10 Google Searching Tips you didn’t know

• Updated July 12, 2020

Google Search Tips & Tricks | Tricks you must know

Google is Both a powerful search Engine and a powerful tool to extract Information from literally everywhere, Making its place securely on Alexa rank no.1, Google is leading the world of internet.  YouTube, Who has made is place on to the second position on Alexa ranking, is also a great place to extract information from. We will be taking a look on how to search google like a pro.

   If we use it in the right way we can find very useful information straight to the point.

how to google like a pro

Google is a strong instrument, however, you’re lacking out on quite a lot of that energy when you simply sort phrases into it. Master Google and discover the most effective outcomes quicker with these search methods.

Whether you’re an inexperienced person or a seasoned skilled, you’ll in all probability discover no less than one search operator you weren’t conscious of right here. Many of Google’s search operators aren’t very well-known.

Search by exact Words and Phrases

One of essentially the most primary and extensively recognized search tips is utilizing citation marks to seek for an actual phrase. For instancecarry out the next search and also you’ll solely get pages that comprise the phrase “Python” adopted by the phrase “tutorial.”

how to google like a pro
Exact word Searching

Site Searching

Site: Operator name Allowes you to search sometiong inside a website, Let’s search ‘Seo’ in WordPress.

how to google like a pro
Site searching

Exclude any word

Assume you are searching Location and you don’t any certain location to not to show up on your results.

   Let’s search India’s top city, Excluding Mumbai, By simply putting a ‘-‘ Before Mumbai word. Now it won’t show results including Mumbai.

how to google like a pro
Exclude Words from Searching

By FileType

You can search on internet by file type, If you want to download PDF, You can target website providing only PDF, by this- ‘Filetype:Pdf Math books’

   This way you will get only relevant PDF books.

how to google like a pro
Search by filetype

Define any Word

one should Google a phrase and search for a dictionary hyperlink if you wish to see its definition. Use the next search trick and also you’ll see an inline definition:

how to use google like a pro
Define operator


Google can be used as an calculator while doing quick problems without having a calculator nearby.

how to use google like a pro
Use as a Calculator

Conversion of Units

Google can be used to covert any currency or length or any Unit to their relevant unit.

chrome W6iLn3YopF min 10 Google Searching Tips you didn't know
Unit converter

Inurl Search

If you’re searching for pages originating in 2018, use the inurl:2018 operator earlier than your search time period to seek out pages with 2018 of their URL deal with.

inurl searching
Inurl Searching

Intitle Search

If you want to make sure the titles of pages in the search results include your keyword, use the “intitle:” operator. For example, intitle:Everest will ensure that “Everest” appears in all the titles. It can help you to search google like a pro.

google intitle searching
Intitle Searching

Search Image by types

You can literally search by anything when you are looking for an image. Related: Know how to search by an image on google

  Searching by Upload time, Size, File type, Copyright free or not and so on can be done on google, & it’s very beneficial for your precious time.

sort google images
Image sorting

Except This tricks Google has hundreds of thousands of searching tips that can ease your life on a regular basis of surfing the internet. They can save hours of time by making your surfing fast and smooth. To search google like a pro and to get more Tips, Stay tuned with us.

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