5 Ways to Recover Deleted Data from PC

‚ÄĘ Updated July 26, 2020

5 ways to Recover Deleted Data from PC

¬†Importance of Data is known to every single person. Suppose your Personal Files got deleted and you want them Back. In this Article we’ll learn about 5 ways to recover deleted data from PC.

¬†There are several Process to backup data online in 2020. Still it’s impossible to backup whole PC online until you’re server owner. Let’s learn How to get back deleted data step by step.

Topics Covered:

  • Checking Recycle Bin¬†
  • Use Recuva
  • Using CMD
  • Use Disk Drill
  • TestDisk Data Recovery Tool
1. Check Recycle Bin First

It’s very obvious & has happened to me so many times while I look for deleted files. After Looking for recovery software, I find the deleted files most of the times in my Recycle Bin, Just because they weren’t Completely deleted.¬†

¬†So you should at first place check your Recycle Bin, After confirming files aren’t present there proceed to next Ways.

2. Use Recuva Data Recovary Tool

Recuva is a Great tool for recovering Deleted data,

¬†Recuva is probably the most used and most powerful software to recover data for free. Though it’s paid there are some features to¬† Recover your Deleted Data.

   Download Recuva Free Version.

recuva software data recovary
Recuva Tool
3. Using CMD

There’s a certain command for this CMD trick. Whenever there’s something missing from your drive just open up Your Command Prompt Panel & Paste the Given code. Don’t forget to Change the ‘X’ with the Drive name.¬†

¬†The Code is¬†“ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D X:*.*” and hit Enter. Again, replace “X” with the letter of your hard drive.

cmd data backup code
4. Use Disk Drill

Disk Drill can be used to recover data that’s been deleted recently,

¬†Though it’s paid, it has a free limit of 500 MB data recovery transfer and for important data 500 MB is probably more than enough.

   Get Disk Drill Here

Disk Drill 3 icon 512 5 Ways to Recover Deleted Data from PC
DIsk Drill
5. TestDisk Data Recovery Tool

Test Disk is both Powerful and free data recovery software. It’s designed to help data partitions and make non-bootable disks bootable again.

 TestDisk can Recover partition, Join Disk partitions, fix FAT Tables, Rebuild NTFS Boot sector.

   Get TestDisk Here

testdisk recovery software

These are some Great Ways To Recover Deleted Data from Deleted Data. 

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