortable clicky keys are provided for Better typing experience and responsiveness. With Easy Usb plug to use keyboard Keyboard can be used without Installing any kind of drivers. Small size with around 925 gm of weight makes the keyboard Compact and Ideal for typists or Programmers.


 Specific Row RGB colour
✅  Injection moulded durable keycaps
✅  Sturdy & Ergonomic design


❌  Durable Backplate
❌  Keycaps quality not upto mark

Price: ₹ 1,940.00

5. Cosmic Byte Firefly

cosmic byte firefly keyboard

 Also known as Cosmic Byte CB GK 16, is one of the most popular gaming Keyboard with TKS build in our list around the Budget range of 2000. Bringing the same build type with lot more customization rather than Ant eSports Mk1000, the Firefly offers more durable finish with Brushed Metal Plate on its chassis. 18 preset configurations happens it to be the Most customizable RGB keyboard and makes it place to stand out among other competitors. 

 Mostly one can consider Firefly is one of the Best Gaming Mechanical keyboards under 2000 in India.


✅  Smaller in Size, Easy to Carry
✅  Metal Brushed front Plate
✅  Key lifespan upto 80 million strokes


❌  Switches don’t deliver Gaming Comfort
❌  Unavailable most of the time

Price: ₹ 2,089.00

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