10 ways to earn money from Instagram

• Updated June 20, 2020

A few years back, Facebook was the media all the youth’s were running to, now in 2020 Instagram has became a least source of social media and connecting to people. Though Facebook is now the owner of Instagram, Yet Instagram hasn’t lost it’s authenticity

images 7 10 ways to earn money from Instagram

Instagram has become a great medium of earning money if we can use it in the most perfect way. If you aren’t a person with more than 1000 followers still you’re gonna make money with this steps, so we’ll be breaking down all the steps and elaborate each step for your ease.

1. Sponsored Post

When you have more number of followers some companies or brands approach to you for sponsorship, but if you don’t have more followers you can approach the brands that are completely new to market and consider making a deal and ask them for sponsorship, Accounts with near 1k followers can have sponsorship easily by approaching to startup companies. 

2. Affiliate marketing

There is 100% surety you can earn thousands of dollars if you try to follow the perfect way of doing Affiliate Marketing with Instagram. So first of all you have to be continuously struggling to be in this field, first choose a topic that you love.

Let’s assume you love pets, more specifically to say you love dogs. Open a page of dogs on Instagram, post images daily related to dogs and grow organically. After you start getting more than 100 likes on the photos, surely its reach is more than 1k.

Now Post a photo of a product along with its affiliate links. Just because you have a strong base for Viewers who are interested in dogs, you would be having more and more continuous sales. Do this type of post once a week. Earn super easy!

3. Become the Face of a Startup

Being an Influencer isn’t easy. Startup companies always don’t have many funds or they don’t want to waste money in their starting phase just on promoting their business online, If you have followers you can be the Face of a Startup company.

Most startup companies want a long-term bond with the employee they hire, Being a brand Ambassador or Model of the company will benefit both, You’ll be promoting their company daily being their Face of the company.

Being the Face of a Startup Brand somehow requires some social skills, But it’s a great, Unique, and continuous way of Earning money from Instagram.

4. Earn from IGTV

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There’s no doubt Instagram has become the number one place for visual platforms. If you have authenticity you’ll succeed. Talking of IGTV, it simply stands for ‘Instagram Television’.

You can post videos on Instagram with length of more than one minute. By making Vlogs, Collabs, Montages and promoting companies like Tourism, Food Restaurants, Shops you can earn a serious amount

5. Offer Services

Every person in their life must possess any skill, If you are good at drawing you can go with Graphics Designing, or Photoshop, If you want you can do social media management, or you are good at Programming, or you are an expert of After effects video editing or VFX, or you are a Model, Anything you can.

You can offer your services as a freelancer directly via Instagram live to your targeted Audience, Get into a conversation end making a deal, complete the work, Earn Money via Instagram. It’s that easy

6. Social media Manager

Search on Instagram and you’ll definitely find people who are busy AF and can’t handle their pages even being a verified profile owner. You can go for an flexible internship with them by being their social media manager, this work can lead you to a couple of thousand dollars per month.

7. Become an Social Advisor

If you are in the technical field for a long time or you’re an Influencer or a Youtuber, or a Public face, Or being a social media active member for a couple of years would also do the work.

If you are aware of marketing strategies to grow Business online, You can make money from Instagram by becoming the marketing manager of any new company. Most startup companies look for a cheap Online Marketing Manager with a Trusted base. You can be a Marketing Consultant, managing them to pay you a very good amount

8. Sell Products

Probably the most advance, secure, easy and guaranteed source of making money with Instagram, You can be a seller of your Physical of Digital goods, If you don’t want any hassle of selling physical products, you can be a Digital product seller on Instagram, Directly interact with your live customers and sell them products.

9. Outsourcing

I’m assuming you might be aware of the term, It’s the way you can sell any service on Instagram without having any skill of that work whenever you get any buyer, you becoming secondary buyer approach to a secondary buyer who’s doing same work for less bucks, leading you to have a neat source of money

10. Dropshipping

Many of you most probably aren’t used to this word, It is a simple way of business without any Investment. 

Know more about What is Dropshipping and How can you make a profit from it.

What you can do, Go to some websites that provide products at a very cheap price, take a couple of screenshots of them.

I’m assuming the product price is of 10$, Post an Instagram story with the screenshot of the product, put a price of more than 15$. Whenever anyone gets interested they’ll just DM you, After they are ready for their order, Coping their address put it on the main website, Tick the “Send as a Gift option” And congratulations you just made 5$ with just an Instagram story.

There are still some Ways to Earn money like- 

  1. Selling Accounts
  2. Selling Photographs
  3. Caption Consultant
  4. Writing Blogs for Companies
  5. Do paid Reviews

These we’ll be discussing in the next part. Till then…

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