5 Best Tripods under 2000 in India

‚ÄĘ Updated November 8, 2020

 Tripod is often used in Photography and sometimes considered as one of the most Useful tools in Film-making. Choosing among some top notch Tripods available here, is very tough as the part of tripod in Videography & Photo-shoot is very crucial. Some shots like Time lapse, Long exposure, Panorama, Slow motion, Still 4K with High Bit rate, Tripod is one of the must have accessories that stands out to be essential. Talking of Astrophotography, Tripod is the key to that. Without a Proper tripod is Somehow Impossible. We have sorted 5 Best Tripods under 2000 that are available in India.

¬†A tripod can be used for Different scenarios, Choosing as per your needs and Your camera weight & Type needs Deep research. Let’s see our List of tripod depending on some crucial factors, Features & Budget.

¬†Being serious is Important while considering to buy a Tripod, Obviously you don’t want to damage your camera or Mobile While shooting Videos. DSLR are usually more heavy than compared to Mobiles. If DSLR is the thing you’re planning to mount on the tripod, You’ve to afford a Heavy Tripod that can lift the camera with ease.¬†

 Legs of tripods has to be Durable and Stable  to provide better Stable footage. Go through the List with specification to Get to know about all them.

1. DIGITEK DTR 550 LW Tripod

digitek 5 Best Tripods under 2000 in India

 DIGITEK DTR 550 LW Tripod Provides stable camera support which opens all sorts of possibilities in terms of Night Photography, Long exposure shots, Moving pan shots.

The tripod itself can be a best choice for travelers because of it’s handiness and Lightweight, weighting only 1.2 kg. As of weighting such less it’s still capable of lifting DSLR with ease.

 A tripod Bag, Ball head for Holding the Mounting screw comes within the Box along with the Matte finished Slim Aluminium chassis Based Tripod.

Price: ‚āĻ 1,549.00

2.‚Äč AmazonBasics Tripod

AmazonBasics 5 Best Tripods under 2000 in India

  AmazonBasics Tripod is the most sold Tripod on Amazon, It has got over Lakhs of reviews with a 4.5 Stable positive rating, Used by most of the Budget category YouTubers.

¬†Extendability up-to only 50 Inches is not that Great but considering the price point and the material used in the AmazonBasics Tripod is Worth its money. Somehow this Tripod it only weighs 566.99 Grams as the capability of holding much Heavy Cameras aren’t that easy with it. It might Struggle having High end moving shots with More than recommended heavy cameras as the Tripod itself is Extremely lightweight.¬†

Price: ‚āĻ¬†749.00

3. Yunteng Aluminium Tripod

Yunteng Aluminium Tripod 5 Best Tripods under 2000 in India

 Yunteng Aluminium Tripod is one of the extremely Fine looking, Lightweight, Portable Tripod that attracts Travelers and Vlogger towards itself.

¬†Yunteng’s extendability Up-to 1.45 meters makes it really incredible to use at such Budget range. Long tripod under 2000 is really rare with such solid Durable Body.

 The aluminium Made chassis Body weighs only 1.3 kg making itself quite portable and capable for Heavy weight cameras. All these Features makes it Versatile along with smoothness of all Pan tilt sections.

Price: ‚āĻ¬†1,950.00

4. Simpex 3600 Tripod

5 Best Tripods under 2000 in India

 Simpex 3600 Tripod is the smallest and compact tripod that weighs around 1kg that makes it highly portable. While in folded mode it takes around 655 mm, making its position at the most Compact Tripods.

¬†Though the Tripod is Very much Compact and Portable it weighs around¬†2.55 Kilograms. Enough to lift most Heavy weight DSLR cameras though it might create trouble for Travelers who aren’t used to carry extra weight.¬†

Price: ‚āĻ¬†1,940.00

5. Fotopro DIGI-9300

fotopro 5 Best Tripods under 2000 in India

¬†Fotopro DIGI-9300‚Äč Tripod comes at a price point of around exact 2000Rs. Yeah surely it provides that much of feature that makes it worth every penny.

 Having a Ball held Leg stand makes it more stable even in one of the most unstable Situations. Matte finished Aluminium Durable Body makes it even more Attractive.

¬†Fotopro Digi itself is the most lightweight Tripod in our list, only 498.95 Grams. Folded height is only 1.8ft though while in extended mode it reaches upto 5 ft. Quite Impressivly Fotopro has done it’s work providing us a Extremely Light Tripod with heavy capability and Durable Finish.

Price: ‚āĻ 1,999.00

Here We’ve Given Direct Links to All the Tripods, These are the Best Tripods under 2000.
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