8 Secret Ways to Increase Android Speed

• Updated June 20, 2020

You’ve been probably wondering why your Smartphone is getting slower day by day. That’s because you were not up to the mark and weren’t updated about these little mighty mistakes you’ve doing with your Smartphone everyday leading it to be more slow.

Now coming to the ways how we can improve our phone to work and process faster, nowadays Smartphones are extremely fast with their super-fast Processors, RAM, UFS Storage, Fast processable Antennas.

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  • CLEAR CACHE:   What we don’t take care of at our first place that we don’t remove the junk that isn’t of our work at all, all the junks make your phone to work slow, response slow.This junk files contain deleted data of apps, temporary log files, login data, cache files, unused files, not only they just fill up your space, they just horrify the phone speed. Most of the phones nowadays have System manager, just cleaning the cache would do a great work.
  • TURN ON DATA SAVER:   If you want to make your Smartphone work faster, Turn the data saver on, yes it will work, let’s know how it works. Whenever you turn that on unnecessary apps that’s been using your data in the background decreasing your cache memory power, they won’t receive data resulting closing of them, making your Smartphone to work more faster.
  • CLEAN TASKBAR:    Always try to keeps your recent app section clean, If there is a lot bunch of apps, your Smartphone would be processing them in background without letting you know that your processor is wasting power on them. To not to face speed loss that’s a necessary step you should be taking care of.
  • OVERCLOCK:    Now here comes a point PC users might’ve been aware of “Overclocking”, what is Overclocking, OC As known as ‘Overclocking’ is just to increase your processor to it’s full power, for PC there is something called bottlenecking, Overclocking on PC is kind of risky because of integrity function, but in Smartphone with prefix processor can be easily overclocked, It also have a nickname android user might be aware of “Root”.
  • UPDATE SYSTEM:    Updating your phone would do a enormously great job, Making your phone significantly fast, Whenever developers process a update, user receives the update, that’s for making your phone more fast and optimized with features to work more smoothly, Not only about updating to latest Android update, keeping your phone updated in every section would make your phone more optimized to work and perform more fast.
  • FLASH CUSTOM ROM:    If you are a new user to Smartphone or an old user without techy sides of Smartphones then you might not know this but you can flash your phone, flashing your phones is kind of risky if you don’t do this in the perfect way, by flashing you can install custom ROM that’s more optimized to specific tasks, maybe you like gaming you can install an OS that’s specifically run games more smoothly and faster than your default OS.
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  • UNINSTALL FAKE APPS:    Don’t ever think of downloading any Battery saver app, cleaner app, or antivirus apps. One thing you should be clear of mind, Smartphone is based on Linux system, so it’s fully optimized to work on its own condition, it can’t be hacked until you screw your mind, and those battery saver apps just decrease your battery life making your phone slower than normal.
  • USING PHONE SETTINGS:    If you’re still not happy with your performance then this will definitely make your phone super fast, Just go to About phone, tap on the kernel version option several times, it would unlock the Developer option. Then look for “Animation scale” make it ‘0.5’, same to ‘window animation scale’ and the other. With that, you just made your phone super fast responsive. If you do gaming on your phone just look for “Force 4XMSAA”, Enable that option, enabling it can consume a little much battery but it renders and optimizes your game smoothly
  • Note: You must be taking care of Overclocking processor & Flashing OS, these things should be performed with care and proper tutorial guidelines. Don’t forget to remove Chinese Apps from your phone. 
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