6 Best Ways to make money from Home

• Updated August 13, 2021

With this Covid situation spreading outside, and no more extra pocket money, we thought it would be worth sharing a Tutorial about 10 Ways to make money from Home.

Apart from that, in order to hunt, research & review new technology, one must have some extra Income source to invest in Gadgets. So, let’s start with the article ‘6 Ways to make money from Home.’

Ways to make money from Home 6 Best Ways to make money from Home

We had previously created a tutorial about Making money from home, which you probably had gone through. So this time we’ll be including more information and other new methods to stand out and help your journey of making money easy.

Affiliate Marketing:

One of the most efficient ways of earning a huge amount of Passive income is Affiliate Marketing. As per studies, a surprising fact that you must know, in most cases, Bloggers do not intend to pursue Affiliate marketing as their major source of income though, at a point for an average YouTuber’s / Blogger’s more than 97% of earning is made by Affiliation.

How it’s done:

If you haven’t heard of the term ‘Affiliate’ before, let me get this to you easily. Let’s suppose, a random person owns a huge business, though the business is proficient enough, they aren’t able to reach their goals of creating a brand and making the reach to potential users.

Thus they decide to hire some individuals who do have the authority to promote their business. Someone signs up for the term of promoting that specific brand, being called as an Affiliate for the Brand.

How to do Affiliate marketing

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It’s very obvious that the majority of affiliates won’t be having leads or reach more than an individual company, so the payout system would be based on the number of sales.

If an affiliate can get 50 sales for a company, and if he’s getting paid $40 per sale, That’s his income of $2000 on a hit. Now the payout system differs based on each company, I’ve seen companies paying $200 per sale as well as brands paying $5 per sale.

You got to decide whom you’re willing to work with and whom you can help generate some sales for.

We’ve always been including Affiliate Marketing as a major source of making money from home, and everyone out there on the internet, even someone with a piece of basic knowledge of the online world would recommend pursuing Affiliate Marketing

So, Affiliate Marketing is considered to be one of the easiest and proficient ways to make money from home.


If you cannot produce products on your own, you can sell someone else’s product at reasonable pricing with a profit margin. Simply by outsourcing a product, you’re reselling it and generating a great revenue source.

How Dropshipping works:

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where you don’t need to manage stocks, The manufacturer/ retailer will directly send Products to the customer who has ordered from your store.

Here, you or your store is just working as a medium & you don’t even need to manage the product that’s been ordered from your store or website. You can learn more about Dropshipping and the backbone strategies behind it.

what is dropshipping

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There are ways to Dropship via Facebook pages or even indirect methods like Whatsapp business, though the most efficient, formal, and highly profitable way is to set up your own eCommerce store which acts as a dropping website.

Well, if you aren’t aware of how to create a website and start Dropshipping, you can follow this tutorial to get a complete idea of How to start a website. It does not take any investments to start Dropshipping except setting up an eCommerce Website.

As eCommerce is becoming one of the strongest mediums among entrepreneurs, we assume Dropshipping is one of the best ways to make money from home.

Content Writing

If you’re fluent enough in English, the skill can be optimized in such a way for good, it can bring some passive income flows on your behalf.

Content Writing is a process of generating text-based content, which includes the process of researching, planning, writing, and editing. Initially, it was capped to Journals, poetry, stories, theories, and philosophies, and Books though nowadays, it’s also been taken into account for digital marketing purposes.

You can do freelancing via writing content or writing for yourself. Most of the content writing job pays a decent amount of money based on the number of words included in an article. In India, a good paycheck for content writing would be ₹0.70 – ₹ 1.50 per word as an intermediate-level author/ writer. As you gain experience, you can offer a higher rate for writing.

It’s very obvious that if your client is from overseas you’ll be having a higher rate depending on the client, let’s say for a 2000 words article you’ll be charging $50 or more.

Start a Blog

As we discussed what is content writing is and how much potential it does have in order to generate a passive income, you can write for your own good too.

You can start an online blog. basically, that allows you to write something and publish it over the internet on your own website.

Whenever someone searches for something on Google, many websites show up to the visitor as result, they tend to visit them in order to find the answer they’ve been looking for. Thus writers get by someone who’s willing to view content written by them.

Now there are numerous ways to earn money from a blog that’s published on the web, it’s not possible to explain it all in just one article. If you’re eager to know what are the methods from which you can generate a fat amount of money, follow along with our tutorial given below.

If you have literally no idea that how a blog is created and how you can write and publish your own content over there, simply follow this Guide: How to Start a Moneymaking Blog.

Investing / Trading:

Though Investing and Trading both belong to the same category, they have a vast difference in their basic principles.


It’s really necessary that one should be aware of the basic concepts of Investing before starting out. No matter you’re investing in the Stock Market or in Cryptocurrencies, as long as you’re on the safe side, you’re good to go.

The basic concept of Investing relies on how one can utilize the excess money that’s not being actively used. Imagine you have 50,000 Rupees, and you are willing to create a partnership with your friend’s startup by providing him the amount.

Now in a few years, if you’re confident enough about your friend’s business idea, and if he does succeed, you’ll earn a profit percentage. Thus your ₹50,000 has now turned into 150,000, providing you a return of 200%.

By this theory, the Stock Market lets you Invest in any Publically Listed company though you need to be sure enough before you do so. Screener tools as well as multiple tools can be taken into account for deep research of a company.

start investing in stock market as a beginner

Now, to make things more clear, Investing and Trading are far different based on their basic implementation. Investing is done for a long-term return, while trading is executed within a day or Intraday.

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Investing Platform:

If you’re willing to invest in Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency, Binance is the best platform you’ll ever come across.

For Indian as well as US Stock Market Investments, we personally like using ‘Groww‘, It’s easy to use, Intuitive, full of the Latest Features along Analyzing capability where you can do more than enough digging of information related to any IPO/ Company.

As soon as you create an account on Groww App, you can avail of a ₹100 Signup bonus upon creation of a Demat Account.


Graphics designing is an on-demand skill these days and many startup companies are acquiring intermediate-level Designers on board. Graphics is something that makes content more lively, thus every kind of content creators must be aware of at least basic Graphics design concepts.

It’s a craft where professionals create visual & textual content, based on images or Videos to communicate and spread messages. The Graphics can be in Illustrations or Digital arts, totally depends on your area of expertise.

Software to use:

If you’re wondering which software you should use as a beginner, We would love to recommend Canva. It’s a complete beginner-friendly free Tool, with an Android App as well as a Website platform, they have thousands of templates for numerous purposes of Graphics designs.

You can grab new Ideas for your designs or even you can start off by editing pre-made templates on the go with Canva.

If you’re experienced enough and aware of the basics of photo editing, you can use Mobile Applications like PicsArt as an alternative to Computer Photoshop.


Whatever we’ve discussed till now can be done on your own, though there is a concept of freelancing where you will be working on your own but on your client’s projects.

Freelancing is not that cruel as it sounds. It’s a logic where you help a person in their own work, in exchange you charge an amount of money. Of course, the work has to be done according to the person who’s paying a freelancer.

It is more likely a temporary job where you get to choose your work or project, whether it’s beneficial for you or is it time-consuming, & based on other facts of yours.

Possessing a certain skill is all you need to get started as a freelancer, though you have to be proficient as well as efficient at your skill groups in order to gain more profit out of it. Freelancing can be done with any kind of skills that can be outsourced, like-

  • Content Writing
  • Video Editing
  • Graphics Designing
  • Software Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Animation
  • Photography
  • App Development
  • Accounting
  • Web Development
  • Virtual Assistant
  • UI / UX Designer

Literally, any skill you can think of can be outsourced as freelancing. Well, it’s been seen that some freelancers even leave their Full-time job to pursue Freelancing as their main career.

It’s not recommended at all to leave your job if you are not so sure that if you have certain efficient skills in a field or communication capability to positively influence potential customers.

So, we have seen how much potential Freelancing does offer. Thus Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money from home.

Where to start:

what is fiverr

There are numerous websites on the web where you can start your freelancing journey. Fiverr is a great platform to start your freelancing journey for totally free. I must mention, Fiverr was the first platform from where I earned a pretty good amount that helped me convince my parents to let me work online.


To sum up all this, I would say that it’s never too late to start making money from the web. There are and there will always be numerous ways to make money from home via the internet. You need to recognize and implement what works the best for you.

This was a tutorial with 6 Best ways to make money from home, we haven’t included so many methods yet, for which I’ve decided to create another separate Article about “Ways to make money from Home” – Part 2.

So this was it for this article, see you soon.

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