Best 144hz Gaming Monitors under 15000 in India

• Updated January 3, 2021

 Buying a Perfect Monitor for specific tasks include a lot of research and lot of compromises while putting a type on top of another. Things Like Panel Type, Response time, Refresh rate, Port type, Resolution, Syncing etc all these do matter. While Gaming we need faster response time and Higher refresh Rate, though while for editing you need Higher resolution and Good panel quality Like IPS. Here we’ll be discussing about Best 144hz Gaming Monitors under 15000 in India.

How Refresh rate & Response Time Matters?

 The lower the response time is better for Gaming purposes. The higher the Refresh rate equivalent to Smoothness in you Gameplay. While using TN panels for Higher refresh Rate, you get lower response time like 1ms. Though with same configuration IPS provides 5ms response time on an average.

Types of Monitor Panel

 IPS, TN, VA panels are the three types of monitor panels widely used. Every type on Panel has it’s own advantages along with cons.

 IPS Panels comes with close to real colors with no color distortion with viewing angles. IPS Panels are best for Video editors. Wheres TN Panels have color distortion properties with viewing angles, though it has lower response time. TN Panel is mostly can be used for Competitive Gaming.

G-Sync or FreeSync?

 Firstly, things to consider with these two terms are, G-Sync is for NVIDIA Graphics Cards, and FreeSync is for AMD cards. Both of the syncing technologies are made for Smooth output of Display and for Prevention of Screen Tearing. Technically comparing between these two G-sync is the clear winner, Though while buying monitors syncing shouldn’t be your first Priority.

1. Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor

samsung curved 144hz Best 144hz Gaming Monitors under 15000 in India

 Samsung’s Curved Monitor with 144Hz Refresh rate has Grabbed so many attentions in recent year, making a enormous amount of stock sales, this monitor has become one of the most bang for buck Monitors available in India. 1800R curvature with extra viewing angle makes the monitor more realistic. AMD freeSync Technology has been provided to prevent screen tearing, of course that needs an AMD graphics card, other than that Samsung has done a great work designing such a Monitor.


✅  1800R Curved monitor
✅  144Hz
✅  AMD FreeSync
✅  1080P 24″ Display
✅  Rating: 3.9/5


❌  VA Panel ghosting 
❌  4MS response time

Price:  ₹ 14,999.00

2.​ Acer 144Hz Curved Monitor

acer 144HZ monitor Best 144hz Gaming Monitors under 15000 in India

 In the category of 144Hz monitors under 15-30k series, Acer’s is totally over every other companies. With it’s curved varient, Acer has accumulated many Gamers towards this budget range monitor with all the premium features. Acer 144Hz curved monitor is a proper example of Gaming monitor that has almost all Features of a premium gaming monitor at just a price range of 12,000.


✅  144Hz
✅  EyeCare Mode
✅  1800R Curvature

✅  AMD FreeSync
✅  FHD 1080p 23.6″ Display
✅  178 Degrees Viewing angle
✅  250 Nits Brightness
✅  Rating: 5/5


❌  4MS response time

Price:  ₹ 11,999.00

3. LG Ultragear 24GL650F

lg Ultragear 144hz monitor Best 144hz Gaming Monitors under 15000 in India

 Unlike other companies, LG’s been in this industry for probably the longest time. The 24 inch LG Ultragear monitor comes with 1MS of response time with a 170 Degrees of viewing angle. we get to see Radeon Free-syncing in the monitor. Brightness is also comparatively high (300 nits). Mostly to say as the monitor is of TN panel, It’s not suitable for Video editing purposes because of color distortion and Bad viewing angles. Though 144Hz with 1MS of response time will provide Best Gaming performance in this Budget section.


✅  144Hz
✅  1MS Response time
✅  170 Degrees Viewing angle
✅  4 Types of Port

✅  Radeon FreeSync
✅  FHD 24″ Display
✅  300 Nits Brightness
✅  Rating: 4.3/5



❌  Color Distortion from Sides
❌  Bezels are much thick

Price: ₹ 12,999.00

4. Acer Nitro IPS 144Hz

acer nitro ips Best 144hz Gaming Monitors under 15000 in India

 Acer nitro is one of the renowned series in among Gamers. Acer Nitro IPS monitor comes with 1MS response time with AMD Radeon Sync technology. Zero Frame Design screen makes the Monitor look insanely Great. HDR 10 ready display & dual HDMI ports make the monitor benificial to this tight budget. This monitor from Acer is one of the Best 144hz Gaming Monitors under 15000 in India.


✅  144Hz
✅  1MS Response time
✅  IPS Display
✅  AMD Radeon SYNC
✅  FHD 23.8″ Display
✅  250 Nits Brightness
✅  Rating: 4.1/5


❌  No cons found till now

Price: ₹ 14,999.00

5. BenQ Zowie XL2411P

benq zowek monitor 144hz Best 144hz Gaming Monitors under 15000 in India

 BenQ is the mostly used Monitor for eSports Industry, Championships for it’s world class performance. Low blue light and flicker free technology, Black eQualizer are some key features of BenQ Zowie XL2411P. All over the world BenQ has received fame for its faster Refresh rated screens and Quality along with durability. As the monitor is specially designed for Gaming purposes Extra bezels has been provided to avoid visual distraction of user. NVidia 3D vision ready drivers also comes prebuilt with the monitor.


✅  144Hz Refresh Rate
✅  1MS Response time
✅  Black eQualizer technology
✅  FHD 24″ Display
✅  Mostly used by eSports Players
✅  Rating: 4.4/5


❌  Bezels are thicker

Price: ₹ 16,889.00
Sale: ₹ 15,459.00

 These are some Best 144hz Gaming Monitors under 15000 in India. New industry is merging around Higher Refresh rate Panels  because, 144Hz provides smooth Gameplay thus helping you increase your intake performance. We’ve tried to make a list in the Budget category, though BenQ is not properly under 15k, we’ve included that for sale purposes and BenQ is well known company among professional eSports players.

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