13 Ways to Increase Internet Speed

• Updated June 21, 2020
  • Restart your phone first,

if you are having some kind of problem with your phone’s data just restart it and it will make you data connection reset, making your phone faster than before by clearing all temporary caches.

  •  Update Applications

If your phone has any outdated App update it to prevent background data consumption in your phone, or Force stop any outdated application and launch it again.

  • Disable Data saver

Double check if your phone has turned on Data saver mode by default. If it’s so, go to system manager of your phone and Disable Data saver or Low data mode.

  • Disconnect and reconnect VPN

You are having continuous low data connection problem then you can give a try to VPN apps.  VPN with best servers can make your Internet work much faster than before.

  • Try changing Location

If you are still having Internet problems in spite of trying all the steps elaborated before then try to change your location where you are using your mobile data

  • Use Third party App

If you aren’t getting the speed you want.  simply try force 4G only application, it’s freely available on Play Store you can easily force your sim to work with LTE only with a good internet speed.

  • Pull sim card out and put it in again

You can simply pull you sim card out wait a couple of seconds put that back in, Unlock phone and reset your network settings. It’ll make You service To work as a default speed, Now apply previous steps.

  • Keep Router away from Electronics

You should be careful That you don’t accidentally place your Router among other electronics. It can result a network package loss to your wifi. 

  • Use a reflector

Using a utility as a reflective surface would do a great job. This would reflect all the signals from its surface to the router directly. 

  • Change channel

Switch your Wi-Fi network to a channel that your neighbours can get access of can boost your network very Easily and Give you a great result in long term.

  • Reposition Antennas

Try repositioning all the antennas of your router try to make them stand 180 degree to upside so that area coverage is much more than its previous range.

  • Router settings

Update your router to its latest version and try installing wireless security of latest Version Like WPA2. A free network is accessible to public and it can make your Wi-Fi speed vigorously slower.

  • Control Manually

You can control the bandwidth of the router and change it along as you want it to be, you can change the frequency to 5 gHz as it provides faster internet service in short ranges. 

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