4 best Gaming Microphones under 5000 in India

‚ÄĘ Updated November 3, 2020

¬†Youtuber creator or Twitch Live streamer, Or even if you’re a Singer You’ll need a Good Quality microphone for Video and Audio Purposes, Wasting Budget over Mic without Getting extra features isn’t worth, We have Listed 4 Best Gaming Microphones under 5000 in India, so that Anyone can afford at this Price range.

 For any kind of Purposes like daily content creation USB comes to handy, Keeping that in mind We have sort-listed only Mics that has USB Connectivity input.

 Since microphones are very crucial for any content, There are certain factors that decide how well can one perform, Consider each as per your need before buying: 

  • ¬†Input Type:

¬† ¬† XLR mic input cable without Phantom power supply can lead an individual to trouble, as well as having a 3.5mm usual Audio input jack can’t provide Good audio quality. For Portability USB is the new King of Input connection in Microphones.

  • Noise Cancellation:¬†

    Noise cancellation is one of the most important factor that needs to be treated Seriously. While if on Live streaming Noise cancellation is not good, and Live video is having distortion in Audio, Audience might not love it. Post processing each time for noise cancelling is quite a hard work. Any Gaming microphone must necessarily have noise cancellation in-built to be at a Good Level.

  • Microphone Type:

    Dynamic & Condenser mic are the mostly used mic for Streaming and Singing purposes, any Difference between them? Dynamic mic adjusts itself in environment to provide Good Noise cancellation but Condenser mic Provides steady, Better sound Quality.

Maono AU A04

maono au a04

¬†Maono Au A04, an Extraordinary Mic, comes with Packed Kit including Stand Arm, Wind shield, Pop Filter, Mic Holder & the Mic Itself.¬†Thankfully USB connection makes it more convenient to use, so that you don’t need any external audio mixer or Capture card, Comes with only Plug and use Feature, means no Hazard of installing any software.

 Best Features:

    Maono Provides whole Kit just with the Microphone so no troubles of buying Kits individually.

    Being a Cardioid, Low noise & High Sensitivity microphone, Maono AU A04 becomes one of the best and Most used Microphones for Live streamings.

Price: ‚āĻ2599.00

Fifine K669B Condenser

Fifine K669B Condenser

 Fifine K669B Condenser is a Solid heavy Condenser USB microphone that provides a Great Quality Audio, Having a Button for Sound input adjustment, makes the mic more feature loaded bang for buck Product.

¬†Also talking of the length of the microphone, it’s quite long, around 5.9 foot.¬†Normal Plug and Play Feature is also Embedded in the mic, No need for additional Software.

 Having the most solid Build Quality with Solid Metal Body and Heave metal Net, Fifine K669B weighs around 400 g.

  Best Features:

 Comes with a Heavy & Steady 3 Leg stand. That keeps the mic from falling, Though no boom arm is provided, this stand works just fine.

 Audio controlling button is provided on front panel. For emergency purposes muting is made easy.

 Solid Body with shock proof Mic, That does noise cancellation with ease. No distortion of sound.

Price: ‚āĻ3,099.00

Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic

blue snowball

 Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic, the most used Condenser mic across the YouTube community. Though price is not exactly under 5,000, Most of the time the Microphone goes on Sale. With crystal clear audio quality Snowball has made its way to the topmost sold Microphone on Amazon. A solid circular 458 g Heavy weight Body Provides Shield Guard to this Shock proof Microphone.

  Best Features: 

 Heavy Metallic Wire framed Body works as a Shock protector, Adjustable Desktop Stand is also present in the box.

 Captures your crystal clear, Totally noise free Audio.

¬†Cardioid Pickup Pattern from the circular body doesn’t picks sounds coming from other direction, which leads to a clear deep soft sound output.

Price: ‚āĻ5,019.00

BM 800 Condenser Microphone


¬†BM 800 Condenser Microphone is the cheapest mic in our List of Gaming microphones under 5000. BM 800 is produced by Multiple companies, it has a XLR cable input, Which need phantom Power supply, Except It’s not gonna work on Your Device.

  Best Features: 

 This Condenser Microphone Comes with All the needed Kit out of the Box, Including Boom Arm, Holder, Wind Shield & XLR Cable.

¬†One of the Cheapest Mic that provides Clear Quality Audio Sound under 1200, With all Microphone Kit.¬† 800 BM is one of the best Gaming Microphones under 5000 in India, mostly Used by streamers who’re getting started in Video Creating Platform.

Price: ‚āĻ 1,199.00


¬† Coming to the last part, Which one is Best for you needs? We have sort-listed best Gaming Microphones under 5000. If Getting all kit with a Good Quality Microphone at medium Price range, Maono Au A04 is the one for you, comes with all the needed Kit. K669B Fifine is for Deep Voice holders, and can be Used with ease, It’s small and Portable with Solid Metal Body. SnowBall & BM800 are the Most used Microphone all over the India, BM 800 is Cheap, Needs extra power supply, That makes it painful to have, though Snowball is easy to Use & Little bit pricey for Beginners.

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