5 best Wireless Earbuds under 4000 in India

• Updated April 18, 2021
5 best Wireless Earbuds under 4000 in India

 True Wireless Stereo or TWS Buds let you seamlessly connect your phone via bluetooth and Enjoy audio with ease. In this article, we’ll be comparing the 5 best Wireless Earbuds under 4000. This will be a complete guide if you’re planning to buy Wireless Earbuds or TWS.

Wireless Buds vs Wired

 We’ve seen many technologies evolving with time, Earphones are one of such. Previously they were all wired then we’ve got Neckbands, Mini wired, Over the head, and now TWS Wireless Earbuds. 

Now take a look at how Wireless Earbuds are leading to provide you a great quality audio listening experience over wired and other types of Earphones.

Neckbands:  Neckbands have mostly embedded Earphones with a Wire over the neck containing a Battery and Bluetooth system. These are the Best Neckbands under 2000.

 Over the Head:  Mostly used for Gaming and Recording purposes, Over head Headphones delivers realistic Audio though it feels heavy in long run. These are Top 5 Headphones under 2000.


 JBL’s been always one of the ranking companies in the Speakers, Headphone industry. The C115 from JBL comes with precise Technology and Long experience in the industry, thus JBL is able to afford crystal clear Audio as well calls on their Earbuds.

The 5.8mm drivers offer pristine sound quality, with a quick battery backup of 1 hour with a 15mins of charge. Apart from this, These buds provide 6 Hours of Playback time and the case holds 21 hours of Playback charge.

 The latest Bluetooth 5.0 chipset makes sure the Earbud gets connected in a second with almost no Latency in playback.

Voice assistant features are included to ease out call receiving, Calls can be received/ended with mobile and as well as voice assistant.


✅  Crystal clear calls
✅  3 available sizes
✅  Dual Connect
✅  21 hours battery life (Case)
✅  Insta Connect
✅  USB-C cable
✅  Weight: 73 g
✅  Rating: 3.6/5


❌  5.8mm Driver (Low boost)

Price : ₹ 4,499.00


 Wings Phantom Gaming Bud is one of the kind with its abstract Gaming Look and Razor type RGB Case light as well as Earbuds. A Gaming Buds is all about its lag-free low latency performance, and this Wings phantom has it all along with gaming mode.

 Wings phantom can be considered as one of the best Wireless Earbuds under 4000 in Gaming a Stylish looking category. With Bluetooth 5.0 this Gaming bud is only hitting 65ms of latency which is incredibly fast, the earbud is featuring Mems Mic including 3 holes to provide clear voice input.

 The Earbuds possess 12mm drivers, fully coated with Titanium to provide HD Bass sound, As well as the large Drivers, deliver strong sound. Each earbud are containing touchpads with which Songs and calls be controlled as well as volume adjustments can be done.

 An extra feature this earbud is having where it can hold a Mobile phone while watching videos or else. The earbud comes with a one-year Door to door replacement warranty.


✅  LED Power indicators
✅  Bigger Titanium coated Drivers
✅  Gaming Mode
✅  Mems Mic
✅  20 hours battery life
✅  1-year replacement warranty
✅  USB-C cable
✅  Weight: 200 g
✅  Rating: 4.1/5


❌  No cons found till now

Price : ₹ 2,499.00

Do Earbuds run out of Battery often?

 One of the Most asked questions about TWS Earbuds is that if they run out of Battery and How much time it takes to discharge. It depends on what Earbuds are you going for. Obviously, under 4000 Buds can’t be compared with Apple’s Airpods.

 Still, The Earbuds come with very long battery life, and most of them contain battery charging features while containing in the Carrying case.

 To know more about Earbuds check FAQs about Earbuds


 OPPO ENCO W31 Wireless is being really inspiring in the truly wireless earphones section, with an affordable price range and a wide variety of Products. Oppo has launched two color variants of Enco W31 with a price gap of 200 INR.

 These Enco w31 looks a great fit and also provides a smooth audio experince, It gets connected with Alexa as well as Google assistant which makes the Earbud more functional.

With its smart Wearing detection mode, Earbuds automatically gets disconnected while it has been taken off from ear & Disconnects when put back in the case. Oppo ENCO w31 is  IP54 certified, which claims the Earbud to be Water as well as dust resistant.

Though the Earbud is one of the best Wireless Earbuds under 4000 in India, You can go for it’s successor Oppo ENCO W51. It comes with a budget range of 5000.

One of the major reason is, the Enco W31 takes 2.5 hours to charge and provides only 3.5 hours of playback from both buds, though the charging case holds 15 Hours of battery life.


✅  Dual Mic noise cancellation
✅  Wearing detection Play/ pause
✅  Binaural Low latency
✅  15 hours Music
✅  USB-C cable
✅  Weight: 50 g
✅  Rating: 3.9/5


❌  2.5 Hours to charge fully

Price : 2,799.00


 Apart from OnePlus’s Buds Z, Oneplus owns a bit costly version of Earbuds with More features and functions known as OnePlus Buds. The Earbuds come with 3 color variants, White, Black and the one in the Image. Though pricing is above 4000, most of the time it puts deal under 4000.

 Talking of features, Oneplus has made the Carrying case like almost a power bank as it carries 30 hours of battery like, best Wireless Earbuds under 4000 in terms of battery. A large 13.4 mm dynamic sound driver is used for better sound, as well as OnePlus features unique noise cancellation algorithm to get rid of excessive noises.

 Rich sound tones and 3D stereo sound quality can be enjoyed over the OnePlus buds with Dolby Atmos & Dirac Audio Tuner support. Songs as well as calls be can controlled with simple tap touches, these functions give you more control over the Earbuds.

 With Low latency, almost real time interactive sound, these Earbuds can also be considered for Gaming purposes. The IPX4 rating makes sure that this buds are safe from Splashes.


✅  Dolby Atmos
✅  13.4mm Driver
✅  7 Hours on a Bud
✅  30 hours battery life (Case)
✅  Comfortable / Looks Good
✅  Low latency
✅  USB-C cable
✅  Weight: 50 g
✅  Rating: 3.9/5


Mostly Featured for OnePlus phones

Price : 4,690.00
Sale : ₹ 3,899.00


 Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 is the successor of the previous TWS by MI, which was even considered as a bang for Budget category Earbud. The MI Earbuds 2 is one of the best deals you can crack in the budget category.

 Operated by a 14.2 mm dynamic driver, and a long battery life of 14 hours on a single charge as the carrying case is a charger itself. With the integrability of Alexa, it makes itself more of a featured and compact earbud. The LHDC hi-res codec delivers smooth HD Audio.

Rather than using default version 4, Bluetooth 5.0 has been used in the Earbud for Further connectivity range as well as Crystal clear sound, as well as the Dual Mic system cancels the noise from the mic.


✅  Dual Mic noise cancellation
✅  Smart in-ear detection
✅  4 Hours on a Bud
✅  14 hours battery life (Case)
✅  USB-C cable
✅  Weight: 50 g
✅  Rating: 3.4/5


❌  Tap control instead of Touch

Price : ₹ 3,391.00


Which one is the Budget Friendly?

Talking of a Good quality Earbuds within a budget range, Wings Phantom does a well job keeping it’s rating up with all the features under a price range of 3000. 

 Other than that, OnePlus Buds Z is another bang for Buck Earbud to go for, even though We haven’t included that in this article. Other than that Wings Phantom is one of the best Wireless Earbuds under 4000 so far.

Best TWS Earbuds under 2000

boAt Airdopes 441 is probably the best deal you can have under a price range of 2000. With over 40K reviews on Amazon this Earbuds leads it way to the Best TWS list. Still if you’re interest in best Wireless Earbuds under 4000, Go through the article you’ll be able to find some of the Best Earbuds.

Best Wireless Earbuds under 4000 | Conclusion

 Now as we’ve seen 5 best Wireless Earbuds under 4000 in India, it might be clear to you that which one is for your need. 

 If You’re looking for a long lasting battery, or you’re looking for best audio output quality we got it covered with these 5 best Wireless Earbuds under 4000 in India. 

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