AMOLED vs PMOLED Display Comparison & Difference

‚ÄĘ Updated August 6, 2020

AMOLED vs PMOLED Comparison

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Displays are super useful and Energy saving while considerd in long term. Though there are LED’s like OLED, QLED, AMOLED, SUPER AMOLED, DYNAMIC AMOLED, FLUID AMOLED, PMOLED, SAMOLED, POLED¬†Displays available, we’ll be discussing about only AMOLED vs PMOLED which one is better in Terms of Energy, Efficiency, Quality & Life time.

One thing to keep in mind that why this Discussion is Taking Place?

   As we have seen earlier, some Smart watches still use the PMOLED Display, likely Galaxy Fit E, Instead Smart watches like Mi Band 4 uses AMOLED Display in itself.

Why OLED over other Displays?

¬† ¬†It’s obvious that OLED is more Energy Efficient than Other Displays like LCD IPS, TFT, TN Panel outputs. What makes OLED ( Organic Light Emitting Diode ) stand out among other competetors?

   OLED is capable of producing best quality display on your output device. It has an extra pixel, made of a material that Glows when Receives a minimum amount of electricity, with organic Contrast and better resolution as compared to others.

why oled over other displays

   This Photo Will be shown far different in other types of Displays in constant condition. In same Brightness level and same environment, OLED will show it more sharper and Brighter than Classic LCD Displays.

¬† ¬†As the electroluminescent materials used in OLED Displays is Organic Compound, it includes carbon in it’s Molecule. Most necessarily each color that needs to be shown up requires different organic compounds, Which makes it more costlier than usual.

¬† ¬†Interestingly OLED can produce extreme dark black in it’s On display state & that’s incomparable to Display’s offline state.

¬† ¬†Let’s Compare what are the key points to be considered while choosing between AMOLED & PMOLED.


¬†The difference of driving electronices Determines whether it’s PMOLED or AMOLED,

AMOLED – Active Matrix Oraganic Light Emitting Diode

   Providing the sharpest contrast, AMOLED is driven by TFT which contains storage capacitor by which Pixel state gets maintained. An Amoled is 100% on or 100% off in any fraction of time. 

   AMOLED is more expensive than PMOLED and Samsung and LG Display are the major companies that dominates the market with a big margin.

Amoled screen

PMOLED – Passive Matrix Oraganic Light Emitting Diode

¬† ¬†A Display that’s quite comparatively easy and Cheap to fabricate with some major and minor cons in it’s manufacturing and Efficiency. Has a lower lifetime than AMOLED, not Energy efficient, restriction in sizes, That also Forces to use more voltage.¬†

   Not used in usual gadgets, instead PMOLED is used in Remotes, Watchs, Music players, Old model cars etc.

   Price is comparatively low than AMOLED.

pmoled display

   It can be concluded that

  • For Energy efficiency AMOLED is the one
  • For Pricing It’s PMOLED
  • For Lifetime AMOLED is a clear winner
  • Free sizing and Attractiveness AMOLED leads the race.


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