Best Drones with camera in India under 10000

• Updated March 4, 2021

 Drones are beneficial while shooting Cinematic views, and they can capture high-quality Stable footage from unreachable situations. Being such an RC trend that every age loves to fly, Drones are capturing everyone’s attention apart from only Filming and shooting Videos. We’ve made a list of the Best Drones with camera in India that you can buy for under only Rs. 10,000.

Drone factors Quick Basic:

 While choosing Drones, one must take care of his needs for that drone, If you’re looking forward to shooting professional cinematography videos from drones, you must go with Higher variants rather than a budget section like 10k, except if it’s for entertainment purpose you can proceed with our list of Best Drones with camera in India. Let’s take a look at factors that decide the performance & Quality of a Drone.

 Camera Quality:  Some Drones are meant for Photography and Videography with High-resolution cameras. DJI is one of the companies bringing professional Drones for Cinematography.

 Battery Capacity:  With High-resolution cameras, Drone’s Battery has to last long in order to hover for a much longer time (Flying time) and Capture with FHD Cameras.

 Controls:  If a Drone is also capable of taking input from a Mobile device as well as RC Controller, the drone automatically stands out for its flexibility in Controlling Category.

13+ mins. of Flying time
Flying height: 15 m

 DJI Tello Nano Drone is one of the pioneers in making excellent world-class quality drones, a significant contributor in the drone industry. Notably, except Tello DJI has their Premium class Drones like Mavic, Phantom, Sparke, etc.

 With beginner-friendly controlling, it can shoot breathtaking Stable HD videos as well as the drone is VR headset compatible. A high-capacity battery is embedded in DJI Tello that offers impressively long flight times along with a flying range of up to 15m. Though the flying range is not much compared to others in the budget range, other features rocks Tello with their functionality.

 The high-quality image processor offers shooting High-quality images and Videos. If you’re a complete beginner you can record pro-level videos with EZ Shots & later share them via your Mobile. DJI Tello, no doubt is one of the Best Drones with camera in India.


✅  5 MP Camera
✅  720P recording
✅  13+ mins. of Flying time
✅  EIC available
✅  Intel Processor
✅  15 Meters range
✅  WiFi Connectivity
✅  Weight: 235 g
✅  Rating: 3.5/5


❌  Comparatively higher price

Price : ₹ 10,950.00

10 mins. of Flying time
Flying height: 30 m

 Amitasha Foldable Wi-Fi Camera Drone is one of the longest flight-time providing a Drone with a Flying time of around 30+ minutes or more on a single charge. 

 With RC controlling and Live mobile camera view, this foldable wifi Drone becomes much more compact and featured. Whereas flight range is mentioned 30m, we’ve seen 45-50m can be easily achieved without losing signal connection from host RC. HD quality images as well as videos can be recorded while viewing camera view live on mobile screen.

 The drone itself runs on a 2.4Ghz processor and a 6 axis gyro sensor can hold its altitude position on x-plane for a long time. As the battery capacity is 1000mAh, charging the battery takes almost 90 minutes.


✅  2 MP Camera
✅  720P recording
✅  10 mins. of Flying time
✅  Altitude hold
✅  App controllable
✅  Flight Tracking
✅  30-50 Meters range
✅  LED lights
✅  3 Mode Speed Control
✅  Weight: 800g
✅  Rating: 3.2/5


❌  Charging time is 90 Minutes

Price : ₹ 5,499.00

Should I spend on a Drone?

 If you’re a photographer, Cinematographer, or Vlogger who loves to shoot environment, You should definitely have one with you. Rather than being them, One can Buy drones as a hobby & for Entertainment purposes.

 While Buying drones is a hobby, the preferable amount to be spent on a drone should be likely limited to under 10000. That’s why we’ve brought you this comparison among Best Drones with camera in India under 10000.

 To know more about Drones check FAQs about Drones.

9-12 mins. of Flying time
Flying height: 50 m

 Kiditos Syma X56W-P is a compact, foldable, lightweight Drone that provides a unique Abstract Look on first impression. Syma X56W is totally filled with loads of features and customizability that really helps it to stand out among others.

 Waypoint can be set while you’re planning to send the drone to a certain location inside a range of 50m. RC remote as well as Mobile App can be used to control the Drone on the go. Altitude Hold Mode, Gravity Control, Optical Flow Mode, Headless Mode, Flight Plan, One key takeoff / Landing, 360 Stunt are some of the major key features of  Syma X56W.

6 Axis Gyro sensor keeps the drone stable while in the air, while the drone runs on a 2.4GHz system. An 850mAh Li-ion battery comes out of the box with the drone delivering a Flying time of 9-12 minutes, which takes around 120 minutes to charge itself. WiFi FPV Live Video can be acquired on the Mobile App along with the 720P Camera that can capture High-quality images and Videos. 


✅  720P recording
✅  9-12 mins. of Flying time
✅  Waypoint flight plan
✅  850mAh Battery
✅  50 Meters range
✅  RC/ App Connectivity
✅  Altitude Hold
✅  Weight: 299 g
✅  Rating: 3.5/5


❌  120 Minutes of Charging time

Price : 7062.11

8-10 mins. of Flying time
Flying height: 40-50 m​

 Chawla Agency Pioneer Foldable Drone comes with a robotic asthetic Look. A 1200mAh Li battery supplies a flying time of 8-10 mins. the drone can reach up to 40-50 meters of range coverage. 

 Having a Dual camera, Ultra Wide Angle Lens as well as Dual Lights & Powerful motors, Pioneer Drone becomes a self-compact and Best Budget camera from itself. Hand gesture selfie, Optical Flow, Headless Mode, Master Mode, Gesture Photography, Emergency Stop, Dual Flash Lights, App Control are some major features provided by the Drone.

 The 4-Axis Gyroscope sensor delivers a smooth run of the drone with stable footage from the Ultra HD Cameras. The Agency Pioneer drone with all the aspiring features makes it way to no. 3 in the list of Best Drones with camera in India under 10000′.


✅  Altitude Hold
✅  1200Mah Battery
✅  Dual Camera
✅  Ultra-Wide angle lens
✅  40 – 50 meters Range
✅  1200mAh Li-io Battery
✅  App Connectivity
✅  Weight: 650 g
✅  Rating: 3.9/5


only 8-10 min. flight time (1200mAh)

Price : ₹ 6,999.00

10-12 mins. of Flying time
Flying height: 40 m​

 Super Toy Wifi Camera drone is one of the ‘bang for buck’ Drones that comes way cheaper than most of the drones in the list of “Best Drones with camera in India”.

 Apart from pricing, talking of features, 30-40 Meters of Flying range provided in the Drone is one of the Highest range of budget category drones. 360 MAH of 3.7 Volt Lithium polymer battery which is capable of flying continuously for 10-12 minutes, as well as charging time is as minimum as 30 minutes. 6-Axis gyroscope sensor helps is to achieve a stable flight & 360° Flip Action stunt. 

 The camera provided on the drone is 2MP which can click quality videos and weighs 30g while the drone itself weighs 1 kg 290 g, comparatively heavier than others.


✅  2 MP Camera
✅  HD recording
✅  10-12 mins. of Flying time
✅  30-40 Meters range
✅  RC/ Mobile Connectivity

✅  Rating: 3.3/5


❌  Too heavy (Weight: 1 kg 290 g)

Price : ₹ 3,999.00


What is Flight Time of a Drone

Flight time is the time span in which a drone can Fly or hover on a single change. Mostly it depends on Battery, camera and others. Expensive drones tend to provide much longer flight time.

What is Range of a Drone

 The distance that a drone is capable of covering from it’s controller, Usually it can be measured both vertically and horizontally. Means the height it can go upto and the distance it can travel before losing it’s connection with host remote.

Are Cheap drones worth buying

 It’s quite obvious no-one would like to buy an expensive drone without knowing properly how to fly it. They’re used while learning as a beginner. Especially nowadays cheap drones are coming up with lots of features.

 Since September 2018, it has become legal to fly drones in India. Still at some areas, you need a permit to fly drone.


 Now as we’ve seen Best drones to buy under 10000 in India, I hope it’s clear that every drone has it’s own uniqueness.

 While DJI Tello offers quick response, some other provides far range of flying, another is providing long flying time, the other one having Good camera. As you have gone through the Total comparison it might be clear to you which one will be good for your need.

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