Best 360 degree cameras for Vlogging in India

• Updated March 17, 2021

 360 cameras are on the peek of a trend as it takes crazy videos as well as mind-blowing pictures. Let us first take care of some basic misunderstandings, whenever the term 360 Degree camera comes into action basically it means 360 camera that is used for Home security. We’re here to discuss about Best 360 degree cameras for Vlogging in India. So the camera has to portable, compact, easy to use & holdable while shooting.

Quick info About 360 Cameras:

 The 360 Cameras capture an interesting though complicated image but you can imagine it like a square image inside a sphere. Why not use any normal Action camera instead of expensive 360 Cameras?

 Imagine, while you’re vlogging on a tour, or maybe you’re recording yourself riding your bike, most of the time it might happen that the action camera changes its angle even with camera mount. In that case, you’ll miss out on your desired shot. Though 360 Camera produces shots that can be easily edited and get the best out of it in the post-production.

 To know more about Drones check FAQs about 360 cameras

Battery life: 80 min
Water resistant: 33ft

 Insta360 ONE X2 is one of the most recommended 360 cameras, that comes with a lot of unbeatable features. With the Insta360 App, footages taken from the camera can directly be edited on the user’s mobile. A long and easily holdable selfie stick also comes out of the box, which anonymously becomes invisible while shooting 360 Videos.

 Insta360 One X2 can record 5.7K resolution 360-degree videos while the Flowstate stabilization feature makes sure your Videos are smooth and stable. Up to 50Mb/s speed can be achieved while transferring from the 360Camera with cable and with wifi connectivity, it can transfer files with 5GHz High-Speed technology.

 Voice control, touch screen, timeshift, AI editing, 4Mic 360 Audio, invisible selfie stick, 10 meters of waterproof, flowstate stabilization are some of the major features of Insta360 ONE X2.


✅  Steady Mode
✅  Mobile APP config
✅  5.7K recording
✅  Round Touchscreen
✅  Voice Controlled
✅  10m of waterproofing
✅  6-axis gyroscope
✅  USB C charging
✅  Weight: 140 g
✅  Rating: 4.7/5


❌  No cons found

Price : ₹ 41,999.00

Battery life: 78 min
Water resistant: 16ft

 GoPro MAX action camera comes with 6K video shooting capability in 360 degrees. After the production of GoPro Fusion has discontinued, GoPro MAX can be called one of the most compact GoPro 360 Camera.

Traditional HERO-style video shooting capability comes out of the box as well as photos or immersive 360° footage. You can shoot panorama shots with ease by not scanning the horizon, 270° wide-angle shots can be taken via the lens.

With a smooth large touch screen, it’s easy to control the GoPro MAX on the go. The 360° Camera also supports up to 13 Voice commands out of the box including “GoPro, take a photo”. GoPro App lets you offload and edit your 360° footage easily.


✅  Touch Screen
✅  16ft. Water-resistant
✅  Spatial Audio
✅  5.6k 360° Video
✅  Voice Commands
✅  270° Pan Shots
✅  Six mics embedded
✅  GoPro app Editing
✅  Weight: 163g
✅  Rating: 4.4/5


❌  No major specs changed

Price : ₹ 43,990.00

Battery life: 65 min
Water resistant: 5m

 INSTA360 ONE R is capable of shooting High quality 360 Videos as well as Images and innovative shots. The camera itself can be customized at adjusted in several settings likewise buying the twin edition of Insta360 ONE R which comes with an extra lens.

The camera comes with IPX8 waterproofing which lets the camera surf underwater maximum of 5 meters. It shoots videos on 4k 60fps with the wide-angle lens, 3K at 100fps & 1080p with 200fps slow motion.

 Top features Insta360 ONE R owns, are: Outstanding Night scene mode in low light, Assembleable body with detachable parts, Flowstate super-strong anti-shake technology, Hyperlapse, Point tracking, voice control, slow-mo, Invisible selfie stick, etc.

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✅  Reassembleable Design
✅  Innovative modeling
✅  4K 60fps recording
✅  Point Tracking
✅  5.7K panoramic video
✅  IPX8 Waterproof (5m)
✅  Voice Controlling
✅  USB C charging
✅  Weight: 350 g
✅  Rating: 4.3/5


❌  Low light noise Grain issue

Price : ₹ 25,999.00

Battery life: 50 min
LCD Screen on top

 YI 360 VR Camera is one of the oldest 360 cameras which still competes with the top-notch ones even after 4 years of its release. When it comes to menu navigation, even being an old model camera, YI 360 provides an LCD Display with two physical buttons.

 Live streaming 360 Videos via YI 360 VR Camera is made easy on up to 4k resolution with the built-in 2.4GHz & 5GHz Wi-Fi. Electronic image stabilization (EIS) helps shooting stable pictures as well as videos.

 With dual 220° lenses each having an f/2.0 aperture, The YI 360 VR camera delivers a complete 360° coverage with sharp high-quality videos with zero blind spot.


✅  5.7k video
✅  4k Livestream
✅  External Power
✅  EIS Stabilization
✅  Dual Lens
✅  LCD Display on top
✅  Weight: 170g
✅  Rating: 3.6/5


❌  Battery life not up to mark
❌  Successors have appeared 

Price : ₹ 34,999.00

Battery life: 60 min
BLE Mode

 Ricoh Theta SC2 360° Camera is one of the best cameras for virtual tours for its body design, which is quite similar to Insta360 X2. The spherical camera on SC2 provides 360 view along with the 4 channel Omnidirectional mic. 

 Bluetooth low energy (BLE) connection technology lets the Camera be connected as in ‘Always on’ mode with a phone wirelessly. With dual lens, pre-set mode independently controls the AE and AWB for the front and rear camera.

 The Theta SC2 can shoot wider dynamic range images as well as photos even in low-light night scenarios. As face detection feature is also provided capturing portrait is far more easier than before. Theta+ is the dedicated app from theta for video editing purposes and finishing touch.


✅  Spherical Camera
✅  360° 4K Videos
✅  Omni-directional mic
✅  BLE connection
✅  High speed data trasfer
✅  Dedicated App
✅  Weight: 99.8 g
✅  Rating: 4.4/5


❌  Not great battery life

Price : ₹ 25,490.00


What is 360 Camera

 360 camera is a kind of capturing device having a omnidirectional view access, with a capability of shooting 360 degree videos and Photos. These are needed when a large visual area needs to be covered in a video.

Which 360 Camera is best for Virtual shots

 Previously it was used to be Theta SC2 holding the first place, until Insta360 X2 arrived in the Market. X2 is one of the best performing easy to use featured 360 camera.

Best 360 degree cameras for Vlogging in India

 Now you have gone through the article ‘Best 360 degree cameras for Vlogging in India’, I hope you have found out which one is according to your need and niche. Either you like Virtual shots/ Battery/ waterproofing/ customizability and all. 

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