5G Technology in India | Problems and explanations

• Updated June 19, 2021

5G Technology means the 5th generation broadband technology on cellular networks. Many telecoms in India are giving hope for 5G to be rolled out within 2021-22. From the 5G tried we understood how different it is from the previous generations.

The Indian government has already announced about 5G. Still, there are so many rumors about it that we would like to discuss. So, Let’s take of Look at 5G’s problems and their explanation.

5G Technology explained

Difference from other generation

As 5G turns out to be a later generation in Networks, thus the connectivity is of very high Speed. Nowadays as will learn and work online in a socially distanced world so higher internet speed is very needful and imperative for smooth interaction.

According to experts, another upper hand of 5G is that it gives a better experience at handling simultaneous connections. Speaking of Internet speed test, 5G Technology is up to 100 times faster than 4G & It provides almost 10 gigabits per second of Speed.

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Status of 5G rollout in India

It and telecom minister of India, Ravi Shankar Prasad has issued a statement in June 2019 that 5G spectrum action would run in the same year. He also announced a hundred days deadline to begin 5 trials.

All the big telecom in India like- Reliance JIO, Vodafone Idea, Bharti Airtel have been wishing the government to clarify a clear roadmap for the spectrum’s action for 5G airwaves. Meanwhile, Bhartiya Tel and Reliance JIO have started the trial for rolling out 5G in the existing network in the infrastructure.

Challenge for rumors of 5G in India

5G will be making a grand entry in India within 2022. But people from all around South Asia, have even signed petitions against 5G Technology appealing that it might cause harm to Birds or even Humans. It is being said that there are a lot of problems due to 5G. Even a majority of them believe that 5G will cause problems in the future generation.

5g facts 5G Technology in India | Problems and explanations

Let us now take a look at the facts and analyze if really 5G Technology is causing troubles to mankind or the Claims are just wrong assumptions-

Fact 1 :

In 2018, Hundreds of birds died in Netherland. At this time many people blamed the new 5G Technology for this incident. A majority portion of Social Media users were passing statements that those birds had died just because of 5G.

But as far it was analyzed, at that time there was nothing related to a proper 5G network. Still, this was being told that the birds were killed by the mobile radiation.

Last year, based on this plot a movie was made in India name ‘Robot 2.0’. The main topic of this movie was that many birds were being killed by the radiation of the baseband device. Indian media assumed the movie was related to the real incident in the Netherland.

But when the Government of the Netherland investigated the viral claim, they found that the birds were poisoned because those dead birds had eaten poisonous berries. Therefore they were dying anonymously. The fact was that the killing of birds was not done by the radiation.

Fact 2 :

The conflict did not end here, 2019 was about to end, in the midst of the Covid pandemic, the dissension took place again. As Many people were passing away, It was also to be believed that due to radiation of 5G the Covid-19 was spreading autonomously.

Afterward, WHO confessed with a video that the virus does not spread due to radiation waves or any other device’s radiation. Rather it spreads through droplets. Thus people were requested to wear masks and sanitize their hands with proper precautions. So this turned out to be nothing but a Fake Claim.

Fact 3 :

5G has not yet arrived in India though protest against the 5G Technology has already started. When 5G was being applied in foreign countries, Mob started to protest because they had limited information about 5G Networking. It was being said, that the rays can harm human skins. But when we talk about the 5G band, it Generates frequency between 3kHz to 300kHz length which is not even close in a manner to not to harm the human body.

Lack of adequate spectrum

The DOT notified the board that in the middle band (3300-3600MHz), about 25 MHz is used by the India Space Research Organization (ISRO) and the ministry of defence has asked the sector of Telecommunication to assign 3,300 -3400 MHz to them. This refers that only 175 MHz is available for sellers which may not be enough for them to offer services.

Probable Cost of 5G

A report was submitted by COA (Cellular Operators Association of India) where the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) allocated a spectrum of 3.3 to 3.6 GHz for 5G.

TRAI proposed around INR 495 crore per MHz of spectrum in the 3,300-3,600MHz bands so far which are considered to be ideal for 5G telecom services.

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