Best 2TB External Hard disks in India

• Updated November 21, 2020

 Nowadays, Most of the Laptops and PC doesn’t have enough Storage,  Though PC can be upgraded with Internal HDD, Laptops are almost Impossible while it’s a case of Upgrading Storage. Having much more space is necessary as of Games, Movies, Documentaries, songs, Photographs consume storage. An External Hard disk is what you can carry anywhere you travel, it’s portable, Durable, compact and Has storage in it where you can store much of your data without having trouble. We’ve created a list of Best 2TB External Hard disks in India.

 2TB of storage is enough for a Standard PC user, as the HDD is portable is can be taken anywhere even can be connected with Mobile with OTG adapter. These Hard disks are specifically chosen on basis of their fast Performance is data transferring, Shielding Power and Shock proofing Durability, Portability, Size, Weight, Compactness & User rating and Reviews. So let’s take a look at the Best 2TB External Hard disks in India.

1. Western Digital WD 2TB

wd portable hard disk

 Western Digital WD has always been known as a renowned Company among World’s top Storage device producing companies. Password protection system along with 256-bit AES hardware encryption makes the Hard disk almost non data penetrable device. Automated Data Backup has also been provided via WD.


✅  Automated data Backup
✅  USB 3.0/2.0
✅  256 Bit Hardware encryption
✅  Password Protection
✅  Bandwidth – 122 MB/s
✅  Number of Ports – 1


❌  Struggles in Data Transferring Speed 

Price: 5,539.00 

2.​ Seagate Backup Plus Slim

seagate portable hard disk

 Seagate Backup Plus Making its way to the second number of the List. The Hard drive itself it made of Brushed steel body with a Durable Finish. 9 color variants and 4 Types of Storage variants along with Outer body variants are also present. USB 3.0 is present to ensure faster Data Transferring speed and Automated/one click backup is also provided for Better User experience. 


✅  USB 3.0/2.0 
✅  Durable Metallic Plate
✅  Compact and Portable
✅  Bandwidth – 137 MB/s
✅  Number of Ports – 1


❌  Not fully Metallic Body
❌  No Shock resistance
❌  Password Protection Missing

Price: 5,099.00 

3. Lenovo Portable F510

lenovo portable hard disk

 Unlike other HDD, Lenovo F510 Portable has provided a Cool design in their Hard Disk. It’s a shock proof with it’s Soft rubber casing. Data transferring speed of the HDD is 10x faster than usual 2.0 cables. Ultra slim and Safe storage with Blazing fast data transferring speed makes user feels like SSD. It can be easily synced with other Devices for Ease of data transferring.


✅  USB 3.0/2.0
✅  Lightweight & Compact

✅  Shockproof soft Rubber
✅  Bandwidth – 113Mb/s
✅  Number of Ports – 1



❌  Loose socket connection
❌  Automatic Backup Missing

Price: ₹ 5,549.00

4. Transcend StoreJet

transcend portable hard disk

 Transcend StoreJet Delivers data with 3.0 USB output, thus Results Data Transferring with High Speed. The Defense Grade Advanced three-stage shock protection system Ensures Hard disk protected. One touch auto Backup button is also Provided for quick encryption. The hard drive can be safely re-enabled after its removed, without unplugging and reinsertion.


✅  SuperSpeed USB 3.1
Military-grade shock resistance
✅  Auto-backup button
✅  Bandwidth – 368Mb/s
✅  Number of Ports – 1


❌  Easily Gets scratched 

Price: ₹ 6,383.00

5. ADATA HD650

adata portable hard disk

 Adata produces one of the most shielded Accessories as well as featured. Introducing Adata HD650, Heavily Armoured, Fully shock proof. Advance tripe layer built body with combination of dual silicon layer makes this Hard Disk almost Impenetrable by usual Objects or Hard Surface. The SuperSpeed USB 3.2 provides data Transferring speed 70% faster than usual USB 2.0


✅  Heavily armoured
✅  SuperSpeed USB 3.2
✅  Shock resistant, Dual Silicone layer
✅  AES 256-bit encryption
✅  Bandwidth – 85-110Mb/s
✅  Number of ports – 1


❌  Much Heavier than others
❌  Automated Backup unavailable

Price: ₹ 5,929.00

 These are some mostly Used and Best 2TB External Hard disks in India, that are currently available on market & as well as Amazon. If you think we missed something You can let us know, we’ll try to add that in our list. I hope You like this article, See you in the next one.

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